Troll Ken Moxon

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. arPnonymous Member

    Re: Troll Ken Moxon

    Yes, how many people would want to commit suicide and decide the tranvo-station is their best bet.

    sounds a bit like that "boiling water drowning" to me.
  2. Re: Troll Ken Moxon

    The same people who decide that, if you're trying to Go An Hero, you want a method than involves you, on your own, lifting a metal covering that normally takes two full-grown men to shift.

    Not that it's suspicious, or anything...
  3. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Troll Ken Moxon

    Thread necromany 4 great justice...
  4. Legion Member

    Re: Troll Ken Moxon

    I had this fucking dream last night where COS had these like city fucking airships. Yes that's right, city fucking airships. Holy fuck, who would have thought of that. These shits were flying around earth.

    Yeah, how fucking awesome is that. City fucking ships flying around the fucking planet. So in the dream me and my fucking goons planted explosives everywhere, I mean everywhere in the flying fucking rainbow warrior flying penis shitplane.

    We fucking blew it up then fucking rapelled down the side of the shit in the air while it blew the fuck up down to land. Was so fucking cool. Then I was in some japanese factory where they launched shopping carts in the air for the lulz. Fuck you moxon, fuck you miscarriage. No fucking flying cockships for you in my dreams you cockbagshitfucks.
  5. Sock Puppy Member

    Re: Troll Ken Moxon

    Sounds like you need to lay off the fried ice cream pizzas before going to sleep at night . . .

  6. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: Troll Ken Moxon

    LOl thats just too funny...:D
  7. tendervittles Member

    Re: Troll Ken Moxon


  8. webkilla Member

    Re: Troll Ken Moxon

    anonymous - we destroy you in our destroys


    scilons - they got delicious city-airships in your dreams, you must destroy them

    shoop get plox

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