Unconfirmed Leak: letter from Minister of Interior declaring Vote results

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by StaffLeaks, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Roger Smith Member

    So again, who physically has this document?
  2. A very good point considering Ahmadinejad is a great beleiver in the non-holocaust theory.
    Obviuosly someone here with ironi?

    However the document is fishy, there are more total votes in it than in the official version and that version is already critisized on that point: to many votes. So it cant be logical, it looks hampered: the only thing that really fits is that Ahmadinejad is reported as having as many votes 2009 as in 2005: some 5 mil votes: not 24. (yes his followers are supposed to have risen from 5 to 24 miljon during the last 4 years. Suddenly a very popular leader?) The iranian people would now.
  3. SHUT UP! You constantly spam repetitive crap. Watch this unfold.
  4. atmasabr Member

    And yet it was leaked.

    The only rational reason I can think of for someone to write this is if the tallies were correct would be for the purpose of leaking it. Sabotage.

    Whatever. I am skeptical.
  5. Iranian numbers

    In regards to population, forget wiki as it should never be used for trying to make a factual point. Look at the CIA World Factbook on Iran. The information is as accurate as it gets.
  6. reform Member

    EU has the file

    Marjane Satrapi and Mohsen Makhmalbaf quickly produced this original in Brussels. Watch the video from minute 4 onward, where they are reading the material directly, folds and everything -- this is their original. Remember, these 2 know how to work graphics and calligraphy.
    Iranian election fraud: leaked letter suggests Khamenei chose Ahmadinejad - International Business Times
    Noone in Iran believes any numbers, these, or the other 2 results produced. The real smoking guns are the mobile voting units, the 100+ % stuffed districts and the fact that even after rigging the ballets, no complete count was made.

    Mods - please unstick this thread.
  7. What I got from the video was this pair representing the movement for the Iranian revote, and the assembled membership auplauding their efforts. Will the owner of the story stand by the information regarding the existence and demise of the Iranian official supposedly responsible for this docs release?

  8. LOL if the CIA did this doc there would be no question as to its authenticity...
  9. The "supreme leader" may be slow, but this is absolutely stupid to think a letter like this exists in reality.

    (And if it does, then I am in awe at the stupidity of the "supreme leader")
  10. In totalitarian regimes of any sort, the 'record keeping' is incredible... why? Because it is a form of "cover my ass" protection; it spreads the responsibility around or up. It makes the "I was just following orders" excuse easier to believe.

    Notice the "Due to the worries expressed by your Excellency..." & "your personal preference of Dr. Mahmood Ahmadinejad."
  11. Hmmmmmm....

    I've worked in the world of historical documents and autographs for many years, and that thing strikes me as fishy. I've learned to trust my gut on these things over the years. While I would love this to be indeed true, it looks a little too good to be true.
  12. AhangariJ Member

    Leaked because...

    How Iran works, and I know because I have been there many times, is threw money. Even when your groccery shopping your haggling over prices. Here in the states everything has a fixed price, but not there. The reason IMADINNERJACKET was award presidency, is because someone is paid off. There is constant under the table deals going on. 9 times out 10 the reason you see this "letter" is because some who wants Mosavi to win, was paying someone else to risk their life and release it. It all revolves around money. And always will.

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