Two reports of poisoned cats: a new intimidation tactic?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OnAMissionFromMarcab, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Two reports of poisoned cats? A new intimidation tactic?

    First, there was this report from Sean Carasov:

    His cat was a stray, purely outdoor cat.

    Now, we have this from the LAWeekly Article:

    “Yesterday, one of our people, his cat was killed. He never lets his cats out — they’re his whole life. The cat was missing. There was blood and vomit all over inside his house. He thinks they poisoned it.”

    The incident occurred immediately after Scientology posted his friend’s identity online, Kone alleges.

    We need more details on the second report before we can jump to conclusions. Still, keep an eye on your pets.
  2. Supposedly they also killed a judge's dog years ago to intimidate him.
  3. Anon "Leader" Member

    Scientology: 2
    Cats: 0
  4. You don't mess with peoples pets. LRH help the cult member that touches one of my cats.

    *hi new
  5. saerat2 Member

    need some proof... then we can try and get in touch with greenpeace again ¬_¬
  6. incog712 Member

    This is probably only a retelling of Sean's incident.... no, fuck that, attrocity. It's just being told in that strangely rearranged way that non first-hand information gets told in.

    Like that ol' game of telephone where pizza orders quickly morph into threat allegations.

    Still, keep an eye on those pets.
  7. musketeerwang Member

    I assume there's an RSPCA equivalent (that isn't PETA) in the US?

  8. I was an outdoor stray, the other never got let out of the house. Also, the quote said "blood and vomit all over the inside of the house."

    Right now, they sound different. Does anyone else have details?
  9. mko Member

    Wouldn't that be the (A)SPCA?
  10. I get real leery when I hear stuff like this in association with activism. People who love chaos and want to drive the group to their own ends will often pull out the "now they're coming after your cats and dogs" card in hope of inciting rage and criminal acts. Not saying that this is what's happening but be careful not to make any firm conclusion. Be wise and realize there are people interested in steering you off course. However, it doesn't hurt to protect your pets just in case.
  11. anon1957 Member

    Who knows what Co$ is up to now, but back in the 90s they did go after people's pets. They tried to kill Robert Vaughn Young's dog (the dog managed to escape and was found with its neck cut by a neighbor) and they dumped a dead cat on Robert Minton's wife's doorstep.

    It is a "convenient" way to terrorize someone because law enforcement usually doesn't have the resources to track to down pet murderers.

    I would say that the Co$ is being run by certifiable sociopaths and anything is possible. The nastiness of the OSA operatives when they are caught on camera is astounding. Some religion.
  12. AnonSoul Member

    The herd will not be amused.
  13. This post has more details, including a picture of the dead kitty left on the doorstep. =(

    Also, they went after Arnie's cat a while ago.
  14. I'm not a vet or anything.
    But blood and vomit are what I would expect if a cat had consumed ammonia.

    and Sean had said that that is what had been done.

    He always left dry food outside for his feral friend, and some c--t put ammonia in it :(
  15. Voice Member

    Nooooo my kitty. ;_; They come after my Ta and there will be hell to pay.
  16. lermanet_com Member

    for those whose 'cover' is blown you need to do ALL the stuff on my set your Perimiter page

    re pets, if they can get away with it then it is legal...

    back in 1993, a gal, a freezoner, named Enid Vein, was sued by scientology for making copies of thier rubbish for her courses.. her cat was shot. She settled that case, the last thing she told me, was she had to settle cause she could not afford to fight the case,and that they demanded that she never mention what happenned to her kitty again.. sealed.. gagged.. listed here

    I was so pissed off about Enid's cat that I switched from being a freezoner type at Step one or two of the ten steps out LINK and moved up a few steps, and started posting on ARS...

    Crimes against pets are strictly misdemeanors... they ( scientology tend to draw the harassment line at misdemeanors... ) they avoid felonies, like calling you across a state line to run a scam (wirefraud) unless it is a very high profile target.

    Read the entries here

    Consider Stacy Brooks harassment timeline of Robert Minton for a High profile target case history..
    And there are plenty of entries on that page to give you a feel for what we are dealing with for regular activists...

    Every thing they do scares off a few percent.. you will have to decide whether having embarked this journey through the valley in the shadow of evil, whether you are up to making this passage. I've gotten to be a pretty good guide, folks only tend to get in trouble when they no longer heed my advices.

    And not EVERY bump in the night is OSA. However, I do sleep with a browning 9mm next to me these days, because the dwarf is a perfectly qualified substitute for Hubbard, he is a madman, a sociopath, without conscience.

    Put password s on your telephone bills NOW..cause one of the first things they do is to try to get your telephone records by impersonating you

    Hope this helps.

    I suggest anyone whose cover is blown ALSO keep a bound journal, and make entries daily of oddities noted.

    Arnie Lerma Exposing the CON
    for our friends and family
    to get them out of scientology
    before they end up here:

    Hey kids, LAUGH at Scientology today!
  17. Anonomouse Member

    I don't have cats, but I do have rabbits I adopted from a rescue. If anyone tried to kill them to get to me, hell would be cold compared to my fury. Pets and animals are not leverage to be used against someone.

    ASPCA should definitely be contacted in these cases, at least to have documentation and even if they're strays.
  18. If it's true they're killing pets, then it's understandable why the negativity is hitting them hard now. You get back what you put in. I have little patience for those who inflict pain on the weaker and call it enlightment. Their stats I hear are low right now, if what is said is true then this is but one of many reasons why.

    Their stats are low. It's only a matter of time.
  19. anonauswa Member

    It is this kind of act of cruelty that hardens my resolve against this sick cult. Should they attempt to bring any kind of harm to my animals, I would picket them constantly. Afterwork, outside their org handing out fliers.

    Every damn day.

    Dont get mad, get even. (legaly of course)

    My house is like a mini fortress though, all I'm missing is the moat of lava and sharks with frikkin laser beams equiped with +10 fire resists.

    make your time OSA.

    By the way, if your reading this post OSA, David Misscavige was more than likely sexually mollested aboard the Freewinds by L. Ron Hubbard. There is numerous evidence pointing towards the possibility L. Ron Hubbard was sexually mollested as a child, leading to his instabilities and cruilty that has become your management policies. -10 Points for you.
  20. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated - Mohatma Gandhi

    There is no doubt my eyes are open and this cause is true.
  21. anony_mos Member

    Messing with people's pets is seriously something you shouldn't do. I for one can tell you I would be very upset if that happened to my pets.
  22. A_nonchalant Member

    Okay, guys, they kill pets to BAIT YOU.

    Look at Sean Carasov. Dude finds his cat dead, puts up a photo of his guns on MySpace with a promise of self-defense - they haul him into court for threats. The killing of your pets is a low-risk attack with a HUGE emotional payout. You make a stupid statement, and then they drag your ass into court. The point is not to convict you but to make you waste your time and money, and to make you feel threatened and paranoid.

    So if you have pets? Try very, very hard not to get IDed. I'm allergic, so I don't have to deal with that risk, but keep in mind, they do it to provoke exactly the kinds of responses you see in this thread.
  23. Wolf Member

    Vet Tech and former shelter worker here... its my experience that the Co$ has no real love of animals. I am vehemently against fair game being used against pets.

    This is a line they will not cross. Press charges. Seriously.
  24. I Member

    well, now at least we can be sure of the support of the furries... if we want it.
  25. Absolutely correct.
  26. Agreed. Especially as cash-strapped as things are right now, their goal with Fair-Gaming people will be, in most cases, just to freak them out enough that they back down or are just too stressed to be useful (or do some footbullets of their own like Sean.)
  27. Heyanonnyno Member

    This is honestly a very big problem for me. I'm pretty sure the local COS got a fair shot of me at the first rally when I couldn't wear a mask and had only sunnies on. And I love my cats dearly.

    I mean really, *really* love them. I've had one cat for seventeen years and the other for twelve. The third one is a little baby that I've been keeping inside. The funny thing is, though, if they did anything to my cats?

    They would make the worst enemy they could ever imagine. I would go Warrior Princess on their asses, and not in the literal violent sense. In the "I would put every energy possible into this campaign" way and be more determined to get them than ever. So if they killed my cats, in the end they'd lose.

    But I'm not going to lie and say that this isn't scaring me.
  28. Your face is only useful for confirmation purposes. They can't do anything with a photo of you unless they can match it against profiles on myspace or facebook, or check license plate numbers or SOME other information to put more to the face. Wear a mask to the next protest, take measures to seal any gaps in your online privacy until then.
  29. If they touched any of my animals, I'd do a lot of bad things. Can't say, I'd get in trouble lol
  30. anonGF Member

    Pics or it didn't happen!

    (Tell us more.)
  31. Anon23517 Member

    FreedomFromFear, nabbing the Ghandi quote for my sig.

    Back on topic: Somewhere else, someone suggested contacting PETA about the animal issue. As I'm still seeing red over this whole thing, maybe someone who is a little cooler headed should look into that?
  32. Now the CoS says Anonymous left a dead cat on its doorstep.

    Block cited an incident in January, one verified by Phoenix Police Department PIO Stacie Derge, in which anti-Scientology fliers were posted to the windows of the church building in Phoenix, and a dead cat was left on its doorstep. The fliers featured the eerie motto: "We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget."

    I call shenanigans.
  33. Anonabliss Member

    PETA are nutjobs, themselves. Their help would be unpredictable.
  34. SamuelAdams Member

    PETA isn't very fond of people keeping house pets (animals should be free & wild). There are new reports of PETA running euthanization centers calling them no-kill centers. I'm not trying to bash PETA or their tactics. I just want to point out they probably won't be sympathetic towards house pets (although Sean's was feral).
  35. Remember that couple that commited suicide? Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan?

    From before they died.
  36. Kaz Member

    They're killing pets now?


    This is just another thing to add to the list of reasons why. They will stop at nothing.

    Suddenly, I'm glad that I don't have a car, or pets, or kids, or anyone else that I give a damn about aside from my wife, who kicks better ass than I do.
  37. In the UK we have a lot of cat protection groups and shit.

    Look for something like that.

    They love cats even more than Anon and will skitz.
  38. Ironhead Member

    lousy Scilon fanatics and their shenanigans! what kind of coward kills a pet to get to you?!
  39. anonGF Member

    Don't get PETA involved, do make extra precautions to conceal your ID and protect your animals.

    There's not much law enforcement can/will do about this. It'll have to be you.
  40. Anon23517 Member

    What about the RSPCA/SPCA/your country equivalent? They're pretty good and support people who take in ferals and help animals, are responsible pet owners, etc.

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