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    Really sad that in the 21st century people are living in such conditions. 1% rich and 99% poor.
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  2. *tips hat*
  3. Hurricane


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  4. I like my little thread more than the depressing shit about Trump: The first Ambassodor of Unicef;

  5. White Tara I miss you.
  6. I am ever so gratefull I can have this little Thread. It is very Important. Yes it seems I am tottaly out of wack.

    Butt I had it right about Donald Trump.

    So I want my own space. And this is it.

  7. I love woman. I am very seksist in my languauge, but I expect those same woman slapping me silly about it.

    Those woman where "Enslaved" on that"virgin" Island with a "Lolita"Express" plane going back and forth to the "Slave"Island

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