Update: Janet Reitman's book "Inside Scientology"

Discussion in 'Media' started by LarryBren, May 30, 2011.

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    Around these parts the currency is fluffy kittehs.
    Leave the goats and donkeys in DM's office where they belong.
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    You want to fuck a cat? Weird.
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    So you're comfortable fucking goats and donkeys?

    Edit: sorry for the derail post.
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    Y u pimpin them? Thanks for the offer, but no thanks, weirdo.

    Anyway, about this book....

    Keep an eye on your local library. Have it put on order if they haven't done so already.
    Will OSA keep it constantly checked out or steal copies?
    Maybe suggest they keep an addtional copy in the reference (non-lending) section of the library due to the book's controversial nature and cult shenanigans.

    See the "find a library" on the google books page.
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  7. Well as long, I say, as long as the schnook Herro stays faaaaar away from mah hens he can fetornicate with all the cats, I say, all the cats on the farm.
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    Here is a little "preview" written by ILove2Lurk over at ex scientologists:

    "The book will be released July 5th or possibly sooner on Amazon. June 13th for the Kindle version, as far as I can tell.

    I've been reading the book most of the day (advance copy) and will give a bit of a review over the weekend when I have more time.

    It's over 400 pages long and is very well written as you'd expect, coming from a first-rate author like Janet Reitman. Just superb writing and research. The author, not being an ex-Scio, really knows her stuff and is very well versed and comfortable with this vast subject and its 60-70 year time span. I felt I was reading a book by someone who had been in for many years.

    On the acknowledgments page, Janet mentions most all the well-known modern-day critics and whistle blowers on the Internet today. She's interviewed all of them.

    The notes for each chapter at the end of the book are thorough and an education in themselves. Very interesting notes and I've read about everything there is about the subject.

    Bibliography, thorough and excellent.

    Since I've read most all of the other published books about LRH and Scientology, I've encountered most of the information in the early chapters. It's all presented well, though maybe not in as much detail as compared to the Miller book.

    However, this book updates the events of the past 20 years and current events quite well, which is the point of it.

    I'll write a bit more about each section over the weekend, but I'll say one more thing.

    The chapters DM and Power is Assumed, for me, were phenomenal. Worth the price of admission as they say. Though I've read a lot on the Internet, almost everything available, the author threads together the entire story from the time period just before LRH's death through to the ousting of Pat Broeker and unfortunate fate of Annie Broeker. All the delicious details are there. Stuff I never knew and written so one gets what happened and how. No names left out. Good stuff.

    For me, no mystery now about how "the power" was usurped and held, though amazing that it could have happened at all. (Guess who's gonna have a bad day when he reads those chapters.)

    Part 1
    1. The Founder
    2. Dianetics
    3. The Franchised Faith
    Part 2
    4 Bridge to Total Freedom
    5.Travels with the Commodore
    6. Over the Rainbow
    7. DM
    8. Power is Assumed
    Part 3
    9. Lisa
    10. Flag
    11. Seventeen Days
    12 The Greatest Good
    Part 4
    13. The Celebrity Strategy
    14. The Seduction of Tom Cruise
    15.The Bubble
    16. Int
    17. Exodus
    Selected Bibliography"

    Oh my but tiny fists are going to fly!

    Brace for epic!!
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    Okay, I'm sold. I already like the chapter titles. Glad I found out that you don't need to buy a Kindle. Right on Amazon, found link to download a free app so I can view Kindle book versions on my computer.
    So Larry, send over any chapter reviews as they come up. tks
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    I heard about this during the Chicago protesting buffer legal malarky, in a Chicago Tribune article (January 2011)...,0,2038620.story
    See this post here:–-legal-challenge-to-150-ft-protest-buffer.66031/#post-1323700

    The Church of Scientology: A History of a New Religion by Hugh B. Urban
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    Here are but a few of the places where the book can be preordered now:

    Barnes & Noble:
    Yahoo Shopping:;_ylt=AuAm8N2C2H0ub6UfEOx6sZobFt0A in Canada):
    Porter Square Books:

    Oh my but this may have the markings of the all time biggest FAIL in organized scientology's history with respect to their stopping the spread of the truth about them.

    Methinks it's time to brace for some real planetary dissemination of some real truth about scientology for a change.
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  14. LarryBren Member

    The book just got its first review on borders from "Sam I am Not A Scientologist from Maplewood, NJ".

    Sam used her OT powers to read and review the book before it was even published, expertly dissecting the book chapter by chapter (or maybe not):

    Let the games begin!!!
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    Wrote a review, hasn't showed up yet.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Fired a poon,flagged the clam poster.
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    Oh, hell. I guess they'd be established religions that are generally accepted by society today. I'm just guessing, because none of them are valid imo. They all sell various flavors of blue sky. Fish on Friday, funny hats, weird laws to live by. Abide by these constraints, that your behavior shall please the lord. I find it hard not to snicker when I see the Moast High of the RCC all dressed up in their weird and not so cunning frocks, dripping with shiny stuff that attracts apes and other inquisitive creatures.

    What would make a religion 'valid' would be solid proof that their god is real, a genuine Q, an OTXXX. No fairy tales, and none of those anecdotal testimonials. I want the whole "ground wet, wool dry" experience with a side of talking burning bush. Or an OT willing to do parlor tricks for my amusement.
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    Oh...we were supposed to FUCK the goats and donkeys? Damn. They've been on the barbie since 7:00 am. Hot!
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    Falsified scilon review was removed. Thanks.
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    I do hope Hugh Urban is a talented academic and writer. There is definitely a void that would be filled by solid, objective scholarship.

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    Bad review still there, but I flagged it as well. We shall see
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    "Few religious movements have been subject to public scrutiny like Scientology, yet much of what is written about the church is sensationalist and inaccurate."
    This is sensationalist and inaccurate.
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    There is only one valid religion.
  25. How did L. Ron Hubbard's Modern "Science" of Mental Health become a valid Religion?

    Perhaps by instituting Hubbard's Religious Cloaking policy and investigating the IRS leaders for any dirt or crimes on them personally and threatening them with exposure of these "crimes" and filing many bogus lawsuits against the agency.......May.......Bee?.............

    Phony science = Phony religion?

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    When I said they did.
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    I'm hoping the author is a serious scholar and writer. I never expected as much from a publisher.
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    How do you know he isn't talking about stuff that actually is sensationalist and inaccurate?
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    Larry Brennan is a legend.
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    No, no, he's very real. I've met him irl.
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    Very funny, in these parts if you call someone a legend it means that they are totally awesome and act above and beyond expectations, in fact are quite outstanding. In that context, Larry is a legend. You need Method 9.
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    I don't need Method 9. I haz Plan 9. From Outer Space!
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    "much of what is written about the church is"
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    "Urban finally concludes that a mature approach to religion in the 21st century requires that we can hold both views -- that Scientology may be a religion to its adherents, but that doesn't preclude criticism of its methods and practices."
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