Tuesday's picket WRAPUP by Co$ in MASS yesterday

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RedRobin, Feb 26, 2008.

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  2. Re: Calling all Anonymous From Massachusetts(South Attleboro)

    Citizens Commission on Human Rights, said members will demonstrate on Route 1

    See this thread

    Co$ plans protest against Psychiatry March 29th Grand Rapids

    I tried getting info out regrading the South Attleboro Co$ (CCHR) protest today in the Boston thread for 3/15.
    Not much of a reponse though.

    Even a few Anons facing off against CCHR would be awesome.
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    Re: Calling all Anonymous From Massachusetts(South Attleboro)

    That's too bad. It would have been awesome to have an anon there, filming them! LOL. Maybe next time. :cry:

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    Re: Calling all Anonymous From Massachusetts(South Attleboro)

    Well, looks like the Cult of Scientology had their little picket yesterday. A whopping 7 protesters. I must say they had very nice signs. We (Mass Anons) should get signs exactly like that! Of course, change the wording a little bit, but I'm sure they would get the idea by reading between the lines. :lol:
    Mental health screenings protested

    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 1:47 AM EST
    A group demonstrates on Route 1 at the Rhode Island border Tuesday, warning about mental health screenings.

    ATTLEBORO - A group opposed to the overuse of medication in treating mental illness took its campaign public Tuesday, demonstrating on a bridge on Route 1 in South Attleboro.

    A small group assembled on the border of Attleboro and Pawtucket to hold signs and pass out literature urging parents to refuse to have their children screened for mental health problems.

    The protesters said they wanted to warn parents about a new mandate giving Medicaid children mental health screenings.

    They said the state has not done enough to tell parents they can refuse the screenings.

    Kevin Hall, a spokesman for the group called Citizens Commission on Human Rights, said the screenings are subjective and unreliable.

    Too often, he said, they result in children being put on psychiatric drugs needlessly.

    The group is associated with the Church of Scientology.

    Hall also said screenings are often funded by pharmaceutical companies, which have a vested interest in having children prescribed drugs.

    Massachusetts is offering the screenings to Medicaid patients as a result of a court order.

    The protesters said the court is violating the rights of parents to determine what is best for their children.

    "People need to know what is going on," Janice Plumb of Hopkinton said as she held a sign.

    The seven protesters waved at automobiles entering Massachusetts from Rhode Island during the lunch hour on a cold and gray day.
    Elsa Saccoccio of North Providence, R.I., said she felt she had to get involved in the issue.

    "It's necessary to be a part of it to protect children and parents' rights," she said.

    She said psychiatric drugs can have negative side effects and problems can often be handled through dietary changes or better parenting.

    JIM HAND can be reached at 508-236-0399 or at
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    Re: Tuesday's picket WRAPUP by Co$ in MASS yesterday

    I like the one line paragraph: "The group is associated with the Church of Scientology."

    I would like to point a few things out:

    1) The mandate does not "force" parents to have their children screened, rather it mandates that screenings be made AVAILABLE to kids on Medicaid.

    2) Medicaid kids are often the most likely to slip through the cracks in terms of mental health treatment, because they are from very low income families (you have to be very poor to qualify for Medicaid).

    3) Because of their impoverished lives, kids on Medicaid are often living very stressful lives (as are their parents), so I see this as a pro-active step on the part of the state. Many of these kids are depressed, traumatized, anxious or have real learning and behavioral disabilities. If the state can catch them early and get them into any treatment they may need, they can prevent a lot of heartbreak and taxpayer expense later down the road (as in keeping kids out of the criminal justice system).

    4) It is a lie that mental health screenings are funded by the pharmaceutical companies; they are funded by Medicaid which is itself funded by federal tax dollars.

    4) Mental health treatment does not always mean drugs. Or only drugs. Co$ has been out there promoting the idea that all mental health is about "drugging" people, when it is simply not the case. If by screening kids, family issues can be uncovered, there is an opportunity to get kids into family counseling or other individual and group support, which benefits the entire family.

    5) And SHAME on Scientology for their efforts to block the most vulnerable members of society from getting the help they may badly need!
  6. Re: Tuesday's picket WRAPUP by Co$ in MASS yesterday

    :shock: They didn't know there were Anon's hiding in the Bushes all around them!! :shock:

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