Unarmed Baton Defense

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  1. You want them to order in books?

    If you find yourself in a fight my advice would be to not start throwing fists as from the footage I have seen the riot police wear helmets and this will make punches uneffective from the majority of humans.

    Instead if you are in a one on one confrontation i would advise to take the fight to the ground. Tackle the guys legs and make him fall on his back...this is very easy to do. Once they are grounded you either run or if you want to hurt them for some reason mount them. This means you sit on their chest. Most humans do not have the proper technique to get out of this situation. Use one of your hands to counter any throws and dont let them push your legs so control their hands. You can punch osmeone out pretty easy from this position. This is a common jiujitsu position that is used by the best fighters in the world.

    I would advise not to attack someone in mount position if you are outnumbered.,..instead run there is no martial art to protect you from multipe oppnents.
  2. Another thing to think of with baton attacks is that they are usually done in a "roundhouse" or big swing kinda movement. The important thing in defending against them is to avoid getting hit with any kind of power, and the best way to do that is to either a) be outside the swing range, or b) well inside the swing range...either close in fast or run away fast. It's usually easier and safer to close in fast, disarm if possible, then run.

    To disarm, think about how a baton is held in the hand. Grab a stick, right now, and hold it...look at your hand and how your fingers wrap around it. The way you want to disarm is by levering the baton in such a way that the fulcrum of the baton is the top of the hand, and the bottom of the baton levers out towards the tip of the baby finger. Visualize it, practice on your own hands, and practice the movement with someone else.

    Close in, disarm, run. Without weapons the police do not have any advantage.
  3. George plod

    Most fight's end on the ground. This is not where you want to be, it leaves you vulnerable to attacks from your assailants friend. It leaves you vulnerable to objects on the ground as well i.e. sharp metal, glass, rocks, etc. If you MUST defend yourself remember: Eyes, Nose, Ears, throat, and genitals. All soft fleshy points that are all easy to injure and disable an attacker with. Be safe!

    But most of all, remember that your non-violent approaches are respected world wide.

    Agent 47
  4. being a kyokushin karate fighter I am aching to weigh in, but I hesitate, for two reasons:

    1. The Sea of Green is non-violent. Only self-defense.
    2. Martial arts techniques need to be trained - use them unwisely and you end up being hurt even more.

    Some advice please on whether you think I should share some techniques or not.

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