Ukraine: Anonymous launches attacks against Russia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by iraniam, Feb 25, 2022.

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  2. Mad respect for all the OG Anons stepping up to the plate.
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  3. keep ukranians and russians connected to uncensored internet via tor by running a snowflake bridge.

    Snowflake is a system to defeat internet censorship. People who are censored can use Snowflake to access the internet. Their connection goes through Snowflake proxies, which are run by volunteers.

    For Firefox:

    Snowflake is a WebRTC pluggable transport for Tor.

    Enabling this extension turns your browser into a proxy that connects Tor users in censored regions to the Tor network.
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  4. Anonymous message to Vladimir Putin - #OpRussia

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  5. Kudos & Thanks to ⒶK



    * Peer-to-peer encrypted messaging and forums

    * Messages are stored securely on your device, not in the cloud

    * Connect directly with nearby contacts - no Internet access required

    * Free and open source software
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  6. BREAKING: is officially Tango Down. Anonymous is attacking the #Russian Government’s banking system
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  7. Dual Core - 0x0A Hack Commandments

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  9. Massive Thanks to Anon2World

    Alternatives to circumvent Russian censorship:
    Tor network, external VPN provider (outside of Russia)
    We will be updating content as we receive information.

    Anonymous Operation Russia #OpRussia Press Release

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  10. Trending

    United As One, Divided By Zero ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  11. TYLER7 Member

    All billionnaires media switched from covid-19 to Ukraine ! It's like it's worst than the famine in Yemen or the bomb dropped on a school bus by a Saudi-led coalition warplane was sold to Riyadh by the US. Big Pharma, Military-Industrial Complex, same combat, MONEY MONEY MONEY ! “With his invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, President Putin created a new reality,” Scholz told the Bundestag, does Scholz know for instance that his country is occupied by us soldiers for more than 70 years since the end of ww2 ? Pandemics or wars, it's always the populations who are suffering and the billionnaires, mafias and lobbies who are earning a lot of power and a lot of money.
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    Hi I'm Kevin from France I would like to participate i find this on internet i hope i won't have problems with the police in 6 months but i trust this anonymous tutorial, the problem is I don't have windows is it the same for linux ? :


    Instructions for using LOIC on Windows

    Getting the goods

    Go to and get the LOIC Package with the latest version.
    Unzip it anywhere on to your disk and run it.
    Make sure you allow LOIC through your firewall. If you wish to use the hivemind function you will have to allow connections to port 6667 as well.
    Using the tool

    There are two ways you can use LOIC: Manual and HIVEMIND mode.

    In the IRC server box enter the HIVE IRC server address.
    If you are not sure about the current address come to irc:// and ask for the latest LOIC HIVE address or type !hive to get HIVE server details.
    Click the "IRC Mode(Hivemind)" radio button.
    Done, LOIC is now controlled by Operation Payback and you don't have to do a thing.
    MANUAL Mode

    LOIC can fire 3 different attacks: TCP, UDP and HTTP flood.
    For any of this modes to function you first need to enter a target.
    You can specify a target either by entering the IP (example: of the target into the IP Edit box or the http address (Example: into the "URL" box.
    After you have entered the target hit "Lock On" button next to the Edit box.
    The big "Selected target" display will show the actual IP of the target.
    You can now hit the "IMMA CHARGING MY LAZER" button to start firing.
    Attack Options

    If you are running LOIC in HIVE mode you don't need to change anything here, but here's an explanation of the options:
    Timeout: Specifies how long LOIC should wait for a connection to be established with the target (in milliseconds).
    HTTP Subsite: Target subsite address. This can be left set to "/".
    Append random chars to the URL: This randomizes subsite request URL to try and avoid LOIC attack being blocked by the server.
    TCP/UDP message: This is message that will be sent to server when firing in TCP/UDP mode. You can set this to a message of your liking. Protip: use underscores ( _ ) instead of spaces.
    Append random chars to the message: Appends random chars to the TCP/UDP message in order to avoid LOIC being blocked by the server.
    Port: The port at which the LOIC will try to connect. 80 is the http port and is set by default. 443 is the port for https.
    Method: Can be TCP, UDP or HTTP. Each method has its flaws and advantages. Go read up on it.
    Threads: Number of threads (connections) to run/establish when firing. Default is 10 and depending on your link speed you can increase this number. If you increase this number too much you will choke everything on your machine. Keep this preferably at 25.
    Wait for reply: When in HTTP or TCP mode, LOIC waits for a response from a server before executing each attack.
    Speed bar: Controls the speed of the attacks. Adjust as you wish.
    Attack status: Shows attack statistics. HTTP mode shows most statistics while TCP and UDP mode just show the number of executed attacks.

    If the attack counter freezes the target is either down, LOIC has become stuck or your firewall is blocking it.
    Press "Stop flooding" then press "IMMA FIRING MY LAZOR" to restart the attack. If the counter is still frozen, congratulations, it's super effective.
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    We talk about hacking but don’t do or plan it. Specifically we don’t do LOIC.
  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator


    Anonymous 'hacks Russian TV to show footage from Ukraine front lines'

    The clip claiming TV stations had been hacked by Anonymous was viewed nearly 10 million times in less than 24 hours.
    It showed stations apparently broadcasting footage that went viral earlier in the week of a young father saying goodbye to his wife and daughter as they fled the country due to the fighting.
    Images of bombs detonating and damaged residential buildings then flashed up on the screen.
    It was not clear which television stations were affected or for how long. It came after hackers were apparently able to broadcast Ukrainian songs instead of the planned output in Russia.
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  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The Irish Sun
    “The web pages failed to load with the message: "This site can't be reached. took too long to respond."
    Webpages for Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service, and Cabinet of Ministers are included in the outages.
    It is not immediately clear what has caused the websites to crash however international hacking group Anonymous tweeted on Saturday it was "at war with Russia" and to "stay tuned".
    The organisation tweeted on Saturday: "Anonymous has ongoing operations to keep .ru government websites offline, and to push information to the Russian people so they can be free of Putin's state censorship machine.
    "We also have ongoing operations to keep the Ukrainian people online as best we can."
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  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    This week, amid overwhelming evidence that Russia would soon invade Ukraine, state-controlled Russian television network RT published an article on and aired a segment from Fox NewsTucker Carlson Tonight in which the show’s host pushed back on the idea that Vladimir Putin is someone Americans should dislike. What’s more, RT took the trouble of translating the clip into Russian, ostensibly for its domestic market.”

    it’s being shown on RT
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  17. Why doesn't that fucking surprise me. Traitorous pieces of shit!

    Fox News has most definitely got our attention. AGAIN! It would be a real *cough* shame if their servers got *cough* rooted

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  18. Global hacking group Anonymous launches ‘cyber war’ against Russia

    Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a Twitter post from an account named "Anonymous" summoned hackers around the world to target Russia.
    • Subsequent posts claimed the group was responsible for pulling down websites of the Russian oil giant Gazprom, the state-controlled Russian news agency RT and numerous Russian and Belarusian government agencies.
    • Attracting the ire of online hackers is yet another example of how global players — from NATO powers to international businesses and everyday consumers — are protesting Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
    Continued ....
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  19. Wu-Tang Is For The Children @WUTangKids

    "Zelensky received a standing ovation after his speech to the members of the European Parliament and seeing him raise his fist in acknowledgment at the end like the badass that he is was everything I needed to see"

    I concur with Wu-Tang. The balls on this guy. He handles incredibly high stress situations really fucking well. Look & Learn kiddo's, this is leadership at it's finest.

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  20. GRINGO Member

  21. GRINGO Member

    The European Union is banning Russian state media networks RT and Sputnik as part of a series of measures in support of Ukraine amidst the ongoing Russian invasion, the European Commission announced on Sunday.
    “The state-owned Russia Today and Sputnik, and their subsidiaries, will no longer be able to spread their lies to justify Putin’s war,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a statement. “We are developing tools to ban their toxic and harmful disinformation in Europe.”
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  22. GRINGO Member

    The defiant soldiers of Snake Island are actually 'alive and well,' says Ukraine's navy
    (CNN)The Ukrainian defenders of Snake Island -- who were all feared dead after their defiant response to threats from a Russian warship -- are actually "alive and well," according to the Ukrainian Navy. All of the soldiers on the tiny island in the Black Sea were thought to have been killed in an attack on the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine last Thursday. According to a purported audio exchange, one of the Ukrainian troops had responded to a warning from an approaching Russian vessel to lay down their weapons or face bombing by saying, "Russian warship, go f*** yourself." Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said later on Thursday that 13 soldiers on Snake Island all died "heroically" by Russian bombardment.
    But -- after the Ukrainian border guard said that it had information disputing the deaths -- a statement on Monday from the country's navy suggested this was certainly not the case. According to the navy the soldiers on the island repelled two attacks by Russian forces but in the end were forced to surrender "due to the lack of ammunition."
    The statement added that Russian attackers have completely destroyed the island's infrastructure, including lighthouses, towers and antennas.
    Russian state media also showed the arrival of the Ukrainian soldiers in Sevastopol, Crimea where they are being held.
    Snake Island, also known as Zmiinyi Island, sits about 30 miles (48 kilometers) off the southern tip of the Ukrainian mainland in the northwestern Black Sea. It's about 185 miles west of Crimea, the Ukrainian territory that Russia annexed in 2014.
    Though it is only about 46 acres (18 hectares) in size, a report last year from the non-partisan Atlantic Council think tank called it "key to Ukraine's maritime territorial claims" in the Black Sea.
    Highlighting its strategic importance, Zelensky chose Snake Island last year as the spot for an interview with Ukrainian media in advance of a summit to try to reverse Russia's annexation of Crimea, the Atlantic Council report said.
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  23. You do understand Zelensky is Jewish ?

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  25. Anonymous @YourAnonNews

    "Russia effectively shuttered independent media. Any narrative that goes against the state propaganda will be met with 15 years in prison.

    Do any of you still wonder why Ukrainians are resisting? They're literally fighting for their democracy and their freedom."

    Imho .. I think that it's now blatantly obvious to everyone, that no amount of worldwide political outrage, or pleading with this guy to back the fuck down is going to be successful in any way, shape, or form. The guy (Putin) is mentally unhinged.

    Reality: The only people who can put a stop to Putin, are the Russian people themselves.

  26. AnotherSock Member

    I’m wondering if anybody else would be interested in a Putin-themed mass shoop. The LRH/Miscavige/Tommy Davis ones were pretty funny, back in the day. I’m not a hacker but I feel there is great potential for some laughs at Putin’s expense.
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  27. A massive effort from the @YourAnonNews Cr3w.


    Thanks Guys ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  28. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    From the NYT behind a paywall
    “ The hackers came from around the world. They knocked Russian and Ukrainian government websites offline, graffitied antiwar messages onto the home pages of Russian media outlets and leaked data from rival hacking operations. And they swarmed into chat rooms, awaiting new instructions and egging each other on.

    It is crazy, it is bonkers, it is unprecedented,” said Matt Olney, the director of threat intelligence at the security firm Cisco Talos. “This is not going to be solely a conflict among nations. There are going to be participants that are not under the strict control of any government.”

    But both Ukraine and Russia appear to have embraced tech-savvy volunteers, creating channels on the chat app Telegram to direct them to target specific websites.
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  29. Slava Ukraini! A song about War in Ukrain

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  30. Ukraine war: 'My city's being shelled, but mum won’t believe me'


    "I didn't want to scare my parents, but I started telling them directly that civilians and children are dying," she says.

    "But even though they worry about me, they still say it probably happens only by accident, that the Russian army would never target civilians. That it's Ukrainians who're killing their own people."

    It's common for Ukrainians to have family across the border in Russia. But for some, like Oleksandra, their Russian relatives have a contrasting understanding of the conflict. She believes it's down to the stories they are told by the tightly-controlled Russian media.

    "Oleksandra says her mother just repeats the narratives of what she hears on Russian state TV channels."

    FULL Article ..
  31. #Anonymous #OpRussia

    reddit - Russian-Ukrainian War - Thread

    Another interview with captured Russians. If this is real, it's big.

    "As a Russian expat, I’ve been following this very closely via social media. I’ve been trying to do what I can: reaching out to former classmates and friends back in Russia, donating, helping with translations - but I feel so powerless. The brainwashing level in Russia is insane."
  32. K4REN Member

    Yep and Zelensky is an angel who fights against corruption

  33. Sponge Ted Member

    Ukraine President Zelensky: "I think everybody in Ukraine is so tired about Burisma."

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Tuesday that Ukrainians are “tired” of the energy company Burisma Holdings in response to a question from a CNN reporter.

    “You were ready to publicly announce an investigation into Burisma after your phone call with President Trump?” a CNN reporter asked Zelensky Tuesday morning, referring to the company that included Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden's son, on its board.

    “I think everybody in Ukraine is so tired about Burisma,” Zelensky responded. “We have our country, we have our independence, we have our problems and questions.”

    Zelensky's July 25 phone call with Trump is at the center of the impeachment inquiry engulfing the White House.

    On the call, Trump pressed for Zelensky to investigate the Bidens. At the time, Biden was seen as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination and he remains a top contender in the race. Security aid to Ukraine was also held up as Trump pressed for the probe.

    The public impeachment hearings continue Tuesday, kicking off in the morning with testimony from Jennifer Williams, a foreign service officer assigned to Vice President Pence’s office, and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the director of European Affairs at the National Security Council.

    Both were on the July 25 call between Trump and Zelensky. Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine, and Tim Morrison, the top Russia adviser on the White House National Security Council, will testify Tuesday afternoon.
  34. Barko Member

    African students living in Ukraine say they face racism while trying to flee

    Jessica Orakpo, 23, a medical student from Nigeria, and her friend Nataizya Nanyangwe, 24, an economics student from Zambia, both enrolled at universities in Ternopil, in western Ukraine, decided that the time had come, in the face of Russia’s invasion of the country, for them to leave. They piled into a cab bound for the Polish border, some 136 miles away, at around 8 a.m. last Saturday. After two hours, they hit wall-to-wall traffic. The cab couldn’t go any further. After the cab hit the bottleneck, Orakpo and her friend decided to continue their journey by foot. Orakpo said she only packed some clothes, blankets and her travel documents. By the time they drew close to the Polish border — a day later — they faced another obstacle, one that Orakpo says was prompted by her race. Several African and South Asian citizens in Ukraine have said they’ve seen different treatment of those who are non-White and non-Ukrainian and trying to leave the country, a situation that has been confirmed by the top U.N. refugee agency and other official authorities.

    Orakpo and Nanyangwe say they were among those set apart and denied evacuation from Ukraine because they are African.
    As they walked, Orakpo and Nanyangwe had taken breaks to rest by the road, lying on the blankets. After walking for close to 12 hours, they made it to a school’s basketball-court-turned-shelter, where they were able to rest, thanks to a traffic warden who offered to drive them there. “He sees that I’m very tired, and I was so grateful to him. Till this day, I’m very grateful to that guy,” Orakpo said.

    The next day, they made it to a bus stop in the town of Mostyska, where buses were taking people to the Polish border. When they got there, Orakpo told The Washington Post, officials started allowing only women with children and pregnant women. The first bus took off, then the second. Pets and their owners were being loaded onto a third bus, without any noncitizens being allowed to board. Orakpo pleaded to be allowed on the bus and was initially ignored. She speaks a bit of Ukrainian, so she said she was pregnant so she could be considered.
    Another bus came. “We were this close to entering,” she said. Orakpo overheard other people in the station saying in Ukrainian: “Why are the Blacks entering?”

    “It was very devastating,” she said. Orakpo turned to a Ukrainian woman organizing the line and asked her: “What’s wrong with us entering the bus? When will you start loading us?” The woman looked at her and said: “Only Ukrainians are going to get on the bus,” according to Orakpo. “That’s very bad. What about us?” the medical student asked. The woman shrugged.

    Requests for comment to Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service were not immediately returned.
    Anna Michalska, spokesperson for the Polish Border Guard, said officers help all those who flee Ukraine. “All escaping people are allowed to enter Poland, regardless of nationality and citizenship,” she said via email. Among the people who entered Poland from Ukraine, 90 percent are Ukrainian citizens, mainly women and children, she said. “The remaining 10% are foreigners who have legally resided in Ukraine — citizens of the EU countries, the Schengen area and countries around the world — a total of almost 100 different nationalities,” she added.

    Stories similar to Orakpo’s have been reported in news media and shared on Twitter and Instagram as people desperately try to flee Ukraine. Barlaney Mufaro Gurure, a Zimbabwean space engineering student, said she was pushed by a border guard who was giving priority to Ukrainians at the Krakovets border crossing, Al Jazeera reported. The New York Times reported that Chineye Mbagwu, a 24-year-old Nigerian doctor, spent more than two days stranded in the town of Medyka by the Poland-Ukraine border crossing, as guards were allowing Ukrainians to cross but not foreigners. Saakshi Ijantkar, a 22-year old medical student from India, told CNN that Indians also faced instances of racism when going through one of the checkpoints near the Polish border.

    The U.N. high commissioner for refugees, Filippo Grandi, said some people were receiving “different treatments” compared with others. “You have seen reports in the media that there are different treatments — with Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians,” Grandi said at a news conference Tuesday. “Now, our observations — and we possibly cannot observe every single post yet — but our observations is that these are not state policies, but there are instances which it has happened. “There should be absolutely no discrimination between Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians, Europeans and non-Europeans. Everyone is fleeing from the same risks,” he added. Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita told The Post that there were “isolated cases” of African citizens being mistreated at the border. “I don’t think it’s something done systematically,” he said.
    The African Union released a statement condemning the treatment of African citizens at Ukrainian border crossings. “Reports that Africans are singled out for unacceptable dissimilar treatment would be shockingly racist and in breach [of] international law.”
    Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama said that he was aware of the incidents and that he had a call Tuesday with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba.

    “He said that the instructions they had at the border was that everybody, everyone, irrespective of nationality or race, could leave and that the only ones that couldn’t leave were [male] Ukrainians from the age of 18 to 60,” he told The Post. Kuleba attributed the incidents to a chaotic situation at the border, Onyeama said.

    Onyeama added that a number of Nigerian citizens in Ukraine have fled to Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, and that the government is trying to relocate them back to Nigeria. He is also trying to evacuate about 300 Nigerian students stranded at Sumy State University, in eastern Ukraine, near the Russian border. “We’re trying as best as we can to see if we can have a safe corridor to cross through Russia,” he said.

    He called reports on social media of the treatment some Nigerians have received at the border from Ukrainian officials “harrowing” and “deplorable.” Onyeama added: “The question is, how do you know whether these were sort of just rogue officials or whether there was any kind of state sanction to what they were doing?” He reiterated that the Ukrainian minister insisted there had been a directive to let everybody leave. Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, announced on Wednesday an emergency hotline for foreign students trying to leave the country. At least one international student, a medical student from India who was lining up for food in the city of Kharkiv, has died as a result of the invasion, prompting the Indian Embassy to issue an alert asking all Indian students to leave the country immediately.

    According to a study released by the Ukrainian government in late 2020, tens of thousands of students from abroad attend school in Ukraine each year, with the highest number from India. Ten percent come from Morocco, while others come from countries including Nigeria, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.
    Unable to board a bus to the Polish border, Orakpo went back to her city and managed to board a train to Hungary. She is now living with a friend in Debrecen, she says. She doesn’t know what to do next. “I don’t have any money. I don’t have any clothes. I have nothing,” she said.

    Orakpo was a few months away from graduating before the conflict started; her graduation was scheduled for June 23. She is limping from all the walking and has blood clots in both her legs, she says. Her plan was to move to the United States after graduating, maybe to Baltimore, to do her residency. “Now I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Medicine was the only thing I had going on for me,” she said.

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