Twenty upcoming books on Scientology

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Incredulicide, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. RightOn Member

    ahhh you are in France. ok.
    I was mainly talking about the Milestoners (who have been disconnecting from others) as far as making money and those who still offer the purif like the Warrens in the US and possibly Aida Thomas?
    What are your views on Milestoners? Steve Hall's bunch? If you don't mind me asking?

    And yes wake them up GO GO GO!!!!! :D
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  2. X13 Member

    Good question, very good question my dear ! You want the answer in french ? :cool:

    Ok ok , let me put all the story in good english and i'm back very soon
  3. X13 Member

    First of all, it's because an indie contacted me in the first place that i'm here now, fighting against the cult.
    About more than a year, I received a phone call from an old staff auditor I knew when I was staff in (C)CCP. He was the guy who allowed me to attest Clear.
    He briefed me on the fact he was outside the church goinf up the bridge with his wife I also knew very well on staff.

    Since that time, I read and listened stories about scn like mad.

    So, for me the indie field was the opening gate toward the way out (out of everything). I received some sessions, repair sessions in fact and was up to do OT 1.

    Then, i was reading severals blogs, putted my name on indie list, got several very hot and screaming phone calls from CCP, lost my son who disconnected from me (the real reason I decided tp fight back now), and eventually decided to open the files (previously downloaded) of OT levels.

    At that moment, pppffffuuuiitttt .... like water in WC, that was the beginning of the end, saw several times the movie Going Clear, etc.

    Before that, I was still interested in scn, I mean the tech, but I eventually asked myself the billion dollar question "What did I really obtain with processing ?" You know the answer ;)

    I don't want to spit on the indie because, like Jon Attack, it was the first step toward the truth revealed, some are good guys, some are hypocrit and some others are real mother fucker, same pattern as everywhere, no ?

    I really appreciated the video of aida Thomas with P. Spickler, and old timers, all these stories are gold. I liked to read the posts of Alan C. Walter on ESMB, all these things allowed me to understand the whole scene.

    But, I think lots of them missed the boat because at the moment you understand what is going on, you cannot stay there with a "ok LRH sinned like any others men, he made errors, but that tech fully applied works, I have real fuckin' wins now, these ot levels done in the indie field are not quickied, the hell with DM !!!"
    No, i can't think like that, all the storie is a lie based on lies with more lies on it, so I decided to stopped my progress on the bridge.

    On the other hand, there is something here to look at, wtf with these sensation of exteriorization, I want real explanation, scientific ones, real and plain look on that mental field, it's interesting but not enough to make a cult with, hum ?

    So Milestoners, steve Hall followers (if there are still some followers), the free zone of Rey Robles, etc. I don't mind, they don't want to be associated with the church and if the church is knocked out somewhere, well they will explain the matter in some way and never recognize the only source of all these troubles, I mean this guy who dreamed he was a thetan operating a doll-body, fighting against targs and BTs, what's was his name ? Dart Smohen ... oh come on ! very very poor imagination !
    Listend ronny, you should read Isaac Asimov, he has a far better imagination than you, specially for names :p

    This is my answer today, maybe tomorrow I will have another viewpoint, that what I like now, I can easely change my mind without any kind of fear :cool:
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  4. RightOn Member

    Thanks for taking the time and sharing. I know the Indie movement is a way for many to take the first baby steps out of the cult and to move on to a lesser cult.
    I am against Hall and his wife Lana disconnecting from others and suppressing freedom of speech which they have announced in their "rules" not too long ago and the fact that they are continuing the mind fuck. Sorry.
    EDITED: I was just informed that Lana is not Hall's wife and that Hall is not in Milestone two.
    Also Lana has since backed down from all her rules, since she was heavily criticized for it. I still think she would have kept things the way they were had she not received criticism.

    I understand that people have the right to believe in what they want, but again, I don't agree with continuing the mind fuck of thought stopping and furthering the lies of a con man and handing out certificates and awards to boot!
    Nor do I have to agree with what they believe in of course.

    For all ex's who are/were able to speak out or who help to bring down the cult covertly, I applaud them.

    For those who do nothing, especially those who recruited so many to get into the cult and the Sea Org while they were in, I feel they owe it to people still in to try to get them out or help any way they can, and IF they can.

    The last line in your write up that I bolded above just says it all!
    Welcome to your freedom and enjoy.
    I hope others, I mean.... I hope ALL others follow suit and find their way out and leave all of Hubbard's lies and deceit behind them.
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  5. Hall is not married to Lana. Lana is in a relationship with Jim Logan.

    Hall is not a member of Milestone Two. the contrary, Hall kicked her off his blog (she was an admin there) when Milestone Two was formed because the bylaws initially had provisions for Ethics Officers, Justice Actions, etc (Lana backed down on the bylaws after they were widely distributed and criticized.)

    To my knowledge, at least since he has left the "official" corporate Church of Scientology Hall has not urged disconnection or attempted to suppress freedom of speech.
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  6. RightOn Member

    wow thanks for the correction. I thought he was all up in it.
    Hope it's true. I stand corrected.
    So Lana only backed down after she was criticized. I guess she would have kept it that way if she wasn't critisized?
  7. Yeah. I was pretty up on things when Milestone Two was formed, and cross-posted and analyzed the original bylaws. Hall kicked her off of his blog -- she had been running it in his absence -- and spoke against the original bylaws. Mike Rinder did a post against the original bylaws. All but minority of fundamentalist Indies rejected the original bylaws. Lana drastically changed the bylaws (I believe now there aren't any, or at least not any online) and, I recall, wrote a mea culpa post.
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  8. RightOn Member

    I just want them ALL to wake the fuck up.
    I can dream can't I?
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  9. X13 Member


    Books are fine but not enough strong to wake the fuck up, just take a look on alexa rank between Milestone blog and Rinder's one or the underground bunker :eek:
    Those who wants to make money with their personnal stories, well, I think it's the wrong way, unless as a real writter or journalist, which i'm not.

    So here's my dream for french matter, the only way is to stop the cult is with the help of police and justice and we are on the good direction, then get the matter on the european law scene, don't forget there will be a lawsuit in october in belgium too, with two lawsuit in progress in France.

    Listen, my son is kept in the cult, I want justice for everyone and I know that french agencies will be very interested with my words, and I already have an appointment with a specific government agencie.

    That's the way I think, you want to see zombies stop walking ? Denounce and kill the voodoo spirit !
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  10. ravenanon Member

    ^^^ Everything you just said
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  11. X13 Member

    For example, a good video on the french matter, an old one with old faces I knew well :p

    Things are quite better now, OSA is really frightened in France, I suggest them to buy these diapers, diarrhea is not confortable :D

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  12. RightOn Member

    "Those who wants to make money with their personnal stories, well, I think it's the wrong way, unless as a real writer or journalist, which i'm not."

    I have to totally disagree on this point. Jenna Miscagive was neither a writer or journalist and either were others. EVERY contribution helps a great deal.
    Personal stories although of course denied by the church, can have a great impact on the general public. People like REAL life stories. And some of these stories have led to massive interviews, and more and some have turned into documentaries. Like for instance, Nancy Many's story. All these stories are the gift that keeps on giving. IMO
    I don't think it's about making money at all. It is about getting the word out.
    I do not recall any exs "rolling in dough" from their books being published.
    I anxiously await Leah Reminin's book and Nora Crest's book and ALL the others.
    Strength in numbers and educating the public is key in lifting COS's religious cloaking and it's abusive veil of secrecy.
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  13. X13 Member

    Ok, what I meant is that publishing on the web, sharing on social media, get interviewed by journalist as part of a documentary aired on TV is far more effective on the general public than just publishing a book.
    I understand that's also a way to reconstruct his own life and that's the reason I decided to post on that forum bit and pieces of stories i can remember.
    I said "those who wants" not "every single book has been written for money", and I'm also sure that nobody got rich with a book on scn.
    What I meant (and of course english is not my native language) is that tools and action must be aligned with the real purpose, just good sense, no ?
    In 2015, paper book is not the best tool to reach the general public, however i recognize it's not an easy job, needs lots of preparatory work, etc. and the book which eventually make me opening the eyes is the one of Russel Miller ;) as well as he book of our mega french SP Roger Gonnet, a very very kind gentleman.
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  14. RightOn Member

    But EVERYTHING helps.
    Even if it's a single person protesting outside and org, or the idea of making a list of exs who left and spoke out ;)
    Different things help to wake up different people. You never know what will wake someone up. Maybe someone isn't allowed to go on the internet, or they want to look at things critical of the COS more secretly. Buying or looking at a book in a book store or going to the library is one way to do that.
    Never underestimate the power behind something, no matter how tiny.
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  15. jensting Member

    Thanks for all your posts, carry on!

    Indeed, the mater of the missing files is not resolved yet, and I'm not so sure that there is a statute of limitations on causing files to go missing in the court building.

    Very much looking forward to hearing more from you. A book would be nice, please :rolleyes:

    ETA: Anyway, one person from OSA does not have to worry. The person who leaves with the documents to prove the lawbreaking - they will be in a position to negotiate a solution for themselves. Everybody else, not so much...
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  16. X13 Member

    You are right

    I was in a book store this afternoon looking for his book "the mind game", eventually didn't find it, but it reminds me the value of a book. So I changed my mind on the subject :oops:

    I was not in OSA, they didn'i accept me since my father worked in the french army intellingence agency for 2 years, BUT I had the opportunity for do a lot of sec check on every single staff (except the ED who was OT, i mean AF Rosenberg) for the french legal matters. So I know some "funny" things. That's where they are afraid of me.
    Am I going to tell what I heard in session ? hum ? (The interested things of course, I don't care about their personnal secrets)
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  17. RightOn Member

    To X13, I forgot to mention, I hope your son gets out. :(
  18. X13 Member

    TKY, not an easy deal for sure, he disconnected from me of course, the only way to get him out is ... well I don't know, he is quite closed-mind like every good scientologist.

    I don't know how it goes in the US, but here in France, since lot's of old timers blew or quit, the fresh new staff are only "son and daughter of ", very young people, with few scolar education, no experience of life, etc.
    Is it the same ?
  19. RightOn Member

    so sorry. :(
    I guess if you make the disconnection more public, it may help. Can you do a "welfare check" on him through authorities?
    I do understand that can mean trouble for him on the inside and labeled PTS and then possibly declared. But if he gets declared is it a better chance of him getting out? Is he staff or Sea Org, or public? If Sea Org, do not want RPF!!
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  20. Incredulicide Member

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  21. RightOn Member

    sorry for all the thread derail posts Incred!
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  22. Incredulicide Member

    Not a problem! Any way that more insightful communication happens is fine by me :)

    I think books written by former members can be quite a cathartic experience when the purpose is part of a recovery process. Also memoirs that can be guaranteed to still exist post-apocalypse when the internet is ripped apart (LOL) mean a family member who leaves decades after disconnecting from someone can read the book that person wrote :cool:

    As for taking action in whatever small way, here's an example that just came out on getting Google to drop deceptive Narconon adverts:
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  23. RightOn Member

  24. X13 Member

    He's staff in CCP (rue Legendre Paris) as I was ... and he's 21 now. Anyway, I will see with a french high ranked policeman with whom I already have an appointment, what i can do or ask for.

    For those who read french, I already start to write some stories on the french part of WWP, I'll tell you here about the progress on my writings (I guess if my english is enough correct, hum ? :confused:)
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  25. RightOn Member

    Good luck with your son!
    Perhaps start a new thread for your writings?
    this thread is about cirtical Scientology books that are coming out.
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  26. jensting Member

    That's not easy - my thoughts are with all the parents who leave before their children...

    "Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out" by Rick Ross and "Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults" by Steven Hassan are pretty good books.
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  27. jensting Member

    Talking to the police sounds like a good idea in general :D

    When your son is old enough, there's probably not much to do - and official approaches may or may not be the best in the long term, I don't know...

    You English is much better than my French (and I live here ;-) ).

    Maybe we should ask for moving these comments to a different subforum on WWP?
  28. X13 Member

    Yap, good idea, how do we do that ? Which SOP ? :D
  29. jensting Member

    You could create a new thread in a forum that looks right and then report your post here to a moderator who could then move the posts which are better in the other thread. Title something like "sec-checker to OSA in Paris of 20 years speaks out," maybe include your name.
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  30. X13 Member

    The thread is already created on the french part of the forum "souvenirs et reflexions d'un ex-scn", it will be the preparatory work for a future book.
    Next thing is learn french and join us ;) there.
  31. jensting Member


    Even though your English is better than my French I can read the French fora.

    It was just a question of how to make new thread with these posts.

    Not mandatory to do, we're all looking forward to your book :D
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  32. anon8109 Member

    One of the most important things to do is to somehow let him know that you are there for him. It will be a lot easier for him to leave, should he start having doubts, if he has someone to go to.

    This article may be interesting for you.
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Narconon debunked with new insider photos released today

    By David E. Love, Wire Service Media, August 25, 2015

    Scicrit, a sociologist from the UK, has published part one of a series will consist of at least eleven parts, debunking Scientology's Narconon drug rehab centers.
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  34. X13 Member

    Chris Shelton is working on his own e-book, coming soon ... He explains the subject in his last Q&A Video :

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  35. X13 Member

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  36. X13 Member

    Here it is, I received a copy from the publisher and just started to read it. It seems that OSA France is a little bit nervous :p

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  37. Incredulicide Member

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  38. xander meehan Member

    I figured I would jump in here after reading your post. First, I am very glad that you completely dumped everything Scieno Scientolo, including but not limited to the Independent Scieno movement. I have been Anony from the beginning. Most people do not know me. So here it is. You have been participating in your own "Trauma Based Mind Control and Brain Washing." You have been an unwitting participant. I say this to you with true compassion and mercy. If you want to understand more, here is how I would direct you. First learn to understand Pavlov's Dog Experiment. Then there are several works based upon the Tavistock institute. Regardless of the fact that Tavistock started during the 40s and WWII, many at that time considered it to be a seminal work regarding Psychology. From there I would read opposing views to Tavistock. Then from there, I would study subliminal messaging, and then move to Bandler and Grinder's work on Neural Linguistic Programming. This gives you nearly everything to understand the physical techniques employed in Trauma Based Mind Control. The point being having the ability to immediately detect this process by anyone attempting to use it on you. This is the basis of covert behavior modification. Understanding how the Pavlov's Dog Experiments can be utilized in this process is everything.
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  39. xander meehan Member

    There is substantial information regarding Tavistock Institute on youtube.
  40. X13 Member

    TKU for these many new things to learn.
    Right now in France, it's the beginning for a full exposure of the scamology, with the belgium trial in a few days, the Going Clear movie on a french TV chain, several press media, etc.
    Later, I'll take a look on these things about NLP ;)
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