Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tachanka, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Anonylemmi Member

    Den said there was no law in Kiev, but I see people walking, not running and looting. Hope. I haz it.
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  2. Nancy Beazley Member

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  3. Anonylemmi Member

    The Fox link just went awol.
  4. Nancy Beazley Member

    I think the vid channel is on the government side. Smoke is coming toward the camera.
  5. Nancy Beazley Member

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  6. anon8109 Member

    Soros Hires Scientologist to Conquer Ukraine

    Billionaire oil tycoon George Soros, a financier of the Democrat Party, has deployed Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a leader of the Fatherland Party, to ignite a regime change revolution against the government of Ukraine in Kiev. Mr. Yatsenyuk is a leading member of the Scientology cult

    The U.S. State Department reportedly favors the weakest of the three opposition leaders, the “liberal” Yatsenyuk
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  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    You have got to be shitting me, Grrrr.
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  8. Den Eternal Member

    Thank you worried. Couple of hours slept.
    The opposition has solves nothing they showed their incompetence. Now leaders are born on the barricades.
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  9. White Tara Global Moderator

    Glad you are Ok Den, stay safe.
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  10. Den Eternal Member

    Maidan persevered. Many dead.
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  11. Den Eternal Member

    Need your help finding email addresses maximum number of Western diplomats, government officials, representatives of political parties, civic organizations, just celebrities, sports stars and show business, and so on.
  12. Den Eternal Member

    Night confrontation
  13. Den Eternal Member

    If you can send generators, body armor and helmets (a lot of people with gunshot wounds). One journalist was shot titushki.
  14. Den Eternal Member

    That night titushky burned dozens of ambulances.
  15. Den Eternal Member

    SBU destroy documents (SBU analogue of the KGB and the CIA)

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  16. Den Eternal Member

    Lviv activists disarmed 300 military and were fortunate their ammunition on Maidan
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  17. White Tara Global Moderator

    Den, you are posting at a time where a lot of our members, who are deeply concerned for the protestors, are not online. Please keep letting us know. Many more of our members will be back online in a few hours and will be grateful for the information you are sharing.
  18. Den Eternal Member

    Ok. Doing what I can. Our team is headed by a struggle within the Internet space and IT support people at the forefront.
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  19. Den Eternal Member

    According to sources Espreso.TV, tanks, accompanied by traffic police cars are going out of town Pervomais'k Mykolaiv region.
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  20. Den Eternal Member

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  21. Watcher Member

    I just woke up Den. I'll see what email addresses I can find for you. Not sure where to start though. Maybe the news channels? has a list of all our embassy's including one in Kiev.
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  22. Watcher Member

    Looking at the site...the police are very close to the protestors.
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  23. Den Eternal Member

    Thank you!

    You can use any address politicians and celebrities news etc.. Please indicate the email address and to whom it belongs
  24. Den Eternal Member

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  25. Watcher Member

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  26. Den Eternal Member

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  27. Den Eternal Member

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  28. Den Eternal Member

    Police - kalashnikov rifle
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  29. Den Eternal Member

    SBU shot the man in Khmelnitsky
  30. Den Eternal Member

    Killed a woman and wounded a man - shot SBU officers (shot kalashnikov rifle) (just confirmed information)
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  31. Watcher Member

  32. Watcher Member

    Both the police and protestors have started throwing what looks like rocks at each other. I'm just watching the mediaite site now.
  33. Den Eternal Member

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  34. A.O.T.F Member

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  35. rickybobby Member

    Tweet the pics to @ajam and @ajamlive. They are both Al Jazeera and are covering the situation via twitter.
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  36. Den Eternal Member

    Help for the affected possible to list on
    2.Through Western Union preliminary having called on +38 (068) 977-70-59.
  37. Den Eternal Member

  38. rickybobby Member

    I am tweeting pics and link to this thread to Al Jazeera and CNN, nytimes
  39. Den Eternal Member

  40. Den Eternal Member

    Thank you very much

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