UK Anons: We've Got The Cameras In!

Discussion in 'Europe' started by InternetHatMachine, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. This is to inform you that the guys who did the rather excellent Terry Pratchett: Living With Alzheimers will probably be doing a thing on us. One of them wants to come down to London on the 19th to take some initial footage of our usual faggotry, to talk to the people at PAUL'S CLOSED and talk about how much relation there is between us oldschool Anons and the cider and GF masks bunch at the occupy camps.

    The main points again:

    1) If you're skittish about being facefagged, make sure you're masked up on the 19th.
    2) If you want to help or take part in your own area of the country, PM me and I'll give you the guy's contact details.
    3) Their main office is in Glasgow quite close to the protest camp, so Glasgaenons, this could be advantageous to you.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    /r/ pix of patriotic nigras on steps of st.paul's with 'Paul's Closed Due to AIDS' signs.

    If you do this you will win all of the Internets forever.
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  3. Interesting.

    Very interesting.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Profanity Member

    Will discuss with other Manc Anons, but this certainly interests me.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Good news- Loldon needs a shot in the arm and OSA needs a kick in the pants!
  7. Yes, this is the reaction I was hoping for.

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