Unexpected methods of snooping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Subliminal Probing for Private Information via EEG-Based BCI Devices
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    my brain fills out an exclusion waiver
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  4. Random guy Member

    Say, hasn't subliminal screen messaging been proved not to work?

    From Wikipedia:

  5. The Internet Member

    The paper is very sciency but basically nuts. EEG recordings are noisy as fuck. You can guess that someone is having a seizure or not, is asleep or not, is vigilant or relaxed, eyes open or closed, has some gross abnormality in part of the brain or not. That's about it. No way you're going to learn which bank they use from an EEG. And yeah, subliminal images are not a means to influence someone's behavior.

    Ok I glanced at it again. The colorful language about covert attacks on people is beside the point. Basically, they're flashing some pictures repeatedly at people and some of those pictures include Obama's face. They're using some methods for generating an average EEG signal per picture, to see if the one with the recognizable face (Obama) generates a slightly different average response. They say 66% of the time, yes it does.

    Meh. The more interesting question is, why does this paper exist? It doesn't seem to be in any journals.

    The references include links to web sites for companies trying to cash in on brain wave sciency sounding shit that doesn't work. So maybe this paper is meant to be part of that cargo cult world of sciency papers that reference other sciency papers.

    Afterthought: Who sometimes wants to extract secrets from hostile interviewees? Who is easily impressed with gadgets? Top of my list, our friends at the CIA. So maybe someone is gunning for a Federal grant here.
  6. Horseradish Member

    True. Even when using to try to determine abnormalities, the EEG result will often be "inconclusive".
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    About all that EEG recording can show is
    Are you awake or asleep
    Are you having a seizure
    Are you meditating
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    So- global cortical activity. Seizures can be localized to a certain extent
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  10. Anonymous Member
  11. Whoever it is, cia/kkk, they are collecting information on everything, all the time. I have seen a pattern of their subliminal tactics used on fellow freedom fighters, they use psychological weapons (that are information based of the activist) to try and pacify you and make you think you are crazy. This is a tactic they MUST employ to keep their agenda secure. Do not become discouraged when you see it happening to you, it means you are doing something with potential to destroy their agenda. Let others know. They are trying to quiet you because you are a critical thinker and therefore "innovative" leader. (Innovative in the economic class sense/a shifter of demand and supply in economics).
  12. The Internet Member

    There are people spreading bullshit to convince others to buy things or vote a certain way. But the way to fight that is to point out the lies using evidence. Getting paranoid about vague subliminal messages isn't going to help you or anyone else.

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