Update: Fayah Found Her Martyrdom

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Idiomagic, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Idiomagic Member

    Fayah Azadi June 23, 1986-August 2, 2009

    I heartily wish I didn't have to report this. I just found out that Fayah was one of the women who led the protests on July 30th at Neda Agha Soltan's gravesite.

    She was beaten severely by several Basij militiamen with batons, and struck repeatedly on the head.

    Her friends carried her away from the cemetary to a friend's house. She died on August 2nd, having never regained consciousness.

    Fayah Azadi was 23 years old, a student at Tehran University, studying art. She was a talented painter, and a staunch supporter of democracy and women's rights
  2. Nedjarsan Member

    Omg what an action of "very brave men" beating up women to coma and death.

    I am sure the west and it's sanctions is to blame because the hospital ran out of supplies.

    May the tortourers burn in hell
  3. Coyote-IRAN Member

    I can't think of anything to say right now that I won't regret saying later.
  4. Idiomagic Member

    I hear you. Believe me.

    I had to add a statement on my livejournal post about keeping one's opinions to oneself after I deleted a comment saying "Well, she got what she wanted. Dying for a cause is stupid. She could have accomplished more by staying alive and fighting."

    The rage and the frustration and the grief are making me physically ill...
  5. Nedjarsan Member

    trust me ur not the only one
  6. Coyote-IRAN Member

    We need her picture. I want to make sure no one forgets the sacrifice she made. If you can get one, please post it.
  7. Idiomagic Member

    It was her sister who finally let me know what happened. She says the family doesn't want any further contact with anyone from the west. They believe that somehow her international contacts led to her death. Maybe that if we hadn't "encouraged" her, she would still be alive.

    I guess I can understand their feelings. I can certainly respect them. Considering how the families of the dead are being persecuted over there, I can't blame them for wanting to shut down contact.
  8. Cobalt-IRAN Member

    Idiomagic, I already replied to you elsewhere but... thank you for telling us. I'm so sorry for all the pain her family is going through, and that they're probably not going to find the support they need--at least not anyplace they'll feel safe turning.

    Fayah will definitely be the face of this series of events for me, more so than anyone else.
  9. Nedjarsan Member

    I think we all can understand their feelings.
    Still she died for one of the most important things: Freedom

    I know that does not help a thing to fill the gap for the family.

    Anyhow tell them that all my heart, tears and prayers are with them.
  10. Visionary Member

    Oh God...I'm so sorry to hear this. :(

    I had hoped for a better outcome for your friend.
    I'm saddened by her family's response as well...
    I hope this is not the opinion of too many other families of these brave martyrs, although I'm sure some share it and it is an understandable reaction with all that they are suffering right now.

    God bless Fayah and her family and keep as few others from sharing their fate as possible.
  11. akuma_river Member

    I'm not sure what to say. So I will simply say, My condolences for you and her family's loss.
  12. Twister Member

    <silent tears>

    There are no words...
  13. So sad ...

    Wish there was something to do..

    In any case she will be a symbol to me, and i will always remember.
  14. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    a tragedy
    another martyr
    a senseless killing
    the death of a nation

    another martyr
    adds her soul's water
    to the well of souls
    whose water condemns the damned

    a green well could become red
    were we to fill it with tears or with blood
    but we have filled it with souls
    to draw upon again and again

    a well of souls
    to make us thirst for freedom
    to water the seeds planted by our ancestors
    another martyr to fill a well of souls

    when we are free
    from the abuse and oppression
    we will remember the souls
    who have filled the well

    when we are free
    and lift ourselves from oppression
    we will forget those
    who will burn in hell

    i am so very sorry for your loss, Gwyndyn, and all the losses and heart breakings suffered by this young woman's family. i pray there will be justice and peace for all of us soon.
  15. Idiomagic Member

    Thank you so very much, my brother. As always, your words are a comfort and an inspiration.

    When all of this is over and Iran is free, I pray that I may have the honor of meeting you in person, to take your hand and give you my thanks and my admiration.
  16. WitteKr Member

    I'm lost for words. And thankful sp4rrowh4wk wasn't. It made me feel humble - and so sad I can't do more to support those who fight for a better Iran.
  17. Ariss Member

    Final farewell to a true hero...

    My heart is bleeding as I read this. This didn't have to happen! She needn't have died! Oh, my... I am.... speechless.

    **struggling with tears**

    How many innocent victims will it take, for the people to join hands and bring down the dictatorsip already? Those who killed her had no soul at all. But all people who have heart, join up, and cleanse the world of this devilish system of suppression and murder!

    (PS: and add to her profession thast she had talent as a prophet, foreseeing her death.)
  18. Idiomagic Member

    Unfortunately, it doesn't take much of a prophet for that...if you're in Iran and willing to stand on the front lines, martyrdom is yours for the taking. :(
  19. They Fear Even Our Mourning -
  20. Idiomagic Member

    I'm so sorry if I missed your comment elsewhere...I've been rather overwhelmed by all of this, and not as attentive as I should be.

    Thank you for your kindness and your support. It is a great comfort.
  21. SanguineRose Member

  22. Idiomagic Member

    Thank you.
  23. Picture?

    Can someone post a picture of this couragous woman online. Her determination for rights got her killed... lets post the picture for the world to see.
  24. Kruge Moderator

    I'd say if the family doesn't want this we should respect that.

    My sincerest condolences!
  25. Idiomagic Member

    This same question was asked earlier in the thread. Fayah's family blames us, the west, for her death and will no longer respond to me or answer questions or provide a picture. They wish her--and them--to remain anonymous.
  26. jadt65 Member

    I am sorry to hear of your many levels of loss. I hope you are being nurtured during your period of grief.

    Peace be with you.

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