ubuntu based live cd made to surf anonimously

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by everapex517, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. everapex517 Member

    I made a live cd wich allow you to surf the internet anonimously, insert the cd, start up the pc, connect the internet, open firefox and without setting anything you can bypass the censorship, it's a simple ubuntu-based live cd with the only goal to supply a system with tor active by default, obviously it's a non-commercial project.
    vatlator - Home
  2. spaz926 Member

    That sounds great!
  3. spaz926 Member

    You should change the user and pass to something more personal for Iranians tho.

    UPDATE: And try to take the unneeded packages out as well.
  4. everapex517 Member

    excuse me what do you intend for "more personal for iranian tho"?

    it's a choice to let more package possible, so if someone wants to install it, he don't need to download a lot of dependency, however it fit in a cd.
    the first version was with openbox, very little and very essential, but hard to use for ininexperienced people,so after a lot of complaints, I made a change, it's just a compromise
  5. spaz926 Member

    I'm sorry, I mean something easier to remember.
  6. everapex517 Member

    ok, I promise that I'll make the next version with no password at all, vatlator is a parmesan word (parmesan is an italian dialect spoken in parma) including "tor" here's the reason of my chice, but it's actually too exotic, i'll make it esier, thank you for the advice

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