UK Printer Required

Discussion in 'Resources' started by User, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. User Member

    UK Printer Required

    Can any of you guys suggest a decent printing company in the UK where I won't get namefagged by giving my delivery details when ordering flyers and YFTC cards?
  2. basil Member

    Re: UK Printer Required

    How many are you needing? If you're talking about getting them properly printed (rather than run off on a photocopier at Rymans or something) then you're gonna find it expensive unless you're ordering massive quantities.

    I made my own "yftc" handouts, 16 to a sheet, 100 copies on card = 1,600 cards :)
  3. User Member

    Re: UK Printer Required

    I think buying some card and a printer is going to work out cheaper and safer in the long run. Thankies anyway.
  4. Anon-007 Member

    Re: UK Printer Required

    Maybe Vistaprint for free cards? (although you'll be spammed to hell)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: UK Printer Required

    Several of us have used Vistaprint extensively with no problems.

    If you join their mailing list, you will get deluged with special-offer emails (several every week, so you should set up a filter to keep them out of the way until you want 'em). Careful use of their offers can enable you to get quite a variety of stuff very cheaply.

    Their European print centre is actually over in the Netherlands, but the shipping is cheap enough (OR quick enough - but not both at once).
  6. User Member

    Re: UK Printer Required

    I've got an empty email set up for my Anonymous Facebook account anyway so I'll just use that one. Cheers guys (and guyettes) that seems to be a good idea until I get around to buying a printer.
  7. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: UK Printer Required

    Give fake name when ordering. (Or use screen name)

    Keep order receipt.

    Pay in cash.

    Pick up your order in person.

    It's untraceable.

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