Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by X-B0rd3r, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. X-B0rd3r Member

    Anons, please get my full respects.
    Today, we are on the 21st of December 2012. Maya's predictions seem far away.

    For Anon, the date was the released one of TYLER. Anyone engaged/helpful/involved directly to the TYLER project is very pleased to give her/his view. TYLER has been seen/created for a secure, no cost and decentralized online leaks release platform.
    Some of us worked hard on it to create an alternative to Wikileaks, some of us worked hard just for their own aim, the absolute Freedom of Information, the Respect of Mankind, the Spirit of Anon.

    I am just giving the first ring of Tyler here, knowing it's going far far well away of W2P. Help yourself, give the word, give your view, be an Anon.

    First Sources:

    We all heard about Mayhem. Make your Minds.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Yes, but are you of The Body?
  3. Anonymous Member

    i still wonder what is moar possible:
    PM Fags delivering or the apocalypse happening at the last hours of today.

    i bet for the apocalypse.
  4. Anonymous Member

    If it all ended, who fucking cares? We'll feel no pain.
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. X-B0rd3r Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    OP, could you explain this further in "regular folks" plain language, please?
  8. Rule one of mayhem was not to talk about mayhem.
  9. X-B0rd3r Member

    Don't you have any access to YouTube ?
  10. Anonymous Member

    i love old old old old old old old old old oldfags.
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Hacktivist Group Anonymous Launches Tyler - WikiLeaks on Steroids |

    By Lance Aguiar

    Hacktivist Anonymous Group launches a new domain website "Codename Tyler." The website video states, "TYLER is a massively distributed and decentralized Wikipedia style peer to peer cipher-space structure impregnable to censorship."

    Up until the official announcement of the launch on December 22, 2012, the Anonymous operation code name was referred to as "Anonymous - Tyler/Project Mayhem 2012 PM#2012."

    This project has been in the pipeline for over a year. Back in November, 2011 Anonleaks posted a message on Wikileaks Discussion Forum, "We honestly believe that this project and cryptography have the potential to completely turn upside down the role of citizen journalism in our society while helping to dramatically improve Justice and Freedom in the World."

    According to the Radio Voice of Russia email interview with an Anonymous member in October 2012, there was a rife between WikiLeaks and Anonymous over what Anonymous regarded as WikiLeaks coercive fund raising techniques and lack of transparency over finances. This conflict apparently encouraged Anonymous to develop their own platform for the public to upload their own data without censorship.

    For publicity reasons Anonymous targeted the original launch date on December 21, 2012 to coincide with the end of the Mayan Calendar.

    The Tyler website can be found here: [Right now there's nothing there.]

    Further information about Operation Tyler can be found here:

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  13. Yes.
    I would tell about the beginnings of mayhem,but It's short and boring.
    But i whole heartedly support the OP.
  14. Anonymous Member

    just don't do anything dumb, guise.
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  15. X-B0rd3r Member

    Useful as usual. Thx
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    "My role is to serve you."

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  17. Azote Member

    The biggest joke of 2012. Thanks to the "best hackers of the world", we have the best fucking shitty wiki now. Thanks again Anonywinners.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    YOu know, u shuld consider that it started with teh trolls who were smart.
    Waving your your erect e-peens all over is not doing you any good.
    Maybe somebody should read a Wiki first, and Lurk Moar.
  19. A.O.T.F Member

    A HUGE thanks to all the people involved with getting TYLER up and running. A lot of hard work and sacrifice from dedicated true believers.

    Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.- Tyler

    Coders Wanted: If you have the skills and wish to help.. and have some spare time.. your help would be invaluable. Help needed in coding RetroShare:TYLER. Please post here or PM Xonox .. Thanks.
  20. Anonymous Member


    i lol'd so hard.
    "be anonymous" => "register to become an editor"

    And those full retards still have that "operation facebook" BS in their wiki... They are just as stupid as those Op Blackout idiots.
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    TYLER is bullshit.
  23. X-B0rd3r Member

    REALITY #1

    SourceForge -my best, trusted, open source download site- is proposing to use retroshare to communicate -some Tyler related websites are giving instructions to use it at the first step-

    Impressive arguments.
    How could I ignore those impressive brain captcha?
  24. Azote Member

    Really ?
    Some redneck's sites about Tyler said "use an encrypted & decentralised Skype" and then ...?
    Super. Giant. I'm sure we will all rush over it.
    The next step is "use an anonymous & encrypted browser"?
    "Oops, Tor is already used by paranoid geeks who suck Anons' dicks and go on 4chan rather than have friends". What a shame.
    (ok, not only. There is also some pedophiles)

    We all expected more from Tyler.

    He knew you'd like it. <3
  25. X-B0rd3r Member

    Should I understand you're Anonymous representative?
    Are you ready to face the whole job ? ;)

    More seriously, the Tyler experience/try is such as many other anon pushes in my opinion, step by step, and case by case basis. Back to the topic (Kind reminder=Tor &Pedo aren't in the light of Tyler....), the more we post in this thread the tangible stuff, the most accurate it will be.
  26. Anonymous Member

    The day you'll realize tyler is just some fake ass bullshit, you may understand that you were a naive moron.
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  27. Azote Member

    No. I think I'm right, that's all :oops:

    It's nice to see Anonymous improve its operations and opportunities to grow, but the main "problem" is not that idiots will be taken for Anons diehard and have created and believed in a shitty OP: the problem is that we still talk about it. It's just a (fake) shit OP.
    Even if it started from a good (weird) intention.
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