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    UK Scientology gets hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax subsidies each year, through a legal loophole.

    An official petition is now open, to get this stopped.

    If we get to 100,000 'signatures' then we can force a parliamentary debate on this issue. And we would probably win that debate, and take this money away from Scientology, now and in future years. Even if we just get to 4,000 signatures then that's considered significant, and we can use it to get lots of press on this issue.

    We need your help - we're starting to get some traction on Twitter
    but we need a lot more publicity to get this thing off the ground. This is not just a UK thing - it's an international issue.

    How you can help:

    Tweet and retweet the shit out of it.
    URL is
    short alias

    hashtag #Scientology or #StupidScientology, and #skeptic if you feel like it.

    Please help - we need you!

    Main project thread is at:
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    Bumpity bump
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    Bump...just because.
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    Done and bump.
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    Bibbety bobbety bump.
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    Tweetitty tweet.
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    Bada bump bada boom!
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    10 bumps and no contribution?
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    i signed petition, but it'll have no weight because i'm not a resident of the UK.

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