Update: Clearwater III Anoniversary: Assaulted & Audited!

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  1. Anonymous Member


    What a day. Yes, in the picture posted above it is a Clearwater Anon being audited at City Hall Fountain with one of Clearwater's finest sitting in a patrol car in the background. We love you, CPD. You keep the peace and keep us as safe as possible in crazy cult town.

    The day started off with three of us waiting for our fourth Anon. It was a beautiful day and we decided to sit and chat. The fourth Anon didn't show up at the time they'd given us so we decided to make one quick walk-through and then come back to City Hall Fountain for pizza and delicious CAEK.

    We walk east on Pierce St. and wait for the light to cross Ft. Harrison Ave. to go stand behind the Coachman Building because we can see a lot of Sci activity there. As soon as we get to the sidewalk, OSA security start re-routing people out the front door which opens onto Cleveland St. One LOL-Security guard tries something that's not been done in a while: SIGN TECH! His problem is that he's by himself in this endeavor and is walking the sign back-and-forth because SO are craning around the sign to look at us. Fail. They initialize VAN TECH and move a van in front of the doors so we just move farther down the sidewalk and it's like a miracle: the people inside can see us again. Heh.

    So, one of the Anons decides to go through Gaslight Alley to stand on Cleveland St. and catch all the people being re-routed out that door. Brave Anon is Brave because the cult truly believe Gaslight Alley belongs to them...

    Keep in mind that we've only been there about 5 minutes while all this transpires.

    It's the newb Anon and myself. Suddenly, a man speaking broken English comes walking into the middle of the Coachman Bldg. parking lot from the Gaslight Alley area. He's gesturing wildly while screaming and cursing at us. He's actually screaming, "Get the fuck off MY property!" while standing in the middle of the Coachman Bldg. parking lot. He's screaming other things while cursing the whole time. I finally yell that we're not on the property and I doubt he owns it anyway and that we have a legal right to be there. He screams, "LEAVE! LEAVE! LEAVE!" I said, "How about no?"

    So, he walks toward the Ft. Harrison Ave. entrance/exit of that parking lot.

    The newb Anon goes toward Ft. Harrison Ave. because we have to keep moving and I move the other way on the sidewalk. As I'm about to turn to move back to the center, I see the old man running toward the newb Anon, pointing his finger at her and screaming.

    I start moving toward her and get to her right before he does. I step in between and put my hands up against my chest (arms not extended) in a defensive move and tell him to STOP. He stops right in my face, screaming and pointing over my shoulder at the newb Anon, cursing and saying the Anon cannot take his picture. I tell him that the Anon CAN take his picture legally and before I can tell him that he needs to check that law, he knocks my left hand down. I tell him he cannot put his hands on me and that I'm going to call the police now when he takes both hands and shoves me in the chest. I fall back into the newb Anon.

    He is still in both our faces when I pull my cell phone out and dial 9-1-1. He asks me, "What the fuck are you doing?" I tell him he cannot assault me and I'm calling the police. He realizes he's screwed up. I get the 9-1-1 operator on the phone and the old guy starts trying to walk away. I tell the operator that I'm following him because I don't want him to get away and the cult to hide him. The old guy jaywalks across Ft. Harrison Ave. and I tell the operator we're jaywalking now. We go into the alley behind the Starbucks building and the old guy goes into a Scilon owned business' back door. I cannot go in there. The newb Anon is right behind me. The other Anon is already on Cleveland St. and that Anon catches the old man coming out the front. He heads toward Gaslight Alley and this is where we all end up with the first CPD police officer to respond.

    I was told to wait in the alley behind the Starbucks, but then one of the other Anons calls to tell me to come to Gaslight Alley. As I am walking to Gaslight Alley, the CPD call me back and tell me to come to the police station to report this. I tell them that there's an officer in Gaslight Alley with the man. The officer on the phone tells me if the situation is not handled to my satisfaction to come to the police station. I tell them I will.

    I get to Gaslight Alley and meet up with the other two Anons. I go ahead and take off the ole top hat and what's left of my GF mask. I have to walk between the old man who assaulted me and another man standing with him to go talk to the officer who wants to speak to me right next to the cult's Coachman Bldg. parking lot. LOL @ no privacy whatsoever...

    In all honesty, I believe this officer was either new to the downtown area or had picked up some overtime from another one of the CPD's districts because he was not doing his job.

    He wanted me to tell my story and kept interrupting me to say, "On the sidewalk...not on the parking lot? Right?" while pointing to the sidewalk. After about the third time of him saying, "STILL on the sidewalk, right?" I stopped. Long story short on this: I told him I never get on their property and if they're saying that then they need to pull up their surveillance tape of me on their property.

    The officer then stops me and tells me he's not going to file a report. I ask why and he says I wasn't hurt and then proceeds to say this like two or three times to me: "You have your reason for being here, right?" I finally told him I have a constitutional right to protest against them lawfully and I always have.

    Then he says I need to cut the guy some slack because he's foreign and an older gentleman and I should respect him. Bit of personal info about myself here, but I've been doxed up the ass for a long time so, "Meh." I threw my arms out and said, "I'm 53 years old. I'm not a spring chicken. Where's the respect he should have shown me?"

    The officer says he's not going to file a report and that's that.

    I tell him I'm going to the police station. He asks why. I said that he had not handled this to my satisfaction and I had been told to come to the police station if it wasn't handled well. He says he's not done talking to me. I tell him I'm done talking to him because there's nothing more to say if he's not going to file a report. He tells me to stay right there and he takes a few steps back and gets on his shoulder radio. He walks back over to me and tells me that the officer in charge that day is coming over and gives me the name. I lit up like a Christmas tree because Clearwater Anons have had the privilege of dealing with this particular officer on numerous occasions. I tell the first officer that was great and he didn't seem too pleased. I did keep offering to go to the police station to save the second officer from having to leave the station, but the first officer said he was already on his way. Laigniappe: As soon as he says second officer is already on his way, we turn around and there is a public Sci who's parked her vehicle at the end of the alley completely blocking the alley. I said, "I hope he doesn't need to pull in here since she's parked there illegally. The officer just stands there in disbelief that this woman has parked the car and left her driver's side door wide open to go do whatever she needed to do at the Coachman Building. I tell him, "That's nothing new. We see it all the time. They don't think they have to obey the law." He says nothing and does nothing when the woman eventually comes back to the car.

    The second officer comes and takes over. He takes my statement. He takes the old guy's statement. He takes the newb Anon's statement. SO, public Sci's, OSA security are all going up to this guy and talking to him while all this is going on.

    The second officer says he's going to file a report. He also unbelievably says the old guy swears he's NOT a Scientologist. When I first heard that I thought it was an outright lie by the old guy, but now I have my suspicions that the cult has just riled this old guy up. I do believe I know who he is, but until I can get the report on either Wednesday or Thursday of this week, I am not going to speculate.

    We had to go back to City Hall Fountain to write our statements. The second officer, who was in charge that day, then said that he would file the report, that he was trying to get security tape from the Scientologists, and that the prosecutor/D.A. would probably choose not to prosecute.

    I told him I understood that and especially since none of us was physically hurt, but that we were done not filing anything against people who attack us. We need to send a clear message to the cult and anyone that they might potentially talk into harming us that we are not going to stand for that anymore.

    He told us that he had stationed officers at the main intersections throughout downtown and he knew that he couldn't tell us what to do, but asked us to please stay within eyesight of an officer at all times when we went back out. We agreed to that immediately.

    You think the Strangeness is OVER? Nuh uh.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Part Deax...

    We get back to City Hall Fountain. One Anon is calling for our delicious pizza while the newb Anon and I are talking. We have a CPD police officer stationed right next to us when a female SO member approaches the newb Anon and myself. The SO female is carrying an e-meter.

    I ask her if she would mind telling me where she's from. She is from Russia. I ask her if she misses home and she does not understand. I ask if she's homesick and put my hand on my heart. She throws her head back and sort of tears up and says, "Oh, yes. I miss Russia. U.S. is not like Russia." I'm thinking, "No kidding, but you don't know what the real U.S. is about." She actually picks up another GF mask and holds it up to her face while smiling like a young child.

    The other Anon approaches and asks what's going on. We tell her this woman wants to practice auditing and this Anon decides to be audited. (SEE ABOVE PICTURE) When the Russian and the Anon go over to the other bench, I threw my arms out and cocked my head to the side while looking a the patrol officer implying that I didn't know WHAT the HELL was going on and he cocked his head to the side, too. Bizarre.

    At this point, we truly thought the Russian SO was a plant. We thought maybe her heavy broken accent might have been a ruse.

    We couldn't have been more wrong.

    She has an extremely heavy foreign accent and speaks very little broken English. She is smiling at us and manages to get out that she needs to practice auditing someone. Newb Anon and I both have to crank our jaws back up. I try to explain to her that we are protesting against Scientology and she does not understand. She asks if she can pick up one of the Anon masks and I'm thinking, "I'm probably going to have to fork over money to replace that mask..." but we go ahead and let her pick it up. She puts it on her face! I tell her to please take it off and put it down because she might get in trouble for that.

    She does not understand. She asks the newb Anon if she can practice auditing on her and the newb says it's not a good idea.

    She's standing there so friendly and smiling and so we start chatting with her.

    She truly did not know what she was doing.

    I will let the audited Anon finish this story up because I could only see what happened, but the audited Anon heard it all. The only thing I will add here is that the Russian SO female thought we were theater actors and that's why she approached us...

    After the Russian SO's "removal", suffice to say that after the pizza arrived and we enjoyed our pizza and CAEK, we decided to call it a day.

    When I went over to the patrol officer to tell him we were leaving, he was just as shocked as we were that this Russian woman had approached us.

    Note to OSA security and whoever the HELL runs your program for training SO to audit??? About the ONLY people you're going to find in downtown Clearwater are other Scientologists, homeless people, police officers, and anti-Scientology protesters. SEND YOUR SO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO PRACTICE AUDITING, DUMBASSES. And don't send someone out like that you has little-to-no grasp of the English language. SHE SHOULDN'T BE IN TROUBLE. YOU ALL SHOULD BE IN TROUBLE.
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  3. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Very strange. But kinda fun with the Russian. Xorosho! By the way, if the assaulter was not a Scientologist, why didn't any Scientologist come after him and explain that assaulting someone was not a good idea?
  4. subgenius Member

    cool story bro.
    no, really.
  5. Anonymous Member

    And why didn't they run him off when he was standing in the middle of the Coachman Building's parking lot screaming at us to get off of his fucking property? I really don't believe he is Sci, but I do have my suspicions that he's one of the non-Sci business owners downtown and they somehow got him riled up. In other words, they played him and used him and now he might end up in trouble.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Fucking amazing.
  7. i'mglib Member

    Weird, but sad, too. Poor Russian girl just wants to go home, but she can't. They probably have her passport, and I'm sure she has no money. I've read stories like this before, where they get people from Eastern European countries to join the SO, and then they are stuck. So sad.
  8. exOT8Michael Member

    What a bizarre day you guys had. Wow.

    Bravo for sticking to your rights and blowing off Flag security idiocies.

    Sea Org motto: "We Come Back"
    Anons: "We aren't leaving.
  9. UMULAS Member

    Your epicness level just went over 9001.
  10. Anonymous Member

    It seems you forgot to include the details on this Russian SO's "removal". Care to elaborate?
  11. Ann O'Nymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    I'm leaving that to the Anon who was audited because that Anon heard everything while we only saw it.
  13. adhocrat Member

    wow, just wow
  14. Anonymous Member

    In that pic is NewbAnon actually on the cans? I can't make it out! Weird!
  15. Anonymous Member

    Nope. Seasoned Anon on the cans. Better pix than mine will be up later.
  16. anonymous612 Member

    Better question: If he wasn't a Scientologist, why did they send their PR girl out to talk to the cops...the same way they have every time one of the CW anons has been assaulted or there's been some other incident? Would have thought they'd learn their lesson after the officer tore her a new one about the assaults during Operation Clambake.

    As for the auditing....lolololololol. I was on the phone placing our pizza order and this obviously Sea Org chick walks over to the other anons and starts talking to them out of my hearing range. Usually when this happens after an earlier problem, it's a couple OSAOSAOSAfags coming over to act creepy and try to delay our next march, but they have a couple of specific guys they usually use for that, so I figure it's some random scifag who was walking by and wanted to chew us out (wouldn't be the first time) and walk over in case someone throws a fit again. OP was trying to figure out the woman's particularly broken English as she was talking about Russia not being like here and where she was on the Bridge. She toys with the masks, putting mine on and admiring the flower attached to one of the others, and asks us if she could practice her auditing on us (OP, you should have seen your face).OP passes, but I'm totally not above taking advantage of the fact that someone can't read a "SCIENTOLOGY=CULT" sign. I did explain that I had never had that opportunity before so would she mind if my friend here took photos, and she asked us to wait until afterwards (lol, like we actually did that...). We walk over to the other side of the fountain seating area...conveniently right in front of the police sgt's car. This anon isn't suicidal, after all.

    The SO explains that she's just practicing so she won't write anything down (not completely honest of her) and explains that the emeter isn't a lie detector, it reads thoughts. Lolwut? She also demonstrates on herself how "upset thoughts" make the needle move...while she still had her hand on the dial she had JUST demonstrated controlled the needle. I c wut u did thar. My eyes are not so bad that they cannot detect subtle hand movements.

    She starts the "session" and asks me to describe something recently that upset me. Whoops, should have planned my story in advance. I pull something out of my ass, it's not big enough to make her little needle twitch, so she has me try something else. That one got a result...because I remembered to tighten my grip on the cans. She has me close my eyes (what am I, twelve?) and play through it in my mind, and then repeat it to her...and then she does my pet peeve about scispeak, that crap about having to wait for or give an acknowledgement of every line. She stared at me for almost a minute before I went "Okay, done" and she thanked me and continued. Hate that so much, and she did it EVERY TIME I stopped talking. Egads.

    I won't get into what my story was (mostly because I barely remember it, something about hitting on people other people shouldn't be hitting on), but suffice it to say I had to apologize to a couple friends afterward for calling them sluts. Oh yes. She asked me if the incident had an earlier beginning -- no, or I would have started with THAT incident, genius -- and I rambled off a couple more that seemed like they'd be the "right" answer...and then she had me repeat them. Over. And over. And over again. We're talking ten or fifteen times. Because the needle wouldn't stay steady...because we had been talking so long my hands were cramping too badly to manipulate it anymore. Ugh. Eventually I pull out some psychoanalytic bullshit about internalizing my selfdoubt or some shit like that and she has me run through it AGAIN and then goes "Ah! And now it's erased, yes?"

    Actually what she said was irised, but we managed to figure out which word she meant. The language barrier was bad enough to actually interfere with the questions during the "session". Also, halfway through she changed can sizes on me because apparently I have tiny hands and it was throwing off the readings. Yeah. The can size was throwing off the readings. It had absolutely nothing to do we me trying to figure out if that old story about tightening and loosening your grip to make the needle fluctuate works (hint: it does).

    So we wrap up and she decides to show me how the meter works, by having me use the dials to calibrate it to her, and while we're playing around with the meter, three Flag Security folks (and a fourth from a completely different direction) run out over to us, visibly pissed, and say to her "can we talk to you for a moment?" And as she gets up to go chat, they stop her and snap at her to pack up her stuff first and bring it with her. So of course I fuck around and thank her as slowly as possible, and she thanks me, and we shake hands and smile and I thank her again, and then meander off to the OP, lean over, and tell her I've never lied so hard for so long in my life. And when I turn back around, the four securityfags have surrounded her, one in front and behind and one on either side, and are fastmarching her over in the direction of the Ft Harrison. Gee, I think they might be displeased with her...
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  17. exOT8Michael Member

    I wonder what her enforced-by-cult "corrective actions" will be today?
  18. Anonymous Member

    I wanted to "liek" this story...
    but I can't.
    Nope. Not one lol.
    anger... fury... rage.

    The SO auditor-trainee... what was she doing?
    Trying to help. Trying to "clear" the planet, and bring just a tiny little bit of freedom to light.
    Doing exactly what she'd been trained to do.
    She wants to go home? She can't.
    She thinks the masks are funny? They're not. They are poisonous and she now has "crimes" to atone for.
    And punished for, because 'just following orders' won't save you when the purpose those orders is to destroy and enslave you.

    thanks Scientology!
    for reminding yet again "wtf we fight"
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  19. Anonymous Member

    This truly makes me sad!

    "She throws her head back and sort of tears up......." - and now she's obviously in deep shit for her interaction with and ingorance of who you are!
  20. ravenanon Member

    well done cw. Way to finish the fight
  21. Anonymous Member

    It seems obvious to me (and im pretty sure everyone else) That the SO is attempting to recruit people who do not know the english language well so they dont understand what everyone is protesting against. Hearing your story OP, if i wasnt 100% sure they were monsters now im 110% sure they are. Ive been lurking and knew they were monsters...but this....this is very horrible. This cult suckering in people which majority are probably those who just want to help society, and instead are distant from society by force or brainwashing. Im glad to see this organization beginning to fall and the front groups being exposed. Thanks to everyone who goes out to raid. Many of us cannot because of lack of resources or distance, but its good to see people out there.
  22. Anonymous Member

    So all in all... how do you express the idea of "No Identity" in Russian? For that matter... How do express freedom when you've lived in RUssia and move to america as a SO member?
  23. lostatsea Member

    I feel very sorry for that woman. I hope she's ok, but I doubt that she is. :(

    ETA: Very good job though, guise--you handled yourselves well. :)

    What an interesting day.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Shame the cop wasn't bothered to check her papers... she'd have had to tell him that the cult had taken it... might have provoked some awkward questions for the clams...
  25. ryangiggs Member

    Raeg! Sad. ???
    Poor woman. Another prisoner.

    Really appreciate this report, Anons.
  26. anonymous612 Member

    Why the fuck would the cop have checked her papers? He wasn't even out of his car when she was there, so it's not like he heard her accent. What, she "looked" russian so he randomly checked her visa status?

    I don't know about recruiting, but keep in mind this is Clearwater. We get a lot of foreign ones here because they send them here for the higher level training. We IMPORT our crazy.
  27. Anonymous Member

    A lot of the "recruiting people and sending them to foreign countries where they don't speak the language" is standard LRH tech for keeping the 'meat' confused and helpless.

    If they can't communicate with the outside world, they're trapped and fully dependent on Scientology.
    Even if they somehow clue in to the fact that they are being abused and that CoS is full of garbage- they are stuck. No options. Nowhere to run. They do this with native-speakers too, by shipping them off to parts of the country where they are unfamiliar and lost.

    Its about control and training / conditioning people in codependence.

    Ironic that Narconon claims to help people ESCAPE a relationship of dependence on foreign substance....
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Just a thought...Even thought the cop didn't get out of the car, he did shrug/use body language to an Anon indicating he recognized the situation was "odd". Do you think the CWPD would be willing to make a welfare check on her? If Anons explained the situation, and her tearing up, etc...

    You CW Anons are total WIN, but I'm very concerned at what punishment her ignorance and language barrier may have brought upon her.
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  29. anonymous612 Member

    He thought the fact that a visibly scientologist person came over to the anons and started auditing one of them. I'm confused what you think that has to do with her nationality.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Welfare check would have to be requested by a family member and/or a friend. She left willingly. Nothing the CPD can do unless she had turned and run to his car to ask for help.

    We can only hope that she will remember that we were kind and friendly to her, that we did the whole girly talk thing about hair and her coat, etc. Perhaps the friendly talk will be a comfort for her at some point and might help her to blow if that's possible.
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  31. LocalSP Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    I understand that this particular post game report is very tl;dr because a lot of shit went down in a short amount of time, but if you're not going to read the whole thing please don't try to respond on what should or should not have happened. The cop had no idea the Russian woman was Russian until she left and actually the fact that she's Russian wouldn't have changed how he reacted to the whole situation. She walked up alone, we talked to her, one Anon was audited, and the woman left of her own free will with the four douchbags that came to retrieve her. No one broke the law, so I fail to see how the cop could have stepped in at any point.
  33. Anonymous Member

    I read the entire OP and wasn't saying what *should* have happened - said it was just a thought. I didn't indicate I assumed the cop knew anything about the woman - other than recognizing the oddity that a scientologist was positively interacting with CW Anons (auditing an Anon, playing with a GF mask, and later, seen being "escorted" away by cult thugs). FYI, in some states, welfare checks can be requested by anyone.

    It's not about laws being broken; it's about someone's safety.

    tl;dr - Chill the fuck out.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Aside from that little bit of legislation recently passed (for the time being) in Arizona, immigration law is a Federal matter. Local, county and state police don't check peoples immigration papers as a matter of course. There's really nothing that they could have done unless she were to have voluntarily approached them for asylum and even then their options would be fairly limited. Ultimately she'd need to get in touch with her consulate, the nearest one being in Houston, close to 800 miles away and if she's destitute, even they might just turn around and ask her to GTFO.

    The whole situation sucks. Something the cult knows perfectly well and takes full advantage of.
  35. AnonLover Member

    u really cant make this shi- up. soooo glad to hear the scuffle got reported!! woot!!!

    and props to the anon who got on the cans, brings bak fond memories...

  36. Anonymous Member

    Let me quote what you said, "Shame the cop wasn't bothered to check her papers..." More than hinting that the cop somehow had ESP powers and was also somehow negligent in protecting her. She walked off with them willingly with a cop in a patrol car not ten steps away from her. She could have turned and asked for help and did not. Cop couldn't arrest the douchebags who escorted her off because they weren't breaking the law either.

    Listen, Mr. or Ms. Know-it-all, I know that I myself tried numerous times early on to get welfare checks on SO through the police all the way up to the state level and since I didn't know their names, didn't know exactly where they lived, didn't know any personal info about them other than they worked somewhere for Scientology in Clearwater? It left the authorities with nothing to go on. Don't be a wise ass with me. This ain't my first fucking rodeo with this shit and I don't need you or anyone else schooling me on how I'm doing it all wrong. We good now that you realize I'm just as big an asshole as you?
  37. Anonymous Member

    Samefagging here, there is a major Greek Orthodox church up in Tarpon Springs that would likely have close liasons with numerous Eastern Orthodox/Russian Orthodox churches in the USA. In the event that the streets of Clearwater should become awash in Russian SO that want to get out, it's possible that they could provide some resources if PA'd.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Listen, Mr. or Ms. Assumer, I didn't write the "shame the cop blah blah" post. I initially posted wondering whether the CW PD would be willing to do a welfare check to see if the Russian girl is okay after the cult got its hands back on her. Was not attempting to "school" or slam CW Anons, and I didn't say or insinuate that any of you did anything wrong. In fact, I believe I said "You CW Anons are total WIN." Someone ITT said only family or friends could request welfare checks, so I pointed out that in some states, anyone can.

    More than one person is obviously using anonymous posting on this thread. No need to be defensive - I still say your cell is awesome, whether you like it or not. :)
  39. anonymous612 Member

    How could I pass up being an IRL demotivater?
    And there was absolutely no indication to the cop that she wouldn't be in tolerable condition.
  40. Ike Drifter Member

    This recounting of a tragic assault on an anon by a scientologist would serve as an example of excellent evidence; I'm looking forward to seeing actual documentation of the event. Berate me if you like for not accepting this description at face value, but this is a dox or gtfo situation.

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