Tustin 1/17/09

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by daile100, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. daile100 Member

    Tustin 1/17/09

    Operation: Operation
    If its a thetan on the thighs: Operation
    If its Scientology who lies: Operation
    If its Xenu on the mind: Operation
    If it should be destroyed for the good of all mankind: Operation

    11:00 Am
    1451 Irvine Blvd (corner of Redhill)
    Tustin, CA 92780

    Come in you medical outfit, should be supplies by the German government, and medical gf masks, to prevent the spread of fail and thetans.

    Lets bring us back to the group from the summer with cake, pizza, blue shirt guy with epic fail signs, xenuchaser's big signs, (anyone know what happened to him anyway?), anonymous-77 never knowing where to post, AnonOrange hitting on Resistance, killawog having a good time, glib talking to the head of org, igoc08's chemical suit, redjeans's red jeans, pope showing up for like 10 min then being threatened to be arrested, WBM and Torry dropping by, and just general all around lulz.

    sorry if i didn't mention you, you are the group that made protesting fun for me, and 09 we're bringing it back!
  2. i'mglib Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    I like the way you think, Daile.

    Can't think of a witty saying, either. But I'd love to see a big gang. Tustin is actually a great place to protest. Remember the Hawaiian shirt guys? They just appeared in a big group a couple of times. Moar cake. Moar pizza. Moar big long signs.
  3. Touchstone Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    Maybe even SciMonster will make an appearance. Tustin is the LA pre-party, ya know.
  4. i'mglib Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    Yay, I hope so.

    I forgot to post this about a possible theme:

    We could do a medical theme and dress in lab coats or like nurses and doctors, to highlight medical abuse in COS, ie. discouraging people from getting real medical attention and getting hooked up to an e-meter or taking vitamins instead. Jeff Jacobsen used to come to protests wearing a green scrub shirt with a name tag that said "Dr. Fake."
  5. daile100 Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    I accidently scientology
    is this bad?
  6. meatpin Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    I'm 57, have never protested anything in my life, and am thinking about this, because it's my birthday.....
  7. i'mglib Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    Do it, meatpin.
    I will personally bake you a cake.

    Also, Daile, this is possibly the most cryptic thing I have read on this board. Did you leave out a word or something?

  8. Portland

    You guys need to come to Portland, virtually everyone in this city hates tom cruise and thinks scientology is gay, but not many people know everything about it, this is the chance to educate a large group easily. Plus were a hipster stoner city that like to make a scene
  9. fotoanon Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    It is in reference to a meme

    That involves a fleshlight

    don't ask ;)
  10. daile100 Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    Ok, all fun aside, its in a week, what are we doing?
  11. meatpin Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    As things stand now, this virgin noob is in.
  12. Anonyymous77 Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    hey man, not knowing where to post is IN these days. and i havent done that in a while anyway. i think im getting better at it. =)
  13. i'mglib Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    We are dressing like nurses and doctors with stethoscopes and stuff, and we're calling it Operation Operation. You're going to come up with and incredibly witty sign. I'm baking a cake for Meatpin cuz he's a noob and it's his birthday.

    Edit: I pitched this on Socalanon.
    How about Operation Operation for January, where everyone wears lab coats, scrubs, nurses outfits, with stethoscopes and stuff, to highlight the medical abuse in Scientology. We talk about medical abuse OTHER THAN Jett Travolta. E.g., people who didn't get psychiatric treatment, like Ellie Perkins' schizophrenic son (who stabbed his mother to death).

    There was also a similar story where a woman stabbed her father and sister to death in Australia.,20867,22042754-1702,00.html

    Maybe even bring up lung cancer, and how Hubbard said not smoking ENOUGH cigarettes causes cancer (anyone have the mp3 of that?)

    The obvious one is Lisa McPherson, of course. Scientologists checked her out of a hospital, took her to Fort Harrison, cuz THEY KNEW BETTER, then 15 days later she's dead.
  14. meatpin Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    I ain't gonna wear no nurses outfit......
  15. fotoanon Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    A great loss for all of us ;)

    Also, please consider coming down to Hollywood after the Tustin protest.

    A. It is fun

    B. Other Tustin anons do it. All the popular kids do it.

    C. Our handlers are always good for a laugh
  16. meatpin Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    I'm not going to be able to make Hollyweird, I have family obligations later in the day.

    I borrowed a halloween costume from my stepson. It's a bloody lab coat. Will that work?

    If so, I thought of a sign for it.....

    "Blood? What blood?"
  17. i'mglib Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    Meatpin, love your costume and sign idea. You're good at this, for a noob.

    Now watch this video and see how the big boys (and girls) do it.

  18. meatpin Member

    Re: Tustin 1/17/09

    I am so ready...:D
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