Twenty upcoming books on Scientology

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Incredulicide, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. Incredulicide Member

    I decided when this watchlist of books we're waiting on release dates for reached twenty, I'd create a thread about them.
    Speculate on which ones will be published first, or whether some will be at all :cool:
    • Untitled book by Jesse Prince about Hubbard's last years
    • Untitled autobiography by Hana Whitfield
    • Untitled book by Steve Cannane about the history of Scientology in Australia
    • Untitled autobiography by Leah Remini
    • Untitled book by Jason Barclay
    • Untitled memoir by Jacqueline Olivier as Principal of New Village Leadership Academy (Study Tech)
    • Untitled book by Marc Headley, in addition to…
    • “The Greatest Good” by Marc Headley
    • “A Sucker Born Every Session: My Misadventures in $cientology” by Skip Press
    • “The Final Fall: Mixing Allah, Jesus and Xenu” by Leila Wills
    • “Hollywood Babylon III” by Kenneth Anger
    • “Clear and Beyond” by Mark Rathbun
    • “Roller Coaster Out Of Hell: My Escape from Narconon, Scientology's Drug Rehab” by David Love
    • “Son of Scientology: Dad, L Ron and Me” by Peter Jukes
    • “Scientology: A Walk into Darkness” by Glenn Samuels
    • “Scientology: Pre and Post Operating” by Frank Edwin Pate
    • “Swim To Get Out” by J.Marius Jeanpierre
    • “Waking Reason: the Science and Art of Persuasion” by Jon Atack
    • “Who's the Best?” by Mark Tordai
    • “Gullible's Travels” by John Duignan
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  2. rof Member

    Aw crap, do we have to buy them all?

    All we do is sell books now.
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  3. Intelligence Member

    I am humbled and honoured to be on this list. It's been a long, 5 years of work with multiple consultants, editors, and advisors.

    “Roller Coaster Out Of Hell: My Escape from Narconon, Scientology's Drug Rehab” < This is just a working Title and graphics are now being reviewed for a more attractive cover ... not as busy of a cover as the one we previously chose.

    The book was complete 3 months ago with one Publisher interested, and we are now waiting for a better offer while few more chapters are being added. These will be co-authored and certainly will fit well into the book theme and entire story. This will be done this summer 2015
    if all goes well ... and I/We are quite sure it will.

    Cheers to ALL and have a very nice evening ... filled with smiles, laughs, and hugs:p
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    Do what the cult did with L. Ron's Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth, buy them and then send them back to the book warehouse where they get sold again and again.
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  5. TorontosRoot Member

    Dammit, we can't forget Tony Ortega! Plox edit list!
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  6. Incredulicide Member

    It's a list of books for which we don't know release dates. We know when Tony's book is coming out.
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  7. Random guy Member

    I'm particularly looking forward to Laila Will's book, it's an aspect of the cult I don't know enough about.
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  8. TorontosRoot Member

    OHH, okay. :D
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  9. Intelligence Member

    If this is a derail of sorts, please have a Mod kick it over to my Lawsuits Thread.

    I have a few more amends to make before we publish, and this story is one of them. Media Release (03/24/2015)

    David Love apologizes to First Nations people for False Data Stripping

    In a book to be released in 2015 by David E Love, with a working title, 'Roller Coaster out of Hell' - the author details how First Nations patients at Scientology's drug rehab, Narconon Trois-Riviers, were manipulated and coerced by Course Room Supervisors. "False data stripping" was L. Ron Hubbard's way of telling Scientologists to disregard any sources of information of which he himself disapproved, and thus, the patients at Narconon were indoctrinated, a whole series of thought reform practices used to change people's way of thinking.
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  10. Incredulicide Member

    One I missed from a comment on Tony Ortega's site (might be the one someone mentioned on ESMB that they couldn't say anything about):
    • Untitled autobiography by Andrea Gerak
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  11. ravenanon Member

    I love this!

    As more and more books come out in hope to see more and more docs made from them. I'd love to see one about narconon
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  12. jensting Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    I may have to purchase all of them! They'd be excellent for a garden fire to keep warm whilst the weather is still a little cold.

    • “Scientology: A Walk into Darkness” by Glenn Samuels
    I agree you are drifting into the darkness...that one insidious place to be.
    This message by Anonymous has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  15. Intelligence Member

    I too, would like to know or have an update? Just called the reporter in Oklahoma for any info
    but 'out of office' right now. I was at meeting with ODMH in their Board Room when I gave them
    the same 205 pages of documents I submitted to Quebec Health Agency. NN AH should have been
    shuttered a long time ago.:(
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  16. Anonymous Member

    The paradox of my previous post was sarcasm and a touch of humour.
    I am thinking that you may have read a little too much into my last post.
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  17. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Reminds me of a very active member who disappeared for a long time and came back recently (and that is not me).
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I can assure you I have never been part of this forum...if you wish, you can ask a moderator to run my IP and see if I have registered here before.
    You may then further inform me that I could be using another device or PC; you of course are correct. Focusing on your statement that I am similar to a previous member, I do not know whether I should conclude that this is a compliment or a defamatory remark, however I don't really care however the statement was intended.
    Additionally, post number 15 my myself was as you have quoted; a flavour of humour and sarcasm, this is clear that this hasn't be as transparent as I hoped...never mind.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Another point Intelligence,
    I have noticed that you have disliked my recent explanation; thank you is the only thing I am willing to input at this time.
    Clearly my actions are going over your head.
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  20. Intelligence Member


    Wishing y'all an awesome day ... must attend to other matters now.:cool:
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I am not doubting that; see you around, Intelligence.
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  22. Django Member

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  23. Incredulicide Member

    Another one spotted in the wild :)
    • Untitled book by Rachel Bernstein about children raised in cults
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  24. Intelligence Member

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  25. Incredulicide Member

    The Australian Today Tonight reporter mentions in a video that he's writing a book:
    • Untitled book by Bryan Seymour about his encounters reporting on Scientology
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  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "Twenty more cases of Scotch on the way, twenty more cases of Sco-o-o-o-tch..."
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  27. Incredulicide Member

    Not sure if this means a book is coming from Nora Crest or not:
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  28. JohnnyRUClear Member

    COB's family are just a bunch of suppressives!

    * Father: escaped, still hasn't died; writing suppressive book
    * Wife: ???????
    * Daughter: escaped, started suppressive web site, wrote suppressive book

    Anybody heard from his sister lately??
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  29. Incredulicide Member

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  30. french will also do their participation mister LUDOVIC DURAND former staff auditor and ex member for years will write his souvenirs , confessions and facts inside the cult thass gonna be fun
    contact with french journalist on its way
    realese during the belgium trial
    hummmmmmmmmmmmmm popcorn ,victory
    christmas will be there sooner this year ?
  31. RightOn Member

    Hope a translated version comes out too!
    Thank you nono! I hope you are doing well!! ;)
    and Bravo to Durand! As soon as it comes out, we will add that information to his name on the Big List. :)
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  32. X13 Member

    So It's me on the big list (éale-in-paris.126772/#post-2542676) ;)

    Capture d’écran 2015-07-29 à 08.15.40.jpg

    Could you erase the "Clear" and "on the Indie list" ? No more in the independent scn group since months, still have friends in it but definitely freed of the prison of beliefs
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  33. jensting Member

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  34. Incredulicide Member

    Excellent news! I've removed the "on the Indie list" and instead linked to you speaking out here.
    It is important when known that we include the highest level achieved only while in the CoS (we don't even include levels that indies achieve outside the CoS) for names on that list, so it definitely does not mean you still value the level of Clear now you're out.
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  35. X13 Member

    Got it, tky.
    In fact, I was also Class V graduate auditor, Word Clearer Pro and Cramming Officer, also OEC 0 and Data Serie trained.
  36. RightOn Member

    Hello! Welcome! I am the creator of the Big List.
    I am SO glad to hear that you are no longer an Indie. KUDOS!!! :)
    I am in hopes that all will wake up and leave eventually. (although for those who are making money off it is is doubtful :( that they will stop)

    Are a lot of Indies left and continue to leave? I noticed there are still names on that list that should not be on it any longer and the list never reached 500.
    At any rate, welcome out! And if you know anyone else that has spoken out publicly (with their real name) and would like to be added, please let me know!
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  37. untitled memoir from a former french staff auditor coming next fall
  38. X13 Member

    Thank you.
    The few indies I know in France don't make a lot of money, they are mainly the survivors of the old team, no more than 3 or 4 ... Then the others guys are only ex-scn daily solo auditing on ot levels, nothing more.
    May be X12, a recent member of WWP and former staff from Paris Org will eventually give his real identity on the big list ?

    In France, very few persons are freely talking, we need to strike hard and woke them up ! The schock doctrine is what we need here !
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