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  1. 1995: "Temporary Commanding Officer OTL" in Russia Diethelm Alisch reports on
    Scientology's efforts to gain ground in Turkmenistan.

    0608006 otlcis 1995
    pioneer area ic fb
    info fei, chf off smi int, co smi int, co smi cis, co smi eu, pioneer areas exp off smi int,
    pred and invest chf osa int, a/inv aide osa eu, pdu ic fso, eu sales manager nepi, TWTH
    Promoter able int

    Re: Turkmenistan

    Dear Sir,

    When our two guys were done in Azerbijan, they went by ferry on a 12 hour trip from
    Baku across the Caspian Sea to Krasnovodsk in Turkmenistan. This is n-o-t the capitol.
    It's a relatively small city with a population of 70,000.

    When one security guy asked them for their identity papers, they got in comm with him
    and it ended up with him taking them up to the Bridge where they were introduced to the
    Captain and eight other crew members. They distributed the WTH booklet to all of them,
    and most of the crewmembers asked our two guys to autograph the booklets. Altogether
    they distributed 15 WTH booklets on the ferry. Having arrived in Krasnovodsk, they
    went to the city hall to get a meeting with the Mayor. He was out of town so they met
    with and spoke to his deputy: Mr. Allayarhan Geldieviech Geldiev. His official post title
    is Deputy Khakim of Krasnovodsk. They presented the Russian Profile to him, took him
    through the booklet and explained various technologies to him. He was given a copy of
    the LB DMSMH and WTH, as well as a bunch of WTH booklets and another DMSMH.
    They spoke about the use of Dianetics and that he will need to send 3 people for training
    the HHC/OTL but that first of all he would need to study the DMSMH book. he said
    sending up 3 people for training would be possible through the Ministry of Education.
    The next person they met with was Charnasar Kocheev. He is the head of the Department
    of Education within the city government and Mayor's Office. He was given the Russian
    BSM and was briefed about study tech. While they were meeting, two school directors
    came and were also briefed about study tech. On 26 August, there is a city conference on
    education which will be attended by the Dept of Education officials and teachers.

    Kocheev will present the BSM at that occasion. The biggest problem they have in the
    education area is a lack of textbooks and materials. The next person they met with was
    Chief Dr. Sochid Ibrahim Ogil Gazanov of the City Health Hospital. He was given assist
    booklets in Russian and English. He was given a locational, became very uptone and got
    in excellent comm with our two guys. The problem they have is no funding for the
    hospital so they even tear up bedsheets to make bandages out them. The lack of funds
    further is a reason why they do not have lots of medical drugs - so any technology that
    does not use drugs is very welcome by them. Next person seen was Rima Avanesian.
    She is a 40 year old nurse and quite energetic. She had fever and pain in her leg and was
    given a touch assist for an hour after which she felt a lot better. She was given the
    DMSMH book and assist booklet. Different aspects of the tech were discussed with her,
    and she was also given a locational. She agreed to disseminate DMSMH wherever she
    could and was then given another 10 DMSMH books. She will send us the names of the
    people she is giving them to, and will set up working with these people to set up a
    Dianetics group and then a center of which she will be the In Charge. The next person
    seen was Lidia Kligina. She is teacher in a Kindergarten. She's a very active person and
    has comm lines into the city Education Dept. The BSM was given to her, and she will
    also be at the 26 August education conference to push for using the BSM in schools.

    Sergej, the son of Lidia goes to a prestigious Russian speaking school in Krasnovodsk
    and will present the BSM to the head of that school.


    Turkmenistan was opened, and we have two groups and IC's.
    The Dianetics group IC is Rima Avanesian.
    The Study tech group IC is Charnasar Kocheev.

    Follow up project:

    a. Write follow up letters to each of the persons contacted and send them a copy of the
    latest HHC newsletter which contains the detailed news about the Sachalin project.
    These letters will be sent out from CO SMI to all Dianetics reaches and from CO ABLE
    CIS to all study tech reaches.
    b. CO ABLE to get specific follow up done for the August 26 education conference in the
    city to ensure the BSM gets accepted and used in the schools.
    c. Get arranged via an allied professor in Moscow, a date and lecture place in one of
    Achahbad's Institutes on the subject of Dianetics and assist technology (Achahbad is the
    capitol of of Turkmenistan).
    d. Provide the Dianetics IC, Rima, with a copy of Russian Dianetics TV shows and get
    her to get them shown on Turkmenyan national TV.
    Ml Diethelm - T/CO OTL CIS
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