Turin (Italy) ideal org opening on Saturday, April 6, 2013

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Ok, but what's the point? Yes, awesome that they got raided in May 2010. But now three years later they open up this place? Doesn't sound like a very effective raid. The cult isn't going down by reminiscing about what happened three years ago. In fact, bet they're using it to squeeze even more money out of the flock.

    Sorry for being the debbie downer. Just would be good to see what feedback we can get of any effective Anon, Indy or Ex-scilon activity at the opening.
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    Sorry, comment above was meant in response to Strong Strength's post.
  5. I actually agree with you 100%, and I was thinking something similar when making my post. Despite the Turin police raid, they've rebuilt and restabilized themselves to the point where they're opening a fancy new building. One of the lessons here is that they will never stop trying to come back, and are very often successful at it.

    Look at the USA. They had their doors blown off by the feds when Snow White got busted. Yet here they are, several decades later, still opening new buildings and swindling a whole new generation. It was just a matter of letting Mary Sue Hubbard and a few other big shots take the fall, renaming a few sections, training up a new generation of brainwashed people, and sweeping the rest under the rug. Politicians and the general public still have no idea what Scientology is, or worse, offer ignorant, knee-jerk defenses like "leave them alone because they can do what they want."

    This is part of why I don't think an end to the CoS madness will come through external things like government action. It will help, sure, but most of the crumbling and rot has to come from the inside. Which I think is already happening, incrementally, year by year.

    Along the way, I think it's important to have a few laughs at the good things that happen, like the Turin police raid. And because of the nature of the subject matter. Cuz seriously, Scientology = LOL.
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    Yup. It's gotta rot from the inside out.
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    A video has been posted on YouTube showing the opening of the Turin ideal org on Saturday, April 6, 2013. David Miscavige shone by his absence, and the ribbon was cut by Giulio Cozzoli, president of the Turin Church of Scientology, surrounded by the persons who gave short speeches.
    Torino 2013-04-07.jpg
    The speakers praised Scientology's "Say no to drugs" campaign and the presence of Scientology volunteers when natural disasters occur in Italy.
    Giuseppe Cicogna, spokesman for the Church of Scientology
    Valter Durbano, former Italian marathon champion
    Stefano Lergo, president of the San Antonino di Susa Anti-Forest Fire Association
    Silvio Magliano, president of Centro Servizi per il Volontariato - VSSP (Volunteer. Development and Solidarity in Piedmont)
    Giampiero Leo, Piedmont regional councillor, national president of the Association for Tibet and Human Rights
    Antonio Ciavarra, coordinator for culture for Turin's Fifth District
    Giulio Cozzoli, president of the Church of Scientology of Turin
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  8. Exactly right. Its a good lesson of why we can never take our foot off their throat.
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  9. Interesting, has David Miscavige missed any other Ideal Org openings?
  10. Right thread?
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    That looks like a tiny gathering........I counted 7 or 8 rows at most.....with maybe 10 - 12 people each row, so maybe 80 - 90 total attendence.

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nevermind the celebrities, scientology can't even get regular people to show up to its events!!!!

    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxXXdSwFZwtDmQBE4yiE7NsJKCWRkCS
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  12. Maybe David Miscavige wasn't there because this wasn't an "Ideal Org" opening. The interior decoration I saw in the video wasn't up to David's Ideal Org standards.
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    The Turin ideal org is not yet ready, but the Turin org has moved to a much larger historic building formerly occupied by Tuttosport, a daily newspaper about sports. The following two photos from an Italian indie blog show what the new Turin ideal org looked like in September 2010. The snapshot below them is from a Scientology website and shows how the Turin ideal org is supposed to look.
    Torino org ideale 2010-09 1.jpg
    Torino org ideale 2010-09 2.jpg
    More photos at Torino org ideale
    Snapshot from the Italian equivalent of Freedom magazine:
    Torino 2013-01-13.jpg
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    OK, now they are just throwing signs on vacant building and calling them Ideal Orgs? Yeah, nothing new here, lol.
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    Milan Scientology centre to open | ANSA

    The Church of Scientology is set to open its new Milan headquarters on Saturday in a former office of technology company Philips, which will be its biggest centre in Italy.

    Several senior figures linked to the controversial American organisation are expected to attend the private inauguration ceremony.

    Work on the new centre was carried out discreetly in just a few months and residents nearby only found out about what it was going to be a few days ago when the "Church of Scientology" sign appeared on the building.

    The organisation promotes a set of beliefs created by L. Ron Hubbard. Its teachings focus around the idea of humans as immortal alien spiritual beings temporarily trapped on Earth in their physical bodies.

    It has courted controversy due to its status in between a religion and a commercial enterprise, and it has also been described as a cult. Furthermore, accusations of harassment techniques against critics have also drawn attention.

    "We intended to make an official announcement after the inauguration," the organisation said. "We also had no plans to invite the press."


    Largest Scientology Church in the World to Open in Milan | World Religion News

    World’s largest Church of Scientology Ideal Org opens Saturday in Milan, Italy.

    The former headquarters of Philips and computer company Sun has been converted into a 10,000 square meter Scientology church.

    The five-story, four-building, 258-window edifice, whose area is only a few hundred meters’ shy of 10,000, overlooks the street and parking interchange to Bignami, and has a tree-filled inner courtyard. The new Scientology “Ideal Org,” called such according to the church’s nomenclature, will be at the entrance of the city, coming from Sesto San Giovanni. The church opening is on Saturday, October 31.

    The building is adorned with celebratory red ribbons, the insignia of the religious organization as created by founder and American Author L. Ron Hubbard, and the church’s eight-pointed cross. The logo features the S of Scientology and the ARC and KRC triangles, which stand for Affinity, Reality and Communication and Knowledge, Responsibility and Control, respectively. These concepts are an essential part of the religion’s body of beliefs and practices, which, as one would discover upon deeper study, is a body of knowledge that touches open various aspects of daily life.

    The church will be located at 327 Viale Fulvio Testi, and is surrounded by automotive dealers, hotels and business centers. The opening comes as a surprise to most workers and individuals who frequent the area. According to Italian online publication Corriere Della Sera, the rise of the new Scientology location was unbeknownst to them until recently, as the headquarters of Sun Microsystems was empty for a few years following the annexation of the Oracle company. A neighborhood meeting was held last year, however, to inform nearby residents of the project. The property is valued at between 25 and 30 million euros, and will be a central place of worship for Scientologists in the city and surrounding districts.

    The construction of the massive structure is the Church of Scientology’s response to the rapid growth of the religion in the city. The church’s Communication Manager in Milan asserts that the population of the faithful at the Scientology Church in Lepontina, Farini was “about to explode.” As a result, the religious organization had to search for new areas of expansion and push mobility to landmarks of great visibility. Hence, the Scientology Ideal Church in Milan was strategically built at the entrance of the city.

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    "about to asspload"
    yeah mkay
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    Looks like it's time for another press release from the cult:

    A New Church of Scientology Mega Ideal Org For Milan Greets The World

    Thousands gather to celebrate in Italy’s cultural and fashion mecca, now home to the largest Ideal Scientology Organization on the planet.

    In yet another historic achievement during a year of unparalleled advances for the Scientology religion, the latest Ideal Organization opened its doors to Milan, Italy, on Saturday, October 31, as an exuberant audience of some 8,000 Italian Scientologists, guests and dignitaries came together to share the unveiling of an Ideal Church of singular stature and majesty in the European capital of style and sophistication.

    Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center — who flew directly to Milan from the United Kingdom after having officiated the opening of the Ideal Saint Hill on October 18 and the 31st anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) on October 23 — dedicated the Ideal Organization of Milan.

    “I am supremely honored to join you on this day transcending all days before it. For if ever was a city destined as the seat of an Ideal Org, then this is your Milan. This city of age-old splendor and new-age vision. This city of lords and city of glory. This city, where energy pulses from her streets and creativity issues from her soul. This original ‘Ideal City.’ Indeed, today we celebrate as Ideal an Org as any. And thus an Org as the living embodiment of that LRH maxim: ‘The Sun never sets on Scientology.’ And so I dedicate this building to a future emblazoned with a Scientology renaissance — a renaissance of eternal life.”


    The Church of Scientology has enjoyed greater expansion during the past decade than in the previous 50 years combined, while the first 10 months of 2015 have been marked by historic achievements for the religion and its humanitarian programs.

    Here's the whole thing:
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    Here's another quote from Miscavige, in a cult press release that was published today:

    Scientology Welcomes 2016 Following Year of Unprecedented Expansion and Advance

    ​​​​As the old year draws to its close and a new one begins, it is time to celebrate successes and resolve to look ahead to the possibilities of another year. So it was as Scientologists gathered to express vivid appreciation for a triumphant year of accomplishment, recognizing record expansion and worldwide humanitarian achievement.

    Parishioners and their guests filled the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles to pay homage to 2015’s unsurpassed growth and the momentum that has set the stage for 2016—and beyond.

    Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center, summed up the exuberant mood in addressing those gathered for the annual New Year’s fete.

    “We’ve arrived at the close of an all but mythic year,” Mr. Miscavige began. “Not only a year equivalent to a thousand years of triumph, not only a year surpassing any since the first tick of time, but a year to remind us that time is quite easily compressed, especially when you’re working at warp speed. It was a year of upward mobility that takes us to the front porch of infinity.”


    The jubilant crowd saw the New Year’s celebration culminate with Mr. Miscavige introducing the world’s largest Ideal Org which had its magnificent inaugural on October 31 in the cultural capital of Milan, Italy. At over 100,000 square feet on a 1.5-acre estate, the new Ideal Org is prominent in the extreme and caps a year for the Church of Scientology that was defined by spectacular growth, setting the stage for another awe-inspiring year of accomplishment.

    More here:
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    He's understating it: It was totally mythical.

  24. anoninoob Member

    any stats on the ACTUAL number of attendees at the event? Because $cientology NEVER inflates their numbers... evah!!

    Who wants to bet that "8000" is "mythic"
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    Here's another cult press release. Quote:

    Dedicating the New Ideal Mission of Scientology of Senigallia, Italy

    Launching a new era for Scientology on Italy's Adriatic coast.

    Scientologists from across Italy, joined by civic and religious leaders, gathered Saturday, Sept. 23 on the country’s beautiful Adriatic coast for the dedication of the new Ideal Church of Scientology Mission of Senigallia.

    Located at 312 via Raffaello Sanzio, the Mission’s new home is steps from the city’s famous Velvet Beach and a short walk from the iconic Rotonda del Mare pier. The Mission stands ready to serve anyone wishing to know more about the mind, the spirit and life, to experience the miracles of Dianetics and Scientology, and to learn the wisdom contained in the works of L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of the Scientology religion.

    Welcoming the Scientologists and their guests who traveled to the seaside resort, Mr. Maurizio Memè, Deputy Mayor of Senigallia, said, “It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to your new home on behalf of the mayor and the city.”

    Following the deputy mayor’s greetings, Dr. Mario Limache Orellano addressed the gathering. Originally from Bolivia, where he worked as a journalist and radio and television announcer, for many years he has been active in Italy in the field of cultural mediation — building bridges among people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It was in Senigallia that he learned of Scientology.

    “I consider it my job in social communication to bring people together to meet and discuss and solve problems,” he said. “This carries with it a responsibility to understand Man and society. And so it was my good fortune to have discovered the works of Mr. L Ron Hubbard. I discovered that there was a method of awakening the mind and heart. And in this way, the teachings and technologies of Dianetics and Scientology align perfectly with my profession.”

    Mr. Valentino Belucci, Italian philosopher, sociologist, poet, painter, and educator, welcomed the new mission saying, “I studied Oriental philosophy, modern teachings and sciences. And then I found someone who had discovered a way to invariably help mankind achieve greater skill and ability — L. Ron Hubbard. The inauguration of this Mission is a great step forward for the entire Le Marche region. It offers a place where people can discover their own value and share it with others to better our society.

    After the traditional ribbon cutting, the doors of the mission opened for those attending to tour the new facilities, including the Mission’s public information center, where visitors may freely discover at their leisure what Dianetics and Scientology can do for them. They also visited the Purification Center, where people free themselves from the harmful effects of toxic substances, so prevalent in today’s chemically based society. They viewed the spacious classroom that offers seminars and life improvement courses through which so many people have changed their lives for the better and increased their abilities. And they saw the rooms where Scientology ministers provide individual spiritual counseling, helping people achieve higher states of consciousness and spiritual freedom.

    For more than 40 years, Scientology has been an active force in Italy. Its 12 Scientology Churches and 20 Missions see to the spiritual progress of thousands of Italians of every age, background, and profession.

    Source, with photos:
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    The Scientology pamphlet that has finally convinced us this planet is theirs | The Underground Bunker


    We want to thank the tipster who sent to us a new pamphlet put out by Scientology in Italy which has finally convinced us that David Miscavige’s troops are truly going to clear the planet.

    Published by Scientology’s European headquarters — the Advanced Organization Saint Hill (AOSH) located in Copenhagen — the pamphlet features 20 Italian Scientologists who level with you about why Hubbardism is going to conquer Earth.

    Give it up, folks. It’s over. With these “Operating Thetans” attesting to their hard-won superpowers, all the critics and television series and journalistic exposes are for naught. Hubbard wins. Every time.

    (Yes, these are the actual captions from the pamphlet, translated with help by our tipster in Italy.)

    Continued at
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  27. Please forward this to DJT (or his consigliere) - he could use some o' dem OT super powers - soon.
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Ideal Non Existence in Milan? | The Underground Bunker


    Our thanks to the Italian reader who sent us a letter from the Milan Ideal Org with this message:

    After almost 50 years in existence, the Milano Org has just admitted that their condition is “non existence,” even though they are located in a regional area containing more than 11 million inhabitants.

    I just read a recruiting letter from org which says: “We are preparing ourselves to confront a period of great expansion due to the biggest ‘non existence campaign’ ever accomplished in Italy. It will start a big flow of new public in our org, as the marketing campaign will make us known in all town. The team of staff members is now less then 300 and we have to arrive to 500. This will give us the possibility to deliver our tech to thousand of persons…”

    Do not forget that Milano has 2 Ideal Orgs in the same building: Milano Day and Milano Foundation. This new building opened with the presence of David Miscavige a few years ago and 8,000 Scientologists came from all parts of Italy as well from Europe and a few from the States. (in reality they were not more than 2,000, according to local newspapers.) But after almost 50 years their stats are crashing.

    Continued at

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