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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by iran revolution 2009, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Please join this people at twitter and give them a hand on how to go on with the revolution. Post your ideas and support the Iranian revolution now

    We are trying to form groups of people to block streets in Teheran. Help us to get connected with other people and form other small groups.

    If you know someone in iran, tell them to get in contact on twitter

    The more groups we can form the more streets we can block.

    Tonight, my group will attempt a dangerous act. We will try to get a truck or a city bus and take the wells out of it to block 1 street in Teheran.

    Let your friends contact me at twitter, we cant let this opportunity fly away. There is no time to waist, the dictator will get stronger if we dont kill it now...

    thank you
  2. Artaban Member

    Dumb basiji!

    he is crazy!
    are you from basij probably mr.revolution ?!!

    as like in populations they are (with civilian clothes+guns!), at cyber space and twitter they'll exist the same! but since they are mostly dumb! (basijies I mean; riot police is more intelligent tho) and since hiding between others in twitter isn't as simple as in between protesters they will most likely introduce themselves clearly just like mr.revolution!

    good job btw! I'll expect now this site being f*l*t*e*red too after a while; DADA! Basijies are comming! :D :(
  3. Basij don't know us very well do they? :p Come on you failtards. We've been doing this same kind of battle with the scientology cult for well over a year. We've become quite good at telling who is real and who is just trying to spread false information and bait people into committing acts of violence. Maybe scientology spoiled us because this shit just seems way too easy. :/
  4. Don't you realize how many people are already getting injured? You would be doing NOTHING to help.

    ..we all sprang from apes, apparently you didn't spring far enough.

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