"Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology" book by Leah Remini

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by The Wrong Guy, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. The Internet Member

    Oh you.
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  2. ABC News video.


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  3. anon8109 Member

    Remini @ 1:47
  4. I count 11 people besides her family. Weird that there are no more photos showing tons of people, especially in Los Angeles.
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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    If You Read Just One More Book This Year, Make It One of These | Cosmopolitan

    Take your pick from 16 fantastic reads released in 2015.

    15. Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, by Leah Remini (2015, Ballantine Books)

    Why did actress Leah Remini finally break from Scientology after more than 30 years of devoted membership? And what celebrity secrets from inside Scientology's walls is she ready to spill? In Troublemaker, Remini reflects on the decades she spent as a good Scientologist: joining at age 9 with her mother and sister; moving to LA to more closely follow the org; finding wild success with acting and increased status in the church. Ultimately, her refusal to keep Scientology's secrets got her investigated, punished, and kicked out; here, she is finally able to celebrate her freedom.
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  6. srsly, any more photos of her LA book signing?
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  7. Talking about books and writers, Dan Koon, the ghost writer for DM father book posted today on Facebook a quote from ElConHubbah!

    He is still a Kool Aid Drinker!

    Someone once gave a definition of happiness as "the overcoming of not-unknown obstacles toward known goals."
  8. Kilia Member

    Sorry, the link isn't available.
  9. [IMG]
  10. Hmm this is definitely an ElRon quote - this guy is obviously drinking the kool-aid. It would not surprise me that his Ron Miscavige book is yet another LRH=good, COB=bad stupid mantra
  11. I was there. I do not want to post any photos as I am under the radar but there were about 20 people counting her family. It was surprising to me as I thought here would be thousands of people there as it seems to be a very popular book. Weird.

    It was also a bit scary as I wanted to "blend in" and not be recognized ... with so few people was very difficult.

    I didn't recognized any "famous EssPess" like Tory o Karen or anyone else. Pretty dead tbh.
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  12. anon8109 Member

    I don't think you were.
  13. /shrug
  14. anon8109 Member

    I suspect that Hubbard's books have been on the bestseller list for fewer weeks than the books that expose him as a fraud and his cult as abusive. ;)
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  15. anon8109 Member

  16. We are not talking about ElCon's books here.

    We are talking about Leah's book and that seems to be going down on the "stats"

    Maybe everyone should buy a box of book to help her
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  17. Yeah, like Dianetics?
    The COS is a pro at boosting book sales:
    "Sheldon McArthur, former manager of B. Dalton Booksellers on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, said, "Whenever the sales seem to slacken and a (Hubbard) book goes off the bestsellers list, give it a week and we'll get these people coming in buying 50 to 100 to 200 copies at a crack -- cash only."
    After Hubbard's first novel, a Western adventure called "Buckskin Brigades," was re-released in 1987, the book "just sat there," recalled McArthur, whose store was across from a Scientology center.
    "Then, in one week, it was gone," he said. "We started getting calls asking, 'You got 'Buckskin Brigades?' " I said, 'Sure, we got them.' 'You got a hundred of them?' 'Sure,' I said, 'here's a case.' "
    Gary Hamel, B. Dalton's former manager at Santa Monica Place, had similar experiences. He said that "10 people would come in at a time and buy quantities of them and they would pay cash."
    Hamel also speculated that some copies of a Hubbard science fiction novel were sold more than once.
    He said that while he was working at the B. Dalton in Hollywood, some books shipped by Hubbard's publishing house arrived with B. Dalton price stickers already on them. He said this indicated to him that the books had been purchased at one of the chain's outlets, then returned to the publishing house and shipped out for resale before anyone thought to remove the stickers.
    "We would order more books and ... they'd come back with our sticker as if they were bought by the publisher," Hamel said."
  18. I guess the girl learn something from the cult ....
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  19. Hi Ivan, been fucked in the ass lately by your Ethic Officer ?
  20. Only you like that, faggot.
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  21. gdmrhu7-jpg.207095.jpg
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  22. Leah Remini's book sales are crappy ..... Jenna Hill's book is even higher than hers:

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  23. anon8109 Member

    OSA is giving this thread a lot of love. Miscavige must be very worried about the negative impact that "Troublemaker" by Leah Remini is having on his cult. He must be especially concerned that other celebrities will read it and escape the cult.
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  24. keep telling yourself that
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  25. notJennaHill
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  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    Actually I was thinking they must be duly concerned about the looming actual religious holiday of Christmas. I believe one of the cultural traditions, in the United States at least is to purchase and present your loved ones and acquaintances with the gift of a book. Ironically the topic du jour tends to be anything related to the cult of celebrity.

    So even if the books were long ago purchased and now lie prettily wrapped beneath a xmas tree, thats a lot of future SP eyes that are about to be let in on the con that is Scientology in the next week alone. Merry Christmas David :)
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  27. Random guy Member

    Hardly surprising, this is a celebrity shitstorm.
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  28. LeahZucchini
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  29. You can keep on downvoting this, but truth is Leah Remini's book is going down the list of Best Sellers. That is a fact. It is selling less and less every week and no amount of downvoting can prevent this fact.
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  30. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Generally that is how it goes.
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  31. White Tara Global Moderator

    Dude, its a celebrity story ffs, not a literary masterpiece.It was never likely it was going to stay up the lists for terribly long. Just long enough however to do some real damage to the cult, thats good enough for me. Thanks Leah :)
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  32. Random guy Member

    The book came out early November, so it's had a good month and a half run on the best sellers list. That is a bloody huge win no matter what.
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  33. anon8109 Member

    How is the cult's Dianetics selling these days now that Remini's book is out?
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  34. The Internet Member

    Nobody reads "Dianetics." They just fake-read it.
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  35. Sockofleas Member

    Not to mention the fact it's Christmas and best seller lists are affected by the fact that people buy other genres of books as gifts etc.

    But hey, Leah is out of the cult, she's free to live her life exactly as she pleases , she did write that book and there's no denying it sold well.

    And, we are happy for her.
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  36. From a statistical point of view, bad press probably affects the number of raw meat more than the number of people leaving.
    In 1990, when the LA Times series on Co$ was published, the number of people starting their "career" as Scientologists dropped sharply to 50%.
    However, Leah Remini gives also a view from the inside, so this story (as others before) has also the potential to trigger people thinking about their involvement in the criminal cult.
    DM knows all this. This is why he desperately tries to export the shit to South America and Asia.

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