Update: Janet Reitman's book "Inside Scientology"

Discussion in 'Media' started by LarryBren, May 30, 2011.

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    Was someone able to record this? The site doesn't seem to have an archive.
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    The book's facebook page says Janet was on MSNBC's Martin Bashir show today at 3:30pm (EST). Anyone catch it?
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    A rather excellent review of Janet's book here. Commenting is closed but the article is very nicely written,, imho:

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    Inside Scientology is now available at the St.Charles Community College Library (Cottleville, MO).
    Also, according to the SCC libary FAQ, you can also request books that your academic library doesn't have to be sent from any other academic library in the state
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    Language as a weapon of mass inculcation
    Norwegianity 3rd August 2011

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    Seattle Times has an interesting and positive review.
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    NONFICTION REVIEW: "Inside Scientology"
    Star Tribune (Minneapolis) 5th August 2011
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    Based on what has taken place since the publication was released, a few weeks ago, I'd say that the current score is:

    Janet Reitman's Book = +9000

    $cientology = 0

    EDIT: I've been listening to the Audiobook. It's astonishing and very engrossing (and very well written based upon my listening to the reader for this audiobook!)
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    Well... Scientology is a fringe topic after all.

    What? You mean they didn't mean it that way? Oh.
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    I just got my copy of the audio book. I hear that the person who does the reading, Stephen Hoye, is incredible and really look forward to listening to a few hours of it on a couple of longish drives I am making this weekend.

    I'll report back on that.

    As I have not seen pics of the audio book package, I took some and include them below.

    One of my good friends showing off the front of the package:


    The front and back shown:


    Inside showing the CDs: two CDs covering 15 1/2 hours:

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    ^Ooo noice.
    That's the mp3 audio. The standard cd audio version is on 13 cdroms!

    You can hear a sample of the audio book streamed on this page:
    (direct mp3 link: )
    Also, if you don't want to wait for the CDs you can buy it in a download rom (at a really cheap price if you're a paying subscriber)
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    Oh man you had me worried that I bought the wrong version as I wanted to play it in my car on my car's built in CD player.

    But I put it in to hear it on the way to work today and it plays perfectly.

    What an enjoyable listen!! The guy that does the reading is very, very good. And hearing the audio book makes Janet's writing sound even better (and I loved it from just reading the book in the first place). I hated to stop listening when I got home.

    I am really looking forward to listening to more of it on seven or so hours of drives this weekend.
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    I wonder if it plays ok on my 8 track cartridge system in the old Jenson Interceptor. :p
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    I had to trim it to fit in my 4 track but it still wouldn't play. Things are just changing too fast for me to keep up with.
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    Well, that's one Mr. Hoy that should be fully inoculated by now.
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    Last week one of my girlfriends at work just finished reading the book. She was never a scientologist and had heard very little of it. She only bought the book because she heard me talking about Janet Reitman at work and saw a picture of Janet and I together.

    Anyway my friend told me that she read the book in four sittings and was completely engrossed in it. Just based on reading the book, she thought the story of scientology was fascinating and wondered how anyone could get involved in something like it as it was so crazy and horrible.

    I think that she is the perfect public for the book and that she is an example of how the average non scientologist who does not know a lot about scientology will react to the book. At least that is my guess.

    That is why, IMO, it is so important that as many non scientologists as possible read this book.

    How two other of my girlfriends at work are reading it.
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    ^That's the kind of feedback I like to hear, where an average person, not a critic or journalist or an ex, has praised the book.
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    Mr Brennan has alot of girlfriends... :)
  33. Nice Review in the Winnipeg Free Press:

    Believing in the almighty buck

    Science-fiction-based religion of Scientology not for the weak of will or weak of wallet, author writes
    There is also a comment thread.

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    Scientology in spotlight
    Post & Courier (Charleston, South Carolina) 21st August 2011
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  36. Gotta get these in libraries. books-500.jpg
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