"TRUE holistic dentist" is a Scientologist

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Budd, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Budd Member

    A good friend had become worried about the mercury fillings in his teeth, and sought out a dentist who would remove them (the fillings, not his teeth). He drove 90 minutes to the office (in Clearwater, Florida) and when asked about other natural health practices, the dentist recommended a local organization and one of his assistants personally walked my friend down the street to... the CCHR. My friend soon realized what was going on and left, never to return.

    The dentist advertises in Natural Awakenings, a woo-woo new agey natural health magazine: - page 31
    Their national website is

    His ad: "Dr. Ray Behm DDS is Central Florida's TRUE holistic dentist."
    His website is but there is no mention of Scientology anywhere.

    However, a little search on "behm" here at WWP shows:
    • He and his wife contributed $35,000 to the Super Power building
    • He has done Flag Hubbard Professional Marketing Course
    • He has done Solo Auditor Course Page II
    • He sponsored Tampa YFHR Walkathon in 2010
    • His wife Mercedes is on the Still In list
    • They are on the IAS Patrons list, USA
    Nothing against the man himself or his office staff, just interesting the connections.

    Hoo-boy, Google serves up 84,000 results for "behm scientology." I'm just sayin...

    Keep your mouth and your wallet closed, and your eyes and your mind open.
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  2. Your friend sought out woo and found it...............
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. CarterUSP Member

    How on earth does holistic dentistry work? Any dentist that focuses on stuff other than teeth can't be very good.

    Maybe he can wire your teeth up to an e-meter and audit out the cavities that your teeth pulled in from a past life.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    They mis-spelled hole-istic dentistry.
  6. cbreshears13 Member

    Hi there,
    I'm new to the forum. Holistic means they treat the whole body instead of sympotms, just like a naturopathic doctor would. I manage the website of a holistic dentist and she was trained to treat teeth by all dentists. She does drill teeth but tried to conserve the teeth as much as possible. What it means is they don't use mercury fillings, fluoride or latex. They use ceramic, porcelain and no BPA plastic. They encourage looking at diet and over all health, not just the symptoms.
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  7. cbreshears13 Member

    Actually Whole-istic is more accurate! Although there are people trying to re-mineralize teeth (possible) and re-grow teeth (experimental in Quantum Phyics.)
  8. Anonymous Member

    Lurk moar.
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  9. muldrake Member

    The practice of routinely recommending the removal of mercury amalgam fillings is dangerous quackery and likely to cause more harm than leaving them in place. There is one reason Scientology cult dentists recommend this procedure, and that is that they can charge a lot of money for this malpractice.
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  10. Quentinanon Member

    JFYI: Ray Behm was Reed Slatkin's dentist before the latter went to prison.
    He has a reputation for disconnecting from any patient who is "not in good standing" with scientology.
  11. Two things everyone should be wary of alternatives to are parachutes and medical professionals.
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  12. Daverator Member

    He's got his TR's in. Not one single blink during the entire video.

    No sir, not creepy at all.
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  13. grebe Member

    If what you describe is the best way to care for people's teeth, then why don't all the dentists do this?

    Are the regular, non "holistic" dentists all in cahoots with BigPharma? Are they, you know, bad people? Or maybe they're just stupid?
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  14. mongrel Member

    NO! Absofuckinglutely NO!

    Your idiocy makes me cringe. You new age faggots only prove that you know fuck all about quantum physics when you talk about it like this. Why not stick with your woowoo chakras and energy crystals and stop trying to sound smart by using the word "quantum"? I realize Chopra has made a ton of money off you morons but please stop polluting the environment with your stupidity.

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  15. jensting Member

    I LOLed

    Reminds me of a bon mot : "If at first you don't succeed, a career as a fighter pilot is not for you"
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Shh, that's the mercury and fluoride talking. Here, have this Eastern organic and/or magnetic placebo.
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  17. CarterUSP Member

    Then my original point still stands - A dentist should treat teeth. A dentist who doesn't focus on teeth is a crap dentist.
    What the hell does that mean I don't even.
    That's what dentists do. All dentists. All real dentists.

    And my final comment on the matter:
    LOL holistic dentistry.
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  18. anon walker Moderator

    Yeah. That's not weird or anything.
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  19. Random guy Member

    No, no and no.

    Re-growing teeth is not, not, not done with quantum phyics. It would be biology. It is not a matter of matter popping into existence, rather to get the body to move existing matter to another location (in this case your gums). Yes, a third tooth set is reported as occurring under unusual circumstances (usually loosing all teeth in your early 20s), but draging quantum phyics into this shows you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    Go DIAFF!
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  20. Daverator Member

    If running around a pole can make one's teeth fall out, will reversing the direction cause them to regrow?
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  21. There are experiments going on to regrow teeth, but they involve areas of science that actually relate to dentistry. "Quantum physics" has nothing to do with medicine, let alone experimental dental procedures, and in this case it's just a BS phrase used to impress stupid people who know nothing about actual science. Now, I'm willing to be proved wrong, maybe all those quantum physicists have a dentistry division around the back somewhere, but I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that whoever came up with that had about as much scientific knowledge as Tom Cruise.
  22. YouSeeNothing Member

    I believe one of the side effects of Niacin is tooth pain.
  23. LRH was a Quantum Phizizist and perfected regrowing teeth.
  24. Glib
  25. grebe Member

    Holistic doctors believe in raping the entire wallet --not just the insurance co-pay, but all the Benjamins that might be tucked in there.
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  26. It sounds like many of you have your minds made up against holistic dentistry. Maybe if you learned more about it before dissing it, this discussion might be more interesting. I won't try to change your ideas. That's okay, just go ahead and follow the rest of the lemmings off the cliff of conventional dentistry and you'll be wearing dentures in no time, just like the rest of the older population in this society. (How much money do conventional dentists make doing that do you suppose?) Me? I'll go with my holistic dentist and keep my teeth, thank you very much!
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  27. Ray and Mercedes have to at least pretend to be true believers in the cult of Hubbard. I don't envy Ray's position in that most of his clients are dupes of organized scientology.
  28. The Internet Member

    Dox or GTFO.
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  29. tinfoilhatter Member

    "Much of "holistic dentistry" is rooted in the activities of Weston A. Price, D.D.S. (1870-1948), a dentist who maintained that sugar causes not only tooth decay but physical, mental, moral, and social decay as well. Price made a whirlwind tour of primitive areas, examined the natives superficially, and jumped to simplistic conclusions. While extolling their health, he ignored their short life expectancy and high rates of infant mortality, endemic diseases, and malnutrition. While praising their diets for not producing cavities, he ignored the fact that malnourished people don't usually get many cavities."
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  30. .

    I was googling Dr. Behm to get his phone number. I intend to become a patient as his credentials are top drawer. And came across your link. I never respond to Quack, hateful, ignorant listings but for some reason I'm making an exception to yours.

    Making slurs against a well known professional (or anyone for that matter) for his Religious Beliefs is so yesterday! I may be a bit sensitive right now as I have a family member who told me yesterday, as I was saying what an excellent movie "Hidden Figures" was and my amazement that Americans BELIEVED as recently as 1960 that Black people were not human and not deserving of basic rights (see: the need for separate coffee pots at NASA), their comment was 'that the Problem was we should have Never brought them here in the 1st place!' I didn't know whether to laugh or scream at the absurdity of the comment. I'm sure there were a lot of Black Africans who weren't exactly happy about being sold into slavery, ripped away from all they knew, put into chains and brutalized.....but I digress.

    Quite frankly, I don't care what religious beliefs Anyone carries unless they are directed against My Freedom, my autonomy, my right to choose. For a young guy (your pic), you appear to have a very narrow-minded view of life and other's people rights to express themselves as they see fit. If you believe Scientology is infringing upon Your Religious Beliefs to express yourself..... find a way to stand for what you believe in.....attacks and dissing someone via the Internet is....shall we say...cowardly. You are, of course, welcome to have an opinion, as am I. But do you also go after the Muslim plastic surgeon I used a few years back, who wore his turban in surgery. Do you ridicule the Catholic nuns still wearing 'habits' (a garb quite frankly very similiar to the Muslin garb- something self-proclaimed 'Christians' fail to notice).

    I laughed out loud at your slur against Natural Awakening...a holistic magazine that has articles on how to eat, live, & take care of our world in a kind and caring manner. Are you really that out of touch with the world-wide movement that wants to feed its family cleaner foods, treat animals kindly, and not destroy this beautiful blue planet in the process. And through its advertisements lets us know where the few dentists practice, who no longer put toxic mercury in our fillings - like Dr. Behms !!

    I have heard that Scientology is rapidly growing in your neck of the woods but you sound like you are afraid of it. I'm a lot older than I believe you are and I remember the same crap when the Mormans came into town. "Cult" was assigned them like a blanket, they were 'dangerous' and weird. Yet, fast forward 40 years and they are great neighbors, have a penchant for music and still don't drink coffee. IMAGINE!

    Whenever you feel like going after someone.....please remember......hate attracts hate. I don't think we need anymore of that, witness Europe for expressions of hate if you don't understand what I'm talking about. I believe someone along the way said...... "judge not lest ye be judged" ???

    Kindness is the New order of the day. Try it. Trust that all will be ok and Amazingly it will be !!
  31. The Internet Member

    Thanks for your reply. I do believe in kindness and freedom of religion (BTW, the guy who wore his turban into surgery was probably a Sikh, not a muslim).

    Scientologists can believe whatever they like. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, people are not entitled to their own facts. This is an important point to remember because there are a lot of con artists out there trying to make facts debatable so that they can escape accountability.

    Many of the leaders in the so-called natural health movement are con artists who pretend that it is okay to ignore the scientific literature. Instead of proving their claims with evidence they slander other doctors and scientists. This is harmful to the public.
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  32. Scientology isn't growing in anyone's neck of the woods.
  33. Tigergal Member

  34. Tigergal Member

    Thank you so much for your post!! My experience with this dentist was absolutely horrible!! He has a 7 chair office and he keeps them all filled and runs back and forth from patient to patient. Everyone can hear what treatments are being recommended. etc. There is NO privacy!! I could not comprehend HOW he had received so many positive reviews!!

    He repeatedly tried to get me to at least "start" the removal of my mercury fillings since "I was going to have my mouth numbed for a tooth extraction anyway"!! I had to state over and over that I did not want to "start" that protocol today! To which Dr Behm lectured me extensively on how dangerous it was for me to continue to be exposed to poisonous mercury vapors EVERY time I chewed or drank something! When I kept saying , "Maybe another time.". Dr Behm was indignant and curt!! I was a ticking time bomb he cautioned.

    Then Dr Behm was training a new assistant who told the Doc that he was shaky from such a long day and didn't feel confident enough to assist with my extraction, (a more experienced tech was also available) and Dr Behm told him "NOT to be ridiculous!! It would be simple and fast!" The assistant knocked my teeth twice with instruments and jammed my head with his elbow all WHILE Dr Behm was drilling!! SCARY!!

    At that point, I had them stop, (even though they weren't finished) and I told Dr Behm that I was leaving and would finish the work with another dentist.

    He became quite angry and told me that I would still be responsible for the entire payment, as HE had done nothing wrong!! I had been there for hours: watching videos on dangerous mercury vapors, getting multiple "required x-rays", and then a cleaning... I should have left after the x-ray technician hit me in the mouth with the camera part, and was rude, not apologetic. But Dr Behm's glowing reviews kept me there; even as my instincts kept telling me to leave.

    Now, thanks to this site, everything is crystal clear! I wonder if his entire staff could be indentured Scientology practitioners. I am not against freedom of religion IF that religion is FREELY offered and people are free to take it or leave it... BUT that is NOT the case with Scientology!! They are bullies (and worse)!! And Dr Behm is a bully! So in my opinion HIS religion/cult is very relevant to this discussion. Particularly as we know that "church" will do anything for big money contributors!

    So now, for me, his 5 star reviews make some sense. Scientologists are posting reviews and praising him and helping to bury any negative reviews deep in Cyberspace. If you think I am overly negative or haven't given enough reasons as to why this man is NOT a dentist you should even consider seeing, (unless you are Scientologist)... THEN by all means, go see him with the idea of keeping an open mind .. I feel confident in stating that it will NOT be a good experience... like I said, unless you're a Scientologist!!! In which case I expect you to further extol his virtues!

    Thanks again for sharing your friend's experience and shedding more light on this Dr's loyalties!! Continue the good fight and the protest!! Very Worthy Effort!!

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