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    IRAN : FRENCH EMBASSY WILL ACCEPT INJURED PEOPLE Adress : 85, Neauphle-le-Chteau Street, Thran #iranelection #gr88 #neda4 minutes ago from Tweetie (twitt_for_iran)
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    RT Confirmed- ARMENIAN EMBASSY WILL ACCEPT INJURED- No. 1, Ostad Shahriar St, Razi St., Jomhouri Eslami Ave. PLS RT #iranelection #medical2 minutes ago from web (fresherv)
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    Please post general tweets you feel people should be aware of in this thread. Thanks.

    Off topic tweets posted in other threads may be moved here.
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    From: BNO News (BreakingNews) on Twitter

    URGENT -- At least 1,000 pro-reform Iranians have gathered in Tehrans Haft-e Tir Square despite government warnings, news reports say.10 minutes ago from BNO Headquarters

    CNN: Witness says hundreds of Basij militia and riot police are present at the protest in Tehran which is deemed illegal by the government.8 minutes ago from BNO Headquarters

    CNN: One person was arrested during the new protest in Tehran. Reports say it may be a vigil for "Neda", who's death was caught on camera.6 minutes ago from BNO Headquarters
  5. Curious what you make of this tweet

    From califcactus (sholeh azar (CalifCactus) on Twitter)

    @ #iranelection #iran #Neda Gen. Ali Fazli, commander of Seiyed al-shohada of the Revolutionary Guards in Tehran was arrested
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  9. Ann Curry of NBC News has been a HUGE contributor via twitter. She is wearing a green scarf on air this morning. I need not explain why.
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    Eric Raymond, a father of Open Source is helping us. He has setup #Neda Net, a network of hackers to help Iranians! NedaNet Resource Page
  11. Now that is cool.
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    RT: Conflict in Hafte Tir Sq. police & basijs shotting to sky #Neda #iranelection
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    RT @ksrandall: RT plz: CNN reports Clerics walking with protesters to protect them from Basiji. @CNN TV. #iranelection #neda
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    Unconfirmed! I can't find anything @cnn web.
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    Unconf: RT Tehran: Laleh Park and Shiroudi Stadium have become the command center to organize anti-riot police and plain clothes #iranelection
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    Unconfirmed: Big protest on Thursday 4th Tir, in the presence of mousavi and karubi. Location to be announced
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    RT @free_iranspeech: confirmed - FULL NATIONAL STRIKE IN IRAN TOMORROW WEDNESDAY - Sea of Green #Iranelection RT RT RT - Mousavi

    A lot of people on my list are saying this.
  20. Tranlastes to:
    "Mir-Hossein Mousavi / hope to have your rights / Azkhshvnt still committed to stay away"
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  23. PK hacked for awhile, back now

    copypastian from Fark

    from pk:
    today Gov hackers broke into our profile - after several hours of hard work we hacked back into our own profile - #Iranelection


    Thread responses:

    I think that explains the "questionable" messages calling for violence from earlier.

    They could recover a computer he's been accessing it from and hack the password out of the cache.

    ooh- good call. Someone should send him a DM to take precautions against that in the future.

    Or, more likely, PK is more than one person. And they captured someone with the pw.
  24. Not confirmed:
  25. someone want to investigate this tweet?

    طرح عملیاتی ویژه مقابله با اغتشاشات و سرکوب کردن معترضین classified ??? ?????: ??? ??????? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ???????? ? ????? ???? ??????? #Neda #iranelection Pls RT without my twitter name

    Translation: special operational plan to deal with disturbances and suppress protesters classified ??? ?????: ??? ??????? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ?? ???????? ? ????? ???? ???????

    Not sure who from, also not sure why all those question marks appeared after I posted it. Translation courtesy of some Farker.
  26. another tweet posted on Fark


    Text from link:

    "Please understand that Iran's network-control is state of the art, and Iranian security can inspect ALL traffic easily in an automated fashion, through its centralized choke point. It's likely that anyone using a proxy is quickly spotted and tracked. Proxies are an effective way to get information out, but the use of proxies will not be safe unless EVERY SINGLE PERSON in Iran uses one. EVERYONE.

    SSL/TLS (https) can be about 4 to 5 times the packet size in transmission, which makes the bandwidth throttling of the Iranian Security forces more difficult (the Iranian internet is painfully, selectively, slow since it was shut down). If everyone were to use it, for all communications, then all traffic would look the same, and dissidents could not be so easily singled out. This is sometimes called 'faking the weather.' We must recommend either EVERYONE uses SSL proxies, in order to protect each other, or NO ONE does."


    Logic is sound. If they're using deep inspection they can read out http proxy traffic as easily as if it was a direct connection. If only the dissidents are using SSL heavily it makes IP's that are making heavy use of SSL easy to red flag.

    SSH tunneling is pretty much as secure as HTTPS proxies.
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  29. needs confirmation, copypasta

    RT @BreakingNews Ahmadinejad to be sworn in as Iranian president before parliament between July 26 and August 19.#IranElection
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    RT IRIB, state TV about 30% of employees are absent today, National Strike has begun. #iranelection
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    Unconf.: news from Iran: all staff & journalists at Kalame Newspaper arrested last night - #Iranelection
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    From ElectionIRANews: National Strike: Some of Bazzar Shops has closed in Isfehan. #iranelection
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    RT Ashkan Zahabian(stdnt) who was beaten by plainclothes is in Coma since 5 days ago #Iranelection
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    RT IRAN Militia all over Tehran on motorbike beating pedestrians for no reason - #Iranelection - to frightened people
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    National Strike: Half of Shops at Tabriz Bazzar is closed. #iranelection
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    RT @omidhabibinia National Strike: Many offices and shops not working as ussual. #iranelection
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    From BreakingNews: White House spokesman said Iran has begun to "change" but cautioned that Obama would not back calls for a general strike there.
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    RT @Tymlee: RT People of Saqz went on general strike today & close the Bazaar. #iranelection

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