United Global Protests Set for Saturday June 20th

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Hubbard Telescope, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Found this on the Where is my Vote (global) group on facebook:
    Please use all available resources to coordinate times and places. The protest forum on this website can provide a place to organize, as well as the above linked facebook group. Get the information out there!

    (man, this is all deja vu)
  2. Yes, H-T! This is so like the olden days! OMG it's like Feb 10, 2008 AGAIN!!!! <3 (Love ya babe! gb2kitchen and make me mah sammich!)
  3. Can we get this up somewhere else, for those of us who refuse to get a facebook?
  4. Copypasta and send by email, MySpace, AIM, telephone, etc?
  5. Of course, this would happen eventually. The people who can do things step up.

    I'm glad we're trying this quickly. This is a time-sensitive situation. I'll check it out.

    People stateside are doing stuff like getting permits and finding out what the local police's position is, right? Do everything to have a safe protest. People are getting beaten and dying, this is true, so let's be thankful.
  6. Also feel free to use this website in coordination with all the other sites out there offering services to share location/time/etc. for the protests.

    /gb2kitchen sammich teim :(

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