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    Leaked Messages Allegedly Show Kremlin Paid for French Conservative Leader to Endorse Crimea Annexation

    By Melodie Bouchaud, VICE News, April 5, 2015

    The Russian hacking collective Anonymous International has leaked close to 40,000 text messages allegedly sent and received by a high-ranking Russian official that reference a potential financing deal between Russia and France's far-right National Front (FN) party in exchange for FN leader Marine Le Pen's public endorsement of Russia's annexation of Crimea in March 2014.

    The online French investigative journal Mediapart published the hacked text messages, which allegedly belong to Timur Prokopenko, head of Russia's internal affairs department.

    Last November, reports surfaced that the FN had secured a loan worth 9.46 million euros ($10.40 million) from Moscow's First Czech-Russian Bank (FCRB), adding to an earlier 2 million euro ($2.20 million) loan from Russia to FN-linked group Cotelec, which is run by Marine's father, FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen. Cyprus-based Vernonsia Holdings Ltd, a company allegedly owned by a former member of the KGB, reportedly underwrote the loan to Cotelec.

    Marine Le Pen has denied any link between the loans and the party's position on Crimea, arguing that her party turned to Russia after it was shunned by French banks. French and European banks are notoriously timid about lending the FN money, and the anti-immigration political group found itself on the verge of bankruptcy in 2010.

    Last March, Le Pen publicly recognized the results of Crimea's referendum to break from Ukraine and formally join the Russian Federation. Le Pen's stance was at odds with the common position held by France and other Western countries, including the United States, which viewed the referendum as "unlawful."

    The same day that Le Pen vocalized her support of the referendum, Prokopenko allegedly sent text messages to Konstantin Rykov, a pro-Putin blogger also known as "Kostya," who, according to the hackers, had access to Le Pen.

    In the messages, the two men applaud Le Pen's endorsement, saying that the party leader "has not betrayed our expectations." The two men agreed to "find a way of thanking the French."

    According to Mediapart, the transcripts published by the Russian hackers are authentic. VICE News could not independently confirm the legitimacy of the hacked messages. One of Prokopenko's contacts has since confirmed that the transcript of a conversation he had with the Russian official is accurate.

    In other messages, dated March 11, 2014, Prokopenko allegedly asked Kostya if he could arrange for Marine Le Pen to travel to Crimea to observe the referendum, while also making reference to "financing."

    Continued here:
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    Our World 2015 - -Ukraine's Fragile Ceasefire

  3. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    This is the BEST reporting on anything I've sever seen;
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    MH17: Ukraine crash site 'yields Russian missile parts' | BBC News

    Fragments of a suspected Russian missile system have been found at the Flight MH17 crash site in Ukraine, investigators in the Netherlands say. They say the parts, possibly from a Buk surface-to-air system, are "of particular interest" and could help show who was behind the crash. But they say they have not proved their "causal connection" with the crash.
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    Ukraine: Dozens injured, one killed in blast outside Kiev parliament building

    Published by FRANCE 24 English on August 31, 2015

    Around 90 police were wounded in clashes outside the Ukrainian parliament Monday as lawmakers backed draft reforms giving greater powers to rebels, the interior minister said.

    Ukraine: At least 100 police injured in explosion outside Verkhovna Rada

    Published by Ruptly TV on August 31, 2015

    At least 100 police officers and servicemen from the Ukrainian National Guard were injured after a grenade exploded outside the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, Monday. A combat grenade was allegedly thrown towards the police and national guard officers who were trying to prevent protesters from getting too close to the Ukrainian parliament building.

    Anton Gerashchenko, the adviser to the Ukrainian minister of Internal Affairs, posted on social media that one national guard officer was killed after being shot in the heart. However this has yet to be confirmed.

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    MH17: Dutch Report Into Downing Of Malaysia Airlines Plane

    The chairman of the Dutch Safety Board has confirmed that MH17 was brought down by a Buk surface missile.

    The news comes as the Russian maker of the weapon says its own probe contradicts the Dutch findings.

    Robby Oehlers, whose cousin Daisy was among the 298 people killed when the Boeing 777 was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, said the conclusion from the Dutch investigation was shared with family members at a meeting in The Hague. "It was a Buk," he said.
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    Animation shows Russian Buk missile hit Malaysia Airlines MH17 – video

    Dutch investigators released this animation of what they conclude happened to flight MH17. The report found that the plane was hit by a Russian-made Buk missile. The Malaysia Airlines flight came down in Ukraine in July 2014, killing all 298 people on board.
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    Sara Firth ‏@Sara__Firth Nov 7
    Credited with creating Russia Today, #Putin associate is found dead in DC hotel

    Death of Putin ally Mikhail Lesin sparks conspiracy theories | The Financial Times

    The Dark Past of Putin's Media Chief | The Daily Beast
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    Uranium 235 in Ukraine.
    Really? There are insinuations by affronted Ukrainian, However the doc he published seemed more interesting to me. I can be mistaken, but items 7 and 8 run about teaching Ukrainians to enrich weapon-grade uranium. Is it legal at all?
  13. yofe Member

    And now it happens to you there in Ukraine? The media are silent for over a year...
  14. Everything is normal, continue to fight )
    My 2015
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  15. The Internet Member

    Den my brother!


    I was thinking about you. I'm glad you are still alive.
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  16. I am a bad target, but have never hit the target, though tried with all his might :cool: :) .

    I'm glad to see you.
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  17. The Internet Member

    You look fit. I hope you have good body armor and ear protection. But mostly I hope the shooting stops very soon so you can go back to biology work. Actually, I do not know if you are a biologist. I just remember that you worked in a wildlife sanctuary.
  18. Thank you!
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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    Den my brother,

    Today I read an article mentioning Viktor Yanukovych so naturally I thought of you. If I remember correctly, Yanukovych was that Putin lackey elected president of Ukraine who then robbed the country blind.

    Can you believe it, the public relations guy for Yanukovych is now running Donald Trump's campaign for president of the US! I think Putin wants to rob us like he robbed you guys. Here is the article:

  21. It's true

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  22. The Internet Member

    Trump is such a bad businessman he has gone bankrupt several times. Banks will no longer lend him money so it looks like he went to Russian "investors" aka mafia for support. I reckon that is how he got under Putin's thumb.

    But the most important question for Americans is, how could we be so stupid to vote for this guy? I think Russia has a good propaganda machine within the US.

    I notice that our own oil oligarchs, the Koch brothers, have a propaganda distribution network that forwards the same ideas as I find on Pravda. I suspect that Gazprom and Koch Industries are allies working together to create great wealth.

    We the people must be smarter and stronger than our ancestors because the anti-democratic few can now spam us with false information. The key is making sure the public have access to good information that is clearly distinguished from propaganda.

    Stay safe, dearest Den.
  23. Thanks,

    The hardest war - a war for people's minds. And, unfortunately, the bad guys are fighting better than good guys - taking advantage of human weaknesses. But we will win, as always ) . The mind will wins is stupidity.
  24. The Internet Member

    Sport requires no translation.

  25. Third place at the Paralympics :)


    First place at the Chess Olympiad

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  26. The Internet Member

    We should remember Ukraine
  27. The Internet Member

    Den my brother,

    Now that Putin has his man leading the US with control over both houses of Congress, he may move decisively into eastern Ukraine within the next year. My heart breaks at the thought. But he should not risk waiting until our midterm elections in 2 years.

    If you need help leaving the country, I will try to do something.
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Why Russia Just Quit the International Criminal Court

    By Darius Shahtahmasebi, the AntiMedia


    Just days after the International Criminal Court (ICC) decided the United States and CIA may face trial for war crimes over alleged abuses committed in Afghanistan, Russia has preemptively avoided the ICC’s jurisdiction for its own alleged abuses. It has formally withdrawn from the ICC.

    Under a directive signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia has stated it will withdraw from the ICC because the ICC “has failed to meet the expectations to become a truly independent authoritative international tribunal,” according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    Russia claimed the ICC was “ineffective,” stating that “during the 14 years of the court’s work it passed only four sentences having spent over a billion dollars.”

    Despite Russia’s warranted criticism of the court itself, Putin’s detractors may have rightly identified some more sinister reasons behind the withdrawal. According to Foreign Policy:

    “On Monday, the ICC’s lead prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, issued a report saying for the first time that the conflict in Ukraine amounts to an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine…It goes on to say that Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian peninsula Crimea ‘actually amounts to an on-going state of occupation.’”

    Further, Russia has been accused of committing war crimes in Aleppo and wider Syria over its military’s heavy bombardment of opposition-held areas. Just this week, Russia launched a large-scale offensive in Aleppo, as well as in the Syrian districts of Homs and Idlib. It used its recently deployed flotilla of warships.

    Now that it has become clear that not even the United States will be immune from the ICC’s jurisdiction, Russia has evidently made a decision to escape trial while it still can. The decision to withdraw lends credence to the idea they are not adequately protecting civilians in Syria and that there may actually be Russian forces deployed in Ukraine, despite its assertions to the contrary.

    The ICC previously faced widespread criticism for unfairly targeting African nations, and Russia is not the first to remove itself from its jurisdiction.

    It most likely won’t be the last.

  29. The Internet Member

    I hope some court on the world stage can see the evidence of Russians torturing Ukrainians.

    And if Trump says again that torture is a good idea sometimes, nobody cheer please. Because such comments justify the use of torture against our own men and women in uniform.
  30. Thank you. But it is we have to be a barrier between the savages and progress, even if the world's politicians continue to worship money, and most people are only interested their own little world. When to us brought the prisoner who instead of eyes sticking pencils, corpses with severed heads and skinned, 50 prisoners with circumcised genitals, when russian tanks fired from behind the houses, and you can not shoot because there are children (and just waiting for when they will end ammunition), you realize that there is no way back. If we leave the next victims will be Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Those who helped us in difficult times, and we have no right to retreat.
  31. The Internet Member

    Hey Den, this site is great!

    Lots of dox on Russian aggression in Ukraine and Syria. There is very little about this in US media. I think our most popular news outlet, Fox News, has nothing on this because the people I know who watch Fox think Russia is not in Ukraine, just like our President-Elect.

    Somehow we must educate our Electors, who vote on Dec 19th for our next president, about Russian aggression. These Electors will not listen to random people on the Internet, but they will listen to Republican leadership concerned with national security and defense. So I will look up those names.
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