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  1. dom_perignon Member

    nouripour: RT: All shops and Passages are closed at Baharestan SQ, Gunshot being heard from Jomhori St. #iranelection
  2. dom_perignon Member

    tygr20: RT from Iran: just in from Baharestan Sq - situation today is terrible - they beat the ppls like animals - #Iranelection RT RT RT
  3. dom_perignon Member

    mamad2020: RT @omidhabibinia Army Helycopters flying over Enghelab Sq. Army Vans moving toward Azadi St with heavy Machine Guns. #iranelection #iran
  4. dom_perignon Member

    xidge: RT @iranbaan Families of detainees have assembled in front of the revolutionary court, surrounded by police.
  5. dom_perignon Member

    nakotaco: RT RT Mousavi is free, he's closely monitored by security agents, but he's free & will try and appear at rally. #Iranelection #Iran
  6. dom_perignon Member

    Salma1: RT: @littlefarbod: RT @: Unconfirmed:About 5,000 Protesters gathered at Sadeghieh Sq, Bassij and Hezbollah attacking them.#iranelection
  7. dom_perignon Member

    altoidamadeus: RT 5000 protesters in Sadeghie & being attacked. Ppl attacked in Tajrish. Choppers over Enghelab sq.
  8. dom_perignon Member

    baha54: they were waiting for us - they all have guns and riot uniforms - it was like a mouse trap - ppl being shot like animals #Iranelection
  9. reishen Member

    @ dom_perignon!

    DO NOT POST NICKNAMES to identify Iranians by name, screenname, nickname, any name. You might risk their LIVES.

    This way You help security forces to track them....
  10. brat Member

    loosely translated (thx to google translate)

    Shooting people in the field Baharestan
  11. dom_perignon Member

    URGENT RT: Police is checking cellphones for videos & pictures, transfer your files and clean up your phone #iranelection #gr88
  12. dom_perignon Member

    it doesn't make it more difficult or easier to trak them if the nickname is postet here or not. all infos @twitter available for everyone.
  13. dom_perignon Member

    Neda RT Iran Tehran People asked us to continue the cyber attack. It won't affect their Internet speed. DDos
  14. No-thanks, that's not legal.. (DDos-attack...)
    The Koran-Religion say, love and help legal other peoples..
  15. God's country IRAN

    in eternal remembrance..

    NEDA is the White Angel from the iran
  16. More Twitter confirmation from Iranian with family in Iran:

  17. I noticed that about the Koran straight off! The very first thing I looked up in my own battered copy was the part about how it is legal and loving to beat and murder people. I was like..OMG..looky here it says I can beat and murder people and right under that part I saw the part about how it is not legal and loving to prevent the murderers from passing information about their victims. Gotta respect a religion that is so very clear on what is love and legal!
  18. stop this advice now

    stop this now. DDoSing sites inside Iran WILL slow down protesters' internet too. There is only ONE gateway through which ALL traffic in and out of Iran travels, where it is inspected by a Nokia-Siemens cluster of AMD machines that attempts to filter out content.

    DDoSing a site hosted in Iran generates a lot more traffic, making that choke point even more congested, and slowing down the Iranian people's internet.

    Mods, if you see advice about DDoSing sites indiscriminately posted again, please ban the idiot posting that. It's either deliberate misinformation or massively irresponsible.
  19. Via Fark:
    Ok I was speaking to someone who has family over in Iran and the rumor floating around there is that PK is no more, which would corroborate his final Tweet, This is only from one source who I haven't used or spoken to before, I thought I'd just post that.
  20. Nobody knows for sure so most of these people need to stfu and stop spreading BS.
  21. dom_perignon Member

    RT - Reports: A Bus is on fire at Enghelab Sq. Protesters trying to push back Anti-Riots Police. #iranelection

    Ambulances stped near Laleh Park, Polce dont allow them to enter in to Karegar St. or Enghelab Sq. #iranelection

    RT Enghelab Sq. #iranelection Army Helicopter drop chemicals on ppl + gunshuts are heard #theran #iran
  22. hints PK person/group still alive

    he added a few followers to his twitter account recently. So someone is still alive.

    Sorce: Fark thread (no fracking link to those thread)

    "deadapostle 2009-06-25 07:16:54 AM
    Booter: Still nothing from PK in the last 19 hours.

    Not entirely true. PK was following 37 people 19 hours ago and is following 41 now. The addition makes me feel as though PK is trying to get out of the country."
  23. [MODEDIT: Thread spamming]
  24. CONFIRMED: this user: @Vagheeiat is a government agent, from IRG's cyber warfare group

    Also from same source earlier today:

    I'm only posting this to say I'm still alive & not in Tehran, I had a bad incident with Basij and couldn't use computer

    Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
  25. LMAO

    @Vagheeiat you are just a bunch of retarded bastards & I will not waste my time even read what you said! go learn Farsi spelling first!

    HAHAHAHAHA sorry oh man just glad hes alive and dishing hell :D
  26. hangerhead Member

    reading tweets - internet choking in Iran...10*worse than yesterday.

    Govt. taking a grip or overload?
    reduced available sites or servers?
  27. darezy Member

    how can we confirm this? #iranelection doesnt seem to update either...
  28. hangerhead Member

    it is updating - nothing like as much as previous days
  29. hangerhead Member

    Letter of Min. Interior to Mousavi: permit for rallies issued only w/ 1 week notice in person
  30. CurtMonash Member

    Good news.

    Still at 41 as I post this.
  31. Please do not delete: Iran gov't reads these posts:

    پيام به بسيجي, سپاه پاسداران, ارتش چه اتفاقی برای شما وقتی اين رژيم مي افتد? ما عکس های شما. ما مي بينيم که اسلحه تيراندازي و كتك زدن دانشجويان, زنان و مردان است. هنگامي كه رژيم جديد صورت مي*گيرد, مردان با كشتن تبديل خواهد شد که شما به زندگي خود را نجات دهد. دراز بکشید بازوهایتان است. به جاي كشتن آزادي انتخاب مردم بدون اسلحه. حتي برخي از سرداران فرمان امتناع كرد.


    What happens to you when the regime falls? We have your photos. We see you shooting and beating unarmed students, women and old men. When the new regime takes over, the men you kill with will turn you in to save their life.

    Lay down your arms. Choose freedom instead of murdering unarmed people.

    Even some of your Generals are refusing orders. I ask again, what happens to you when Rafsani takes over? We have your photos and will demand you account for killing and beating your people. CHOOSE FREEDOM.
  32. I replied to him and told him to get off computer....govt. bots are collecting ISP's.

  33. brat Member

    help plz

    something quirky going on on twitter (besides the trending topics disappearing)

    there are a few tweets from various names (pics all look like american CEO types - suits) that include links (believe its all the same link) that are saying virtually the same 10 or so lines. my hubby is asleep so I can't have him check the links w/his handy dandy unix box and I am unix noob :eek:.... so can someone check these out purty please?

    I'm trying to gather all the names to tweet/post if necessary. just really suspect.
  34. hmmm?

    My search box has disappeared from the right handside of twitter.

    Could this be a result of the MJ searches straining servers?
  35. All my trending topics have disappeared too, to add to my post above. OG says same.

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