U.S. Department of Education statistics on Church of Scientology Cadet School

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  1. U.S. Department of Education statistics on Church of Scientology Cadet School.

    I was researching something else and ran across the following.

    Note the source is PSS Private School Universe Survey data for the 2013-2014 school year.

    U.S Department of Education
    Institute of Education Sciences
    National Center for Education Statistics


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  2. anon8109 Member

    112 students in grades 5-12 and 3 teachers?
    the cadet school?

    This is probably not a school at all but just the cadet org where kids are denied a proper education and made to haul heavy rocks or something.

    I'm guessing that it exists as a school on paper only, probably so that the scientology corporation can legally get away with not educating the kids that are abandoned there by homo novis parents while collecting government funding as a bonus.
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  3. I want to emphasize the following.

    Three teachers for 112 students. Student/Teacher ratio of 37.3.

    Three teachers for eight grades (i.e., 5 through 12). That is, likely: (a) two teachers simultaneously teach three grades; while (b) one lucky teacher gets to simultaneously only two grades.
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  4. BigBeard Member

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  5. DeathHamster Member

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  6. Delphi and other Scientology schhols are all private entities that are not subject to full government oversight, I don't believe that many of their teachers have teaching degrees from accredited colleges. They pretend to be mainstream and deny direct Scientology oversight much like Narconon and other Scientology front groups like CCHR, etc.

    It's not as bad as their 'daycare' setups of 30 cribs in a room with one girl watching them all while the parents are 'On Post'. The neglect of children in Scientology has been rampant for all Staff and Sea-Org. for decades. Neglect is child abuse in my book. I feel sad for kids who were born into this cult and knew little else.

    I seriously doubt the teaching 'credentials' of these Hubbard trained teachers with 38 students apiece. The cadet schools were more of an indoctrination camp. Many stayed in dorms at kingsley ranch and other Scientology 'schools' years ago and family time was generally an hour a day, if that and 3 hours on Sunday, I believe. I'll bet they knew how to put LRH ethics in on these students to keep them all under control.

    Here's a couple vids on the Mace Kingsley Scientology cadet school owned and operated by Scientologist Wally Hanks from years ago.

    This Scientology cadet school was shut down but had been operated in the 80's andd 90's by OT7 pedophile and despicable piece of shit Wally Hanks who abused many kids under his care invoking LRH 'Justice'. Sickening!

    Listen to this product of L. Ron Hubbard's insane, abusive standard 'Tech', the highly spiritually trained OT7 Scumbag Wally Hanks!

    Thanks for the 'Tech', Ron. I hope this brutally abusive Scientology 'OT' Mr. Wally Hanks is rotting in hell or in prison suffering where he belongs if still alive.

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  7. The Internet Member

    Scientology has a few schools in the Clearwater area: Delphi Academy, True School, Washburn Academy, Clearwater Academy International, Life Force (defunct). So I bet the Cadet School is separate.

    Just FYI, when I googled 503 Cleveland St Clearwater FL, I stumbled on this blog post by some tourists who chatted up some Scientologists in downtown Clearwater. Pretty interesting:
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  8. I checked it on SchoolDigger and it has a profile for the enrollment information of Church of Scientology Cadet School: 2010-2018. The number of students in 2018 dicreased drastically in comparison with the stats in 2014. I can share a comparison table here (as I had a task to writemyessay and contrast analysis of 2 private schools), if I manage to attach it in high quality. I also used USA School Info portal. They have a Nearby schools list to download in a table.
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