Unconfirmed Leak: letter from Minister of Interior declaring Vote results

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by StaffLeaks, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. We have been sent a leak from Iran of what appears to be an image of an official document declaring the vote count of the recent Iranian election, along with a statement indicating that the Minister will announce the winner of the election as Ahmadinejad, knowing that he is the preference of the Grand Leader.

    There is great difficulty in verifying the legitimacy of this letter given our limited knowledge of Iranian politics, however nothing about the leak has given us any reason to doubt the authenticity of this document. Given that we cannot verify it ourselves, we have simply translated it and have posted it online for everyone to read and judge for themselves.

    ----------------------BEGIN TRANSLATION-----------------------------------

    Minister of Interior: The Islamic Republic of Iran

    Minsitry of Interior

    To the Grand Leader Hazrat Ayatollah Khamanei:

    Salam o Alekum:

    Due to the worries expressed by your Excellency over the result of the tenth presidential election and your personal preference of Dr. Mahmood Ahmadinejad for appointment as president in this critical period of time, all affairs were arranged in such manner that the results that were announced were better for the regime and the revolution. All required measures for possible incident after the election were taken and the leaders of parties and political candidates are under our strict surveillance.

    Thus, solely for the purpose of informing, the real results are being sent in writing:

    Total Votes Cast: 42,026,078

    Mir Hossein Mousavi Khameneh: 19,075,623

    Mahdi Karoubi: 13,387,104

    Mahmood Ahmadinejad: 5,698,417

    Mohsen Rezaee Mir Fayed: 3,754,218

    Invalid Votes: 38,716

    Minister of Interior

    Sadeq Mahsouli


    Comments: None

    (Translators Note: Certain Persian words have no English equivalents as they never served a purpose in English-speaking countries for them to have evolved native versions. Thus, I have translated them into English words that have the closest meaning)

  2. Seems pretty dubious to me. How was it leaked exactly? Seems rather convenient.

    Don't get me wrong though, if we can get this confirmed, this is the smoking gun, the completely undeniable proof that the elections were fraudulent. Maybe then the other news outlets will begin to call the elections "fraudulent" as opposed to "contested."
  3. I seen this on another site several days ago, too. I've yet to see a good analysis of it's authenticity tho.
  4. Needs Checking

    Seems odd that Karoubi would beat Ahmadinejad and by so much, but let's verify it.
  5. This definitely needs verification. If anyone can help. Some of the things that would help are actual other documents that came from the same office. Something to match this to and see if it even remotely looks the same. If the patterns of speech can be matched up over multiple documents that would be a huge help. Basic contents and flow of the letter as well.

    So, does anyone have any known and provably real documents that have come from that same office?
  6. atmasabr Member

    Well, if Iran had a free press, they'd have bloggers who could get all over it and prove it.

    I forgot people in that part of the world write from right to left.

    Seems a little too laudatory to me. It's frighteningly fascist. That or a deliberate attempt to leave a paper trail--why on earth should the supreme leader know the "real" results? On the other hand, what happened to the author of that missive?
  7. MrLyme Member

    I dont think thats real dude, in theory the 80% percent of iran voted......
    and I don't think that iran could possibly be composed by 50 millions......
    It sounds pretty wierd....
  8. This letter is stupid. These kinds of things are never written. may be a brain child of a pea sized brain.
  9. atmasabr Member

    Wikipedia says it's over 70 million.
  10. Where did this come from? Did it spontaneously spring up on the web somewhere? Can anyone confirm that it's the Minister of the Interior's signature? Someone who can read Arabic/Farsi (I don't know what language it is) should check out this website: ?????? ????? ???? Website of the Iranian Ministry of the Interior. Could provide confirmation.
  11. Geraldanthro Member

    doc exminations

    We have a team of experts examining doc.

    Will post findings.

  12. atmasabr Member


    reference number through ordinary register

    If this was the way they conducted their business it would have been most transparent govt on the face of this earth...
  14. atmasabr Member

    I don't think letters addressed directly to the Supreme Leader of a totalitarian nation are likely candidates for dissemination to the general workforce.
  15. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my Hiro

    tnx for that , yes it s true n the person who sent it out was killed 3 days ago , his name was Asghari , 26 years old ,from Mashhad, IT engineer from that department n who called Musavi n informed him
    god be with him
  16. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    this might not be the original letter bt the story is true
  17. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    u wont believe bt the c,i,a website is banned in here !!!!!
  18. Reform4Iran Member

    Eh....I don't know.

    This seems sort of suspicious. I mean, I don't really think that Karroubi would have gotten so many more votes than Ahmadinejad.

    Plus, the names in the document have many misspellings. Even the Interior Minister's name is misspelled. I understand that this might simply be a mistranslation, but it sort of just adds to the suspicion.

    Another thing, why isn't there some sort of stamp or seal on the paper to verify that it is a government document?? I'm pretty sure that America isn't the only nation that does this, so where is it??
  19. Because why put official seals and all that on something that was obviously hush-hush? It's not an official document any more than it is written by an official. It is an informal letter basically saying "we rigged the election, but if you were curious, this is what the results would have been."

    Lack of an official seal is irrelevant.
  20. Reform4Iran Member

    Still wondering why there would be so many misspellings, especially of his own name. I mean, seriously.
  21. Roger Smith Member

    At this point I don't trust any documents unless I have them in my hands or in a expert's hands that can tell if it's fake.

    Who found this paper and who currently physically owns it?
  22. Seems bogus to me. The numbers could be real, though. Perhaps someone that had the actual vote tallies forged this letter?
  23. The "leaked" letter

    Given that (it seems) this site is a CIA front, the letter could have been "leaked" (i.e., generated) by the CIA.
  24. MassuUnion Member

    I'm suspicious as well. The letterhead is drasticly different from this document referenced earlier in the thread, and... why on Earth would a government official send a document essentially implicating their electoral authorities in ignoring election results? This is the sort of thing you never document, because you don't want someone else getting a hold of it.

    Any genuine state documents would probably say exactly what Khamenei and Co. are saying-- Ahmedenijad won, hands down. The only thing that could prove it wrong are probably the ballots themselves, and God knows where all of those are, now.
  25. Whether real or not the numbers correspond to the numbers released by a member of the government some days ago.
  26. Tony C Member

    It was reported on all news outlets that Mousavi was actually told he won the election prior to the official announcement, and was told to prepare for his victory. I dont know if the document is real or if it was created to try and support the actual results.
  27. Isn't Mousavi the person who wanted to make Iran a Nuclear Armed country? Is he who the Iranians wanted to be president? Is he the one the "West" countries really wanted in Iran?

    I feel bad for the Iranians who got killed or "martyred?", but are they in support for a Nuclear Armed Iran?

    What is the beef? Is this all for nothing?
  28. jtreglio Member

    The numbers look a little suspicious. About six weeks prior to the election, a poll put Ahmendijad's reelect numbers in the mid-30's. Now, that number is basically the high water mark for Ahmendijad, as incumbents don't go up much during an election, particularly as the other candidates start up their campaigns and begin to look like reasonable alternatives.

    In this election, there was Ahmenijad, Mousavi, Karrobi and Rezai (my spelling sucks, I know). Anyway, that makes two "reformists" and two conservatives. Now as Ahmenijad and Rezai had more or less the same ideology, its likely that conservative voters who were looking for change voted for Rezai. So on the face of the document, Rezai's numbers look right. But collectively, Ahmenijad and Rezai's come in at 22%, which seems low. I can see Ahmadi dropping a lot, but his backers wouldn't got towards Mousavi or Karrobi.
  29. Roger Smith Member

    Who holds this document?
  30. Jaymax Moderator

    I'm something of a fan (for the most part) of Robert Fisk - he has proven long-term record of ability to get a feel for the reality of many on-the-ground situations in the middle east.

    eg: June 20th

    Warning: this article takes a line down the middle likely to piss off everyone one way or another: Basically: yes the results are clearly fraudulent; but if they hadn't blatantly made up the figures A'jad might have won anyhow...

    Given that Fisk's analysis puts the country at somewhere around 50% for reform, 50% for A'jad & status quo - I personally can't see as credible a document that puts A'jad support at only 10%.
  31. jtreglio Member

    I have to agree: he was an incumbent that oversaw a country with 20% unemployment and 20% inflation, and was showing reelect figures of 36% six weeks out. So, its possible that he dropped to 10%, but its not likely (not unless he was caught with a dead girl or live boy).

    Fisk's analysis, though, is off. Iran was not 50-50 A'jd/reformist.
  32. Try google translate

    It supports iranian
  33. imho, this file is clearly a fake doc, designed to reaffirm the link between corrupt officials, aligned to Ahm., as opposed to those linked to Rafsanj. Iranian Guards amass secret fortunes - Telegraph
    a wealthy insider, only migrated to this interior ministry position last November. he is so connected to Ahm. there is no logical reason to write a letter -- these people are in the second ring of the inner circle of the corruption. no ones becomes that rich in iran by writing letters like this.

    we should follow the protesters basic viewpoint -- the election process was so totally corrupt (see mousavi letter of complaints), no one will believe any recount/republish/alternate-inconfidence-report numbers and only an independent-monitored/COUNTED voting process will suffice.
  34. I have experience with third-world official documents.

    Lack of a seal--- seals are only used in the third world as indications that a document has been approved for public usage, given the appropriate fee has been obtained by the sealer. Seals are kept by low level officials, comparable to Notaries Public of the US.

    A question of the authenticity of this document would not be considered normally unless the digital copy of the document was provided in very high resolution.

    Third-world documents carry symbols of national culture, hence the Iranian flag symbol.

    In the upper right-hand corner, orthographically considered the preeminent position, appears the arabic phrase for "God Is Great", indicating that the information contained in the document pertains to Islam. This particular document is purported to address the Ayatollah who is considered the religious leader for Iranian Muslims.

    The document is signed. The signatory may be the only possible clue as to the document and its content information's authenticity. Since his personal safety may be at risk, he may not necessarily be at liberty to indicate weather or not the information contained in the document does in fact represent actuality.

    The document appears to be the hardcopy of a digital document with a handwritten signature. The document in its original form may continue to exist.

    The opening statements of the document contain the extremely florid language of praise and self-degradation required in documents written to any government official who outranks the author. In some cases where members of the low, working classes present documents to a town sealer in third-world nations, this sort of language may take up the majority of a page. This type of language is very unique to nations of oppressed populations, and presents a particular challenge for the translator who does not understand the mindset of an oppressed class. Typically holographic pleadings of this sort can completely escape translation especially if the document is being processed by a foreign translator. In my personal experience, I have found this type of language rather disturbing; however, an oppressed individual attempting to access the government of an oppressive regime often has no choice, and always considers this style of writing necessary in order to gain the attention of the document sealer.

    Documents authored by low-class members of an oppressed society do not become officially recognized without payment of fees, and/or the presentation of gifts or promissory notes previously agreed upon by third parties. Given the high level official status of the parties involved, it is unknown whether the delivery of an internal document would also be accompanied by other documents or payments considered as social authenticators of documentary origination.

  35. Sounds stupid

    I don't know much about how government runs in Iran but it is common sense that any government office would never write an official letter admitting to conspiracy. Assuming they were really that stupid they wont again put up real numbers to be leaked and then made available on sites such as these.
  36. Exactly! This is childlish, no government does this, they can be wrong, but they are not stupid to incriminate themselves.

    Example - There is no documented evidence of Hitler's involvement in Holocaust.
  37. The Germans made great their details of scientific expirements.
  38. its the jews, stupid. the jews are manipulating you.

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