Update: Janet Reitman's book "Inside Scientology"

Discussion in 'Media' started by LarryBren, May 30, 2011.

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    "Big League Sales Closing Techniques" by Les Dane ?

    Source? Well, I googled and found this first...
    "Church Markets Its Gospel With High-Pressure Sales",0,3469937,full.story
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  4. Sponge Member

    So has anyone in the US seen this on TV yet?
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    Thanks Sponge, thats probably the book:
    Scientology's Sales Closing Techniques

    In the early 1970's, L. Ron Hubbard happened across a book by an American sales trainer by the name of Les Dane. Les Dane, a full-blooded salesman and a very sympathetic person, was successful for many years in diverse areas. L. Ron Hubbard declared his book to be mandatory reading material for every Scientology salesperson. Later, Les Dane also visited Scientology organizations for the purpose of giving his sales training.
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    no, not i. bumfk middle-o-nowhere cable provider didnt/doesnt have a listing for it. Which is probably why i havent seen Inside Edition on the air for years.
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    Grab 180!
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    Yes, Big League Sales, Les Dane, he used to tour orgs and hold 1 day seminars for staff and sea org, the copyright is 1971, its an oldie -
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    wow, loved Bill Tammeus review, beautifully written
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    Has Big League Sales Closing Techniques by Les Dane ever appeared as a pdf ?
    I'd like to see a copy but it goes for a minimum of $125 on Amazon.
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    couldn't find a torrent
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    he he....the saying should be "You can ONLY bullshit a bullshitter", not "You can't bullshit a bullshitter."
    I'm intrigued by someone who scammed the scammer.
    And, oh, by the way, if $cientology was/is the best, why this?
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    Hey Sponge.

    Yep I saw it on Inside Edition. It was very good. Brief but good.
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    Any word on Today show interview rebooking date? There's nothing on her website that announces TV and radio interviews. Thanks, LB
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    I was thumbing through this book at the library and it's pretty good. I think my favorite part so far is the palace of tortured glass from which ̠͓̬͈̲͕͙̫̙͠͞͝Z̷͇̭̞̞̘̀͢͝s̢̤͇͍̮͉̯̯̗̖͙̟̯̝̰̮͚͍͚̯͟͟͜A̶̶̕͡͏̦̮͕̟̣̰̝̯͔s̢͚̳̻̞̩̗̰̲̱̀́̕ͅL̹͇͇͕̮͕͡f̭̞̻̙̼̮͇̭̙̲̤̭͍͉̰́Ǵ͙̪̟̺͞Ó̸̴̡̙̪͖̩̖̣̪̤͓̟͙̣̦̮̤͡!̢̯̲̜̝͘͢ sings the song that will end the world.
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    I have not heard anything on this but then I have not been in touch with Janet for about a week.

    Hopefully we'll hear something positive soon.

    One bit of news is that the book in e-book form is still on the NY Times bestseller list at #32 this new week:

    I think if more of us who really like that book get our own reviews/comments out to counter the phoney ones from organized scientology and if more of us ask our local bookstores to display the book up front in the store that it should go higher on this best seller list again.

    Coverage on the Today Show would certainly not hurt either!
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    Interviews with Janet Reitman have spread far and wide:

    Comments are open and the O$A bots have not made an appearance as of time of posting this.
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    She's a clever one, she is:

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    More of a religious studies/anthropology point of view from the interviewer. Interesting stuff. Thanks for posting.
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    From this interview:

    "You include narratives of some kids in various chapters, but it is not the main focus of the book at all. But now I see all of this emotion! Did this concern drive you to write the book?"

    "I think something has to motivate you emotionally to stick with it for all these years, and what motivated me emotionally was the kids I interviewed and got to know."
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    I'm starting to believe that Ms Reitman is conducting this train of interviews because what her publisher and their legal team allowed to be published was one thing ... but what she can say in an interview is another.
    For instance, some critics have raised objections of what they perceived as a positive slant about sci children and their future. But in this interview...

    "I had this really interesting moment when I was touring the international base [outside of Hemet, California] with Mike Rinder, who was then the spokesman of the Church, and Tommy Davis, the current spokesman [also the actress Ann Archer’s son]. They took me into this little office with a bunch of kids in their late teens, early twenties. All the people I met that day were bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, the best of the best, and they had all been drilled on how to behave around someone like me. But something happened. I would begin to talk to one of the kids, and then three, four, five other people sort of crowded around me and were trying to interject their opinions. I think one of the things they were told to tell me was that they were not brainwashed or prisoners, which was the perception that the Church believed I had. At the time I didn’t think anybody was a prisoner of that base, but I thought that they were very controlled. The kids were all trying to say to me how free they were, but there was something about this group when they were talking to me in a way that was completely unspoken, and I got this vibe of absolute desperation. They were like, you are from the outside world, and you are from Rolling Stone, which was a part of youth popular culture. It was nothing anybody said, but I just got this very distinct feeling that there was something with these kids – something bad is going on here."

    "I knew that some of those kids had had such intense experiences when they left that they were unaware of how to live in the world. They didn’t know if they were speaking English or not! It was so sad and yet fascinating because here they were living in a normal house in a normal suburban neighborhood in L.A. and yet they didn’t really live in the same world the rest of us did."

    As to what she found it to be, what it's about ...
    "It’s really a form of therapy, but with this technological instrument as a tool, and there is no free form of exchange. You have to buy into the idea that you’re taking part in a scientific process, that the auditor is trained, and that this will fix your problem. They think this is all scientific…. There is no faith in scientology. There is certainty."

    "It’s a religion in the eyes of the U.S. government. I definitely think it is a religion for the children who consider themselves Scientologists and grew up in the Church of Scientology, because by and large they grew up with no other religious traditions. One girl in particular I interviewed who is no longer in Scientology had no concept or heaven or hell – she had no concept of God."

    "Ultimately, and for whatever else they may be, I think Scientology is a business. They are a corporation, and that’s generally how I answer the question, when people ask me what they are. They are recognized as a religion, and they are a religion to the people that believe it is a religion. But objectively, they are a for-profit, commercial, spiritual enterprise. They’re global, extremely organized and they have a vast legal and defense network. Just like any other corporation, they want to protect their trade secrets. They want to protect their proprietary information and they happen to have a leader who is basically a CEO, or “chairman of the board” as he calls himself, although from every account I have heard, there really isn’t a board of directors. David Miscavige has a strong personality and has a kind of magnetic personality. There is a lot of dysfunction but it’s a dysfunction that you see in corporate environments."
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    Amazon update:
    Currently, at the time of writing, Inside scientology broke into the top 100 at #99 in the overall Amazon rank (previous varying between 150's to 400's and now the highest yet).
    It fills the top 3 spots for the Religion & Spirituality>Other Practices>Scientology section (Kindle ebook, Hardcover print book, CD Audiobook respectively, with the mp3 audiobook at #8)
    It had climbed from #17 last week to #3 in the main Religion & Spirituality section. (There are NO pro scientology books or indeed ANY other scientology books in the top 100 for this category) and also has high rankings in various subcategories (see amazon link).
    Inside Scientology was #5 in the Amazon editor's top picks for July.
    Although the amazon overall rank will fluctuate greatly, the book has consistently filled the top 3 spots in the scientology subsection since its release and often it is the critical books that take up around half of that sub-section's top 20 (with most of them in the top 10).

    In other rankings, Inside Scientology dropped out of the NYT top 35 in this week's best sellers list for non-fiction hardcover/e-book combined bu entered at #32 for non-fiction e-book only section.
    In the LA times Best Sellers list it stays in the top 10, down from #8 to #9 for hardcover non-fiction.
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    ^oops. My post.

    ...and then there's the scientologists copypasting Ostrich Tech(tm) in various news webmedia article comments that the book is a "fringe" publication.
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    Nail on head.
    She's a clever one, she is.
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    I'm on board
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    I'm sure these Christfags are on board too:

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    Last time I checked, it was on two boards:

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    Janet Reitman interview coming up in this Wisconsin radio show which is starting right now as I type.........

    KENOSHA — WGTD (91.1 FM) is owned and operated as a public service of Gateway Technical College and is an affiliate of Wisconsin Public Radio. For an updated schedule, visit its website at
    [Listen live on that link now] edit#2: Show's over. Good one. Covered a lot.

    The Morning Show” airs every weekday morning between 8:10 and 9 a.m. Following is a schedule of show topics for the coming week:

    Today — The guest will be Janet Reitman, author of “Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion.” Her book is a thorough study of the history of Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard


    Edit: She's on now. finished.
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    Listening now, thanks.
  37. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Just finished the book last night. It's the best book for the public to read by far. I've enjoyed other books more, but that's because I like the juicy stuff. Reitman has made her book packed with the most pertinent information and quite accessible to people with no background in the subject. And I got a signed copy! I was hoping she'd write "to my sweet Baboo" but alas...
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  38. moarxenu Member

    I encourage you to write a review for Amazon.
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  39. subgenius Member

    I'm in the second chapter. She knows the art of understatement.
    But no mistaking "One of the most effective hucksters of his generation...."
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