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    Is there any truth behind the rumor that the Co$ in the UK is run from the Isle of Man for legal reasons?

    The reason I ask is that there are about 20 Manxfags here who are just drooling for battle and as of yet have had to keep to the net war.
  2. ANNYVVS Member

    Re: UK ANON

    If they do not have a religous tax exemption...they would place the system in a tax haven or lower taxed area. You could ring up the local administrators of the area and inquire.
  3. saerat Member

    Re: UK ANON

    okay, I will do some scouting and if they run it from here start writting some letters to some MHKs (MPs)
  4. anonymous8698 Member

  5. TICTpx Member

    Re: UK ANON

    Yeah COSRECI is the main financial body and is incorporated in Australia. They did set up a UK company to apply for charitable status back in the late 90's but got shot down. Unfortunately, the redefinition of religion in the recent Charities Act 2006 means that a 'religion that does not believe in a god' is now considered a religion. Unhelpfully circular isn't it? Is Tesco now a religion? Anyway, it's quite possible that they will in the near future try to apply for charitable status using a UK company again.
  6. musketeerwang Member

    Re: UK ANON

    Well, every little helps.


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