Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by thewritegoddess, May 18, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    so a delivery from the implant station is underway.

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Lol fail.
  3. Obvious Sock Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Hey. They could be goin' for "The Big One".

    They might be getting ready for LRH.

    The Second Coming of Elron.

    Who knows?

    What I'm wonderin' now some imbecil mod gonna spaz out and infract me for this little bit of (not necessarily) mirth?
  4. xenubarb Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    LOL, yeah. Like undergoing the Purif and silent birth!

    I'd point out that they could afford the best medical care for Jett, too.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    that just sounds so hypocritcal - the silent birth. By 12 years old they will be yelling commands at him.
  6. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    With Kelly Preston being 47, the numbers don't lie. Adoption would be a much saner option at this point. The chances of a baby with Down's Syndrome are between 3% and 10% for a woman her age, and the chances of a miscarriage are 50%. This isn't moonbattery. This is information available through the March of Dimes. I've had the privilege of spending a little time with someone suffering with this disease many years ago, and he was a very sweet man. Still, I cannot imagine how difficult it was for his parents, and they and he have my deepest sympathies. I doubt he's still alive.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    No one is arguing with your stats.

    People are arguing with your assumption that you may criticize what other people choose to do with their bodies.
  8. xenubarb Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    "People here?"

    That would be you, amirite? I would suggest that most people don't give a rat's ass, except what ever wombfruit drops will go straight into the fruity little club.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    You're right, he should have clarified: Non retarded people are arguing.
  10. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    And if what people choose to do with their bodies has a good chance of a very negative impact on someone else, what then? It is not my right for me to criticize someone else for drinking. It is right for me to criticize someone for drinking and driving. This is DUI, the womb edition.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    If she's smart she's using someone else's eggs.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Ugh. That last post was me. I was just responding to the second quote though.
  13. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    She's married to John Travolta. How smart can she be? XD
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Oh yeah good point
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

  16. Hicks Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    My mom is a huge fan of saturday night fever and she's a lot into John Travolta.

  17. AnonKat Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    free speech is a bitch
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    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Since when do people get infracted for failing? You should have a shitload of infractions if that's the case.
  19. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Y u be trolling? Your mom didn't marry him, and being a fan of crappy movies from the 1970s when such movies were actually considered good is no crime. There are some dreadful actors and actresses and some painfully bad movies I enjoy in an MST3K way.
  20. Smurf Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way


  21. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Conceiving after loss: 'You can never replace a child' -

    Here's the text, article refers specifically to Kelly and John:

    Conceiving after loss: 'You can never replace a child'

    By Madison Park, CNN
    Replacement child is when grieving parents assuage loss by having another offspring
    It's OK to have children, but give yourself a chance to grieve, one expert advises
    Having a child to replace a deceased one can be "very heavy burden" on parents, new child
    (CNN) -- Merely 10 weeks after losing her newborn, Katie Van Tornhout learned she was pregnant again.

    "I freaked out," she said. "I cried. I didn't want this to happen. ... We almost wished to have a miscarriage. We felt it wasn't right to have this baby."

    Van Tornhout and her husband were mourning the loss of their 5-week old girl, Callie, to whooping cough. Still stunned from her death in January, her parents had no immediate intention to conceive again.

    But life had other plans.

    Feeling shocked and unprepared, Van Tornhout also worried that other people would think her pregnancy was to forget or replace Callie.

    "You can never replace a child, whether they're here for six minutes or 16 years," Van Tornhout said. "People think you can get another one. It's not the same."

    This concept, described as a "replacement child" in psychology, is when grieving parents attempt to assuage their loss by having another offspring, whether through pregnancy or adoption. Having another child after a loss can bring new joys, but it's not a matter of "replacing the loss" and "getting a new one," say mental health experts.

    "The idea of replacement -- that people are replaceable like lightbulbs -- it's a devastating myth," said Russell Friedman, executive director of Grief Recovery Institute, which provides recovery training. "Is it OK to have other children? Yes. Is it always the smartest to do right away? No. The truth is you have to grieve the children who died."

    This topic surfaced when actor John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, announced on their website last week that they are expecting a baby. Preston's pregnancy comes just over a year after the death of their son, 16-year-old Jett Travolta. Jett died after suffering a seizure in the Bahamas in January 2009.

    Mental health experts say it's not a matter of time, but the parents' ability to cope with the loss and prepare to raise another child. The sting of death never fades, but having another child could also bring healing.

    "There's so much joy in having another child -- the distraction and joy is a good combination to deal with the pain," said Rama Ronen, a clinical psychologist in private practice who has researched how mothers grieve the loss of a child.

    Callie Grace Van Tornhout was born prematurely on Christmas Eve 2009 and stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for 12 days. When she came to her South Bend, Indiana, home, she thrived, giggled and grew into a feisty infant.

    See her iReport submission.

    At a month old, she started coughing. Her parents took her to the doctor's office. She became pale and lethargic, and eventually stopped breathing. She died from respiratory failure, caused by whooping cough. She was five weeks old, too young to be vaccinated.

    Van Tornhout and her husband, Craig, cry when they pass Callie's room in the house. They left her nursery the same, her pink clothes still folded in the closet.

    She is due to give birth on Christmas. They had not expected another pregnancy because they had struggled to conceive for five years before Callie's birth.

    "It felt like this is supposed to happen," Van Tornhout said of her current pregnancy. "We're not giddy, but accepting it more."

    "It's a gift from her," she said about Callie. "When you're not trying, it's even more special. It's part of life. It's their gift. It's bittersweet. You want to grieve for the other child, and yet, there's a sense of this is her gift. It's kind of overwhelming."

    See more iReports on New life after loss

    "You can add to a family, and it's never a replacement. It's a younger sibling for the child you lost," she said.

    When parents are not mentally prepared for another child, it could cause many problems, said health experts.

    Parents should ask themselves: "Are they having a child only to replace the child that's lost? Or are they genuinely interested in another child?" said Dr. Arnold Richards, a psychoanalyst. "Because if it's only for a replacement child, that's going to place a very heavy burden on the psyche of both the parent and the new child."

    Judy Mandel, a self-described "replacement child," had an uneasy upbringing.

    She felt her parents' grief and subtle comparisons to her dead sister throughout her life. Her parents rarely spoke about Donna, who died at age 7 when a plane crashed into their New Jersey home in 1952.

    Two years after, her parents decided to have another child, after her mother got advice from a doctor that another child might alleviate her depression.

    Her parents often dressed Mandel in the same clothing style and the same haircut as her deceased sister.

    "This sister was the angel sister," said Mandel, author of the memoir "Replacement Child." "It was almost like a legend. There's the aspect of being in the shadow of that. You can't live up to that promise the child had. I was always told what a special child she was, how promising she was in school, how perfect she was -- it's tough. I was thinking I can't be as good as that."

    This often happens to families who haven't properly grieved.

    "If you have another child, wouldn't you want that child to have the privilege of having his or her own unique personality and not be confused with the child who died?" Friedman said. "Wouldn't that give honor or dignity to the child? We need to be able to do that. We can't do that until we're emotionally complete with the child who died."

    While her sister had been girlish, Mandel sought to distinguish herself. She was a tomboy, climbing trees, playing sports and rebelling.

    The fear of loss never left her father.

    "I would get stories all the time about how things can happen," she said. "They'd read the newspaper and say, 'Look what happened to this guy. The scaffolding fell on him.' I'd be warned every time how dangerous it is."

    Parents who have lost a child may smother their next one because they're scared of another loss, said Friedman.

    Mandel recommended that parents who have experienced loss talk openly about the deceased sibling, but not to romanticize him or her and subject their living children to impossibly high comparisons.

    At the same time, her presence seemed to be therapeutic for her parents, Mandel said.

    "It gave them a normalcy in the family," she said. "They looked to me for that piece of normal family. Especially for my mother, it filled a hole for her in having a new baby and new hope in the house."
  22. anonohio Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    the chances of this baby having a chromosomal anomaly are huge given her age - compounded by the fact that they've already had a child with genetic issues

    i hope for the baby's sake it's healthy; i'd be concerned about adequate appropriate medical care of a child with a syndrome
  23. Bipolart Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    I got the same infraction from the same mod a couple of days ago. Whatever. He's not the boss of me.
  24. failboat Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    For a Write Goddess, you sure don't edit. :)
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Has the "church" issued a press release announcing miscarriage and the grieving Travoltas yet? *Hopes mods aren't infracting for sarcasm*
  26. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Edit what? The HTML? I just copy and pasted the CNN article, deal with the lack of formatting. Besides I can't make things too fancy, apparently every one of my 33 posts in 2 years makes me a attention whore somehow.

    Why are so many people on this board haters, apparently mods, too?:confused:
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    We're just havin' a little fun at your expense, sweetie.
  28. failboat Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    No, too lazy. I also was complaining about the length, which could've been cut or given some emphasis.
    I like your attention-whoring. <3
    I wasn't trying to hate, just making an observation. Would a smiley have helped? Here's one :)

    I'll re-edit my other post to include one, too.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Because people like you need to be put in your place.
  30. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    This is why I'm not "anonymous" the way so many posters are. I don't think it's okay to do things the Ron way and constantly beat people down with insults; it's so COB! Using the forums to anonymously attack other people who are part of the anti-Scientology fight is childish and a huge waste of time. It also makes those of us who are truly long-term fighters (12+ years) really disappointed in the Anonymous movement.

    I teach teenagers at a Title 1 public high school, with an 95% minority/ELL students. I'd say about 50-75% of this board is less mature than my sophomores. At least they understand when something is important and not just a means to lambast others anonymously like trolls.
  31. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    So, "Anonymous," are you a:

    1. Scientologist
    2. Narcissist
    3. Teenager
    4. Arsehole

    Or more than one of the above? ;)
  32. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Those smilies sure do help others understand the expression behind your words. I need to use them more, too.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    And, unlike some of my more savage brethren, I mean that in a kind, caring way.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

  35. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    I've been trying to learn to lulz out loud for two years now. Even the usenet group was better than this. Besides, the responses to my post tell me that I'm probably right about the age demographics of this board. I was soooo excited by Anonymous, but that original movement seems to be dying, many members replaced by individuals who don't care about social justice; they just wanna troll and whine.

    Are there any actual ex-Scientologists on this board anymore? What happened to the much-revered "Wise Beard Man?" And, I appreciate the positive responses I'm getting, I really do, because it means that I'm not the only one still dedicated to stopping Scientology. I just wish there were more people responding sensibly instead of using the boards to be bullies. Yes, I'm probably such a buzzkill about j/king because of my teacher personality, but Scientology isn't a joke. It's an insidious Orwellian corporation that continues to enslave, steal, lie, cheat, and KILL.

    I started the thread because I was horrified by the news of the Travoltas' baby-making. Many of you were/are, too. Tis a shame that I'm completely turned off of Anonymous by half of their responses. They responded to me, not my information. If you have such a problem with me, good for you; just don't be a douche about the information flow! :confused:
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Surprise, surprise. There are actually some SeniorAnons on this forum.
    Stick around, and you'll find that he two are not mutually exclusive.
    But it's particularly vulnerable to humor and ridicule.
  37. Hicks Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Ex Scientologist Message Board is for you I think.

    He has a beautiful new girlfriend and he seems to be taking more time to enjoy life.
  38. Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Goddess, I can understand where you're coming from (being an ex-ARSer myself, so to speak).

    But this is a quite different subculture from ARS. For all the faults of some posters, it is the simple truth that this subculture has mounted the most effective assault ever seen on the evils you oppose. You might want to temper your frustrations by reflecting on this.

    Speaking for myself, I know I have learnt a great deal from the folks on here, some of whom are probably less than half my age. One of the lessons I'm most grateful for is that growing a thicker skin is healthy and even virtuous, whilst reacting angrily to some perceived slight is not terribly effective.

    But I've slipped into my ARS persona again. What I meant to say was: don't get butthurt and raegquit. STFU and Lurk Moar ffs.
  39. Keyumdi Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    It's not about You You You. It's about bringing down the cult, right?

    This is officially the last attention that I pay to You btw.
  40. Sponge Member

    Re: Travoltas: New Baby On the Way

    Thread needs moar shoop, it does.


    Please don't ask me why, because I just don't know.

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