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  2. dom_perignon Member

    LaraABCNewsrooftop allahu akbars are on, high intensity. #iranelection
  3. dom_perignon Member

    RT frm Iran - tomorrw Mousavi announces start of new type of protests - peaceful and silent - soon there will be strikes #IranElection RT RT
  4. dom_perignon Member

    From Iran - there is militia controlling movement from downtown to north of Tehran to stop ppl joining Sea of Green
  5. dom_perignon Member

    HLNewsclips: we have report of large street battles in east & west of Tehran now - #Iranelection (via @persiankiwi)
  6. dom_perignon Member

    From persianwiki: The parks in north of city are closed at night and militia attacking any ppl in park or walking in streets - #Iranelection
  7. dom_perignon Member

    Form persianwiki: all hospitals is surrounded by militia to check why ppl going in - if gun or baton injury - they arrest and beat u #Iranelection
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  9. dom_perignon Member

    @iranbaan: Tonight chants of "Allah-o-Akbar" & "Down with Dictator" are lound and clear as before. #iranelection
  10. dom_perignon Member

    dreadedcandiru: RT @persiankiwi We can hear ppl shouting from balcony right now 'Allah Akbar - death to Khamenei' - #Iranelection
  11. dom_perignon Member

    Unstrung: RT @oxfordgirl: Allah Akbar rings out over Tehran again, street battles N,W and W Tehran. More unrest tonight Mashad & Tabriz. #Iranelection
  12. saya Member

    Khamenei approves Guardian concils request to extend the election review timeline
  13. dom_perignon Member

    rtfromirani: We can hear ppl shouting from balcony right now 'Allah Akbar - death to Khamenei' - #Iranelection
  14. dom_perignon Member

    m47713: RT @shelisrael: RT @oxfordgirl Atmosphere in Iran changing, lots of fear,but ppl expect to see Khamenei/Ahmadi go. #iranelection #gr88
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  16. dom_perignon Member

    RT Mousavi - do NOT wear green - dress normally - bring your children - if stopped u are ONLY going shopping - #Iranelection #iran #GR88 RT
  17. Forced confessions shown on state TV . . .

    via ABC's Sciutto: "Iran TV airs protesters 'confessions' blaming foreign govts. Welcome to '1984' land"


    My own side note; actions = war crimes. Not uncommon practice for the Iranian regime. However, now the world is paying attention.
  18. dom_perignon Member

    Keyhan claims authorities have received over 2000 complaints from members of the dead and injured. #iranelect ...
  19. This HAS BEEN a reliable source but...I'm wary of the worm turning.
    Hopefully this is still legit, not some third party attempt to arrest last few leaders.
  20. white house now twittering in Farsi. The White House (whitehouse) on Twitter
    سخنان پرزیدنت اوباما در کنفرانس مطبوعاتی خود دربارۀ ایران، همراه با ترجمۀ فارسی The White House - Blog Post - The President's Opening Remarks on Iran, with Persian Translation #iranelection

    also blog post in persian. The White House - Blog Post - The President's Opening Remarks on Iran, with Persian Translation

    not sure how to post pic of blog on here, someone else plz do it.
  21. white house blog in persian

  22. dom_perignon Member

    #iranelection keep the fire burning // for #neda #iran #iranians #all
  23. tim new Member

    from Iran: heard that shahrake gharb just had its strongest night of allah o akbars!
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  25. dom_perignon Member

    anonnewsfeed: RT MOUSAVi - on his wesite - Wed Sea of Green is 100% confirmed - no cancellation will be made #Iranelection #gr88 RT RT RT
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  27. dom_perignon Member

    CONFIRMED KAROUBI 6 protest sites today 4.30. Tehran: Baharestan,Vanak,Tajrish Sadeghieh, Resalat and Enghelab squares #Iranelection #neda
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  29. dom_perignon Member

    Unconf:RT @omidhabibinia: Metro at Baharestan Sq is closed, Army Helicopters flying over,about 1000 ppl gathering at Vanak Sq. #iranelection
  30. dom_perignon Member

    LiveFromIraq: RT fr Iran: Clashes at Baharestan SQ, Jomhori and Vanak SQ. #iranelection #neda #gr88 #tehran
  31. dom_perignon Member

    flyer09: CONFIRMED: Basij members raped a 9 year old girl in Qom #tehran #iranelection #neda #yazd #gr88 #khamenei #mashad #esfahan #tabriz #abadan
  32. dom_perignon Member

    RT from Iran: Conflict still in Baharestan Sq they even people who talk with their cellphone #iranelection
  33. dom_perignon Member

    Christwitery: RT UNCONFIRMED Police opened fire in Baharestan Sq; Girl shot; People prevented from helping injured girl #iranelection
  34. dom_perignon Member

    juskurius: RT @clausjacobsen (Multiple tweets of Baharestan Square violence) They r attacking ppl w/cell phones now.
  35. dom_perignon Member

    DominiqueRdr: RT : Cell network down in Baharestan & nearby area. #iranelection #neda

    2009iranfree: RT @iranbaan Cell network down in Baharestan & nearby area. #iranelection
  36. dom_perignon Member

    mamad2020: RT Clashes at Baharestan SQ, Jomhori and Vanak SQ. #iranelection
  37. dom_perignon Member

    SimplyDishing: RT from Iran: Baharestan situation is too bad , police shoot ,people sent to the south of Sq #iranelection
  38. dom_perignon Member

    aeronnwy: Translated RT: Girl sent to private clinics, unsure if alive or dead #iranelection
  39. dom_perignon Member

    LYCANPEDIA: rt @Gr8RDH RT URGENT>>More than 1000 detaniees family members gatherin infront of Islamic Rev. Court, in #Tehran. #iranelection #gr88 #neda
  40. dom_perignon Member

    Nur200906: RT URGENT>>they closed Baharestan Metro to control the crowd #iranelection #GR88 #TEHRAN #Neda

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