UK Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse starts soon.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Disambiguation, Jul 8, 2015.

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    Webpage with updates, organizations and players
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  3. Hmmm. Minutes of 'Panel Meetings' a tad perfunctory.

    Also, no meetings of the Panel to report since December 2014?

    No word yet of any proceedings being broadcast.

    Need moar info.
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  5. Once this enquiry gets under way in the UK there's going to be a lot of people quaking in their boots now they realise the dementia excuse won't wash, and I'm certain a few of them thought of using it until the weasel Janner was given a second look.

    Scotland is about to have it's very own wake up call to by the looks of things and if the Coleman Experience blog is anything to go by the fan will be covered by the brown stuff for years to come.

    Seeing who is connected to whom in this dirt pile is is a real eye opener, and one that will shake our respective countries to it's roots.

    Johnny RU Clear said something about the world he grew up in wasn't the one he thought it was, and closer to home for me is the people I grew up with not being the people I thought they were.

    Some of the views given on the above mentioned blog are way to extreme for me and I'm not promoting it in any way whatsoever. I mention it to point out how deeply embedded in our society this network actually is.

    Further, there are some neglected cases that I'm hoping will have some light shed on them in the future too.

    A last thought is it's time we stopped being polite about these people and started calling them what they actually are i.e child rapists, they are people who rape children.

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    Important point. Don't let them be called "boy lovers" or "girl lovers" - they are rapists with a target demographic.
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