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    It's said Commander Ali Fazli that is one of the great commanders of the war has been arrested due to disobeying orders
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    Karroubi will publish an announcement laer today
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    سخنگوی شورای نگهبان پذیرفت: در 50شهر، تعداد رأی**ها بیش از 100درصد واجدان شرایط است
    Gvmnt confessed: in 50 cities the number of votes are more than 100% of the eligible people.
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    خبرگزاری ایرنا اعلام کرد آیت الله خامنه ای نماز جمعه این هفته تهران را نیز اقامه خواهد کرد
    Khamenei will again present Friday prayer this week - confirmed Iran tv
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    سخنگوی شورای نگهبان به کانال دو تلویزیون ایران گفت: اختلاف رای مربوط به این موضوع بیش از 3میلیون رای است
    Gvmnt rep on official tv: there is at least 3 million discrepancy.
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    plz share all news on twitter
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    تلاش علی لاریجانی برای حضورمیرحسین موسوی در یک برنامه تلویزیونی: باید صدای معترضان شنیده شود
  8. =
    "Ali Larijani, Mousavi Hzvrmyrhsyn efforts for a television program: the sound must be heard objecting"
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    rt: امروز ساعت 4 درمیدان 7تیر به سوگ می نشینیم برای ندا و دیگر شهدای یک هفته اخیر
  10. DanX Member

    باهنر:رسانه ملی به معترضان انتخابات تریبون دهد
  11. Ali Larijani, Mousavi Hzvrmyrhsyn requests for a television program: the sound (of the protests) must be heard objecting
  12. =

    'rt: Today Drmydan 7 July to 4 hours bereavement Nshynym to call for a week and other recent Martyrs"
  13. Bahonar: national media tribune objecting to the election
  14. ................................
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    UNCONFIRMED - several of the pro-democracy leaders in prison have started HUNGER STRIKE - RT RT
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    جهانبخش خانجانی در تماسی کوتاه از زندان با خانواده اش گفته است که "میخواهند تمام اعتراضات را به عنوان اغتشاشات به ما نسبت دهند
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    دفتر روزنامه اعتمادملی مورد حمله چند فرد ناشناس قرار گرفت و شیشه*هایش شكسته شد موقع حمله فقط نگهبان روزنامه در ساختمان روزنامه بوده است
    Etemad Melli newspaper (pro Karroubi) offices attacked by militia - confirmed
  18. =

    "Jahanbakhsh Khanjani short prison in contact with his family has said that "all want the protests to disturbances as compared to our'
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    فوری: عیسی سحرخیز بازداشت شد
    journalist Isa Saharkhiz has been arrested.
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    situation in Tehran very tense today - many roadblocks
  21. DanX Member

    all roads and aley ways around Interior Ministry closed with concrete blocs and guards -
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    today we have hidden cameras in good locations ready to give u film :D
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    Tehran Majlis - Parliment - under heavy guard and road blocks with armed militia
  24. Excellent!!! We'll RT all images as soon as they become available.
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    road blocks controlling movement of people from North to South Tehran to stop ppl joining Sea of Green
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    Mousavi - Neda is not an angel - the angels aspire to Neda - - Allah Akbar - peace be upon Neda - RT RT RT
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    plz share all news on twitter for inside.
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    London, UK in front of Iranian Embassy (Hyde Park) Monday 22 June 6-9PM
  29. Unverified twitter:
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    not yet my friend
  31. ;)

    They're gonna make this girl bigger and bigger as they try to suppress this.
  32. Twitter:
  33. Jaymax Moderator

    Hi Dan - Could you consider setting up a separate news thread for dumping general tweet-sourced stuff into, it's worthwhile, but a bit disruptive in the demo report news thread. Also, could you ease off the bolding unless the particular post is of higher priority that your other posts - otherwise, everyone loses the impact when there IS some particularly important information that MUST be highlighted.

  34. Do you need ftp (several Gb) storage for upload?
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    امروز ساعت چهار بزرگداشت شهدا، میدان هفت تیر. Today 4pm Haft Tir Sq. Tehran to pay respects to martyrs of recent events
  36. DanX Member

    I have a good upload source in sweden, tanx
  37. np
    if you need french upload just ask

    keep up with the good job!
  38. Recent Tweets:


    This is a point of no return....the poeple who brought a revolution 30 years ago can do it again. there are many Neda's in IRAN now.

    There is a candle light memorial for Neda this afternoon between 5-7pm in 7tir Sq in Tehran.

    Today Monday 16:00 at 7 Tir Sq. peaceful mourning for #Neda #iranelection Iranians pass on to all friends and family ASAP

    Khamenei will again present Friday prayer this week - confirmed Iran tv

    Iranian TV: Govt admits voting irregularities in 50 cities. Potentially signif admission

    UNConfirmed: ppl set fire to Lola mosque on Saturday and several Basiji's were killed in the fire !Neda-tribute

    Chief nurse of a hosp in Tehran: that they had to do sev. eye surgeries (remove eyeball) regularly

    Student who survived dorm attacks: I'm sure many were blinded that day cuz they pocked battons into their eyes.

    Ayatollah Montazeri declared three days of public lament starting Wed Jun 24th

    Karroubi will publish an announcement laer today

    Iran expert Jason Rezaian, who just left Iran, says that given the media blackout protesters "feel like they're in this alone"

    unconfirmed: Ali Fazli high ranked IRG officer arrested due to disobedience to suppression of the protesters

    A partial list of arrested journos/bloggers/politicians Imprisoned Iranian Journalists and Politicians Tehran Bureau

    Journalist whose photo made cover of Time Magazine last week missing in Iran

    There are reports that the Iranian-American journalist and filmmaker Maziar Bahari is arrested.

    Tehran's attorney annonced: We dont know who Killed Protesters yesterday! We are searching for "The Murder"!!!

    Iranian spokesman in this morning's press conference seemed agitated. Complained about cyber war.

    Another round of crackdown on proxies! Please send all proxies u have 4 Iranians here: proxyheap (phase one) a project for iran

    Tomorrow at 4pm everybody in all parts of country telephone and report street protests where there is none

    Ppl - stop to pay all electricity, gas, water, telephone bills from today - this will starve the Gov

    Ppl if you have money in bank - withdraw ALL your account - Gov is using your money to kill your ppl

    Tuesday, June 23rd, nationwide strike in Iran (bazaar, offices, schools etc...) Iranians pass to all family and friends.

    Mousavi talking with influential merchants and workers' leaders to plan general strike

    We have a few moments to tweet with you - our friends - from a DSL connection
  39. One of my favorite Twitter personalities (Phyre777)

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