Trump’s Health Black Hole

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  1. Unfortunately for Jackson, withdrawing his nomination won’t stop the inquiry into his behavior. People who behave this badly believe that their actions are justifiable , or the reports are overblown and what they did wasn’t that bad. He sounds like a bully who got away with it and “ managed up” ie took good care of the powerful people above him. We have all had bosses like this.
    There are several reports of his being drunk on duty and that duty included traveling overseas with the President. One apologist acted like it was no big deal and people should be able to have a few drinks. Jackson got roaring drunk more than once when traveling with the President. He handed out Ambien on the airplane and said he thought everyone should take them on a long flight so they would wake up refreshed. Then he had a “upper” for when they landed. This is crazy.
    More than 24 whistle blowers came forward. Trump is whining about obstructionism in Congress and Jackson resigned in a huff.
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    Trump doc says Trump bodyguard, lawyer 'raided' his office, took medical files

    Dr. Harold Bornstein said he felt "raped" after White House aide Keith Schiller and lawyer Alan Garten showed up unannounced and took Trump's files.


    In February 2017, a top White House aide who was Trump's longtime personal bodyguard, along with the top lawyer at the Trump Organization and a third man, showed up at the office of Trump's New York doctor without notice and took all the president's medical records.

    The incident, which Dr. Harold Bornstein described as a "raid," took place two days after Bornstein told a newspaper that he had prescribed a hair growth medicine for the president for years.

    In an exclusive interview in his Park Avenue office, Bornstein told NBC News that he felt "raped, frightened and sad" when Keith Schiller and another "large man" came to his office to collect the president's records on the morning of Feb. 3, 2017. At the time, Schiller, who had long worked as Trump's bodyguard, was serving as director of Oval Office operations at the White House.

    "They must have been here for 25 or 30 minutes. It created a lot of chaos," Bornstein said, who described the incident as frightening.

    A framed 8x10 photo of Bornstein and Trump that had been hanging on the wall in the waiting room now lies flat under a stack of papers on the top shelf of Bornstein's bookshelf. Bornstein said the men asked him to take it off the wall.

    Bornstein said he was not given a form authorizing the release of the records and signed by the president — known as a HIPAA release — which is a violation of patient privacy law.


    Bornstein said that Trump cut ties with him after he told the New York Times that Trump takes Propecia, a drug for enlarged prostates that is often prescribed to stimulate hair growth in men. Bornstein told the Times that he prescribed Trump drugs for rosacea and cholesterol as well.

    The story also quotes Bornstein recalling that he had told Rhona Graff, Trump's longtime assistant, "You know, I should be the White House physician."

    After the story ran on February 1, 2017, Bornstein said Graff called him and said, "So you wanted to be the White House doctor? Forget it, you're out.' "

    Two days after the story ran, the men came to his office.

    "I couldn't believe anybody was making a big deal out of a drug to grow his hair that seemed to be so important. And it certainly was not a breach of medical trust to tell somebody they take Propecia to grow their hair. What's the matter with that?"


    Bornstein, 70, had been Trump's personal doctor for more than 35 years.

    During Trump's presidential campaign, Bornstein wrote a letter declaring "unequivocally" that Trump would be the healthiest president in history. He called Trump's health "astonishingly excellent." The Trump campaign released the letter in December 2015.

    Bornstein told NBC News in 2016 that he wrote the note in just five minutes while a limo sent by the candidate waited outside his office.

    Asked how he could justify saying Trump would be the healthiest president ever, Bornstein said, "I like that sentence to be quite honest with you and all the rest of them are either sick or dead."

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    I’m making a new thread because this is trump related but there’s more than Trump in it.
    Ronny Jackson, Trump’s private doctor and his nominee for the VA post is caught up in a scandal for his drug hand outs, his abusive conduct to other employees and now it comes out that he exposed Mrs. Pence’s (AKA “Mother”)
    medical information.
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  7. “What ought to worry Trump is not the shattering of his image as the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency”; what should concern him is that Bornstein is suddenly saying unhelpful things in the press — and that could embolden others who feel burned by Trump to do the same.”
    Dr. Bornstein will get his license jerked for disclosing patient confidentiality or for falsifying medical reports. Either or or both.

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