Update: Janet Reitman's book "Inside Scientology"

Discussion in 'Media' started by LarryBren, May 30, 2011.

  1. Herro Member

    I like it when my arguments are endorsed by smart people. Gives me a big ol boner.
  2. Anonymous Member

    You're delusional, he wasn't familiar with your arguments.
  3. Herro Member

    I didn't mean that he came up with that because of me. I just meant that a smart person had come to a similar conclusion as me.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Sometimes a smart person comes to the same conclusion as a fool.
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  5. theLastAnon Member

    Not sure you're the only one around here who believes Urban's conclusion. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back anyway. Of course, others are more extreme in their view of Scientology. All of them agree the methods and practices (both admin and tech) are the motivation for opposition and criticism.

    There are tinfoil moonbat fuckwits mixed in as well.
  6. The word religion is a bit of a wild-card which is why I am not fond of using it.

    Buddhism, is agnostic on the existance of God. If you consider Buddhism a religion, then your definition of religion cannot require a God. In reality, people forget this and say things like, "Religion is [ridiculus|important] because there [probably isn't|certainly must] be a God." Buddhism just inadvertantly slipped out of the definition. The meaning of the word shifts and changes with what we want to say, so in conversation, when someone uses the term religion, you never know what they mean unless they full explain it. So the word itself is useless.

    Simliarly, the term 'cult' as it is used by theologans (or was, many have turned off the word), means a system of belief which is derived from another religion, but the people from the original religion reject it as heresy. So Christianity, as a child-religion of Judaism, is considered a Judaic cult. The term is not an insult, among theologans, just a historical fact.

    Often the term cult is used to describe a harmless fad like the hula hoop or star trek.

    The term cult as we tend to use it in common speech is what would have been called religious sect prior to Jonestown.

    Personally, I think words like religion, cult and sect are very emotinally charged ambiguous words. If you are motivated by human rights issues you should focus on that. I like Mark Bunker's use of the term 'Scientology organization,' which was used by all of the speakers at the LA conference a while back.

    Forget the words, remember the facts.
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  7. Herro Member

    Well said. Calling it an "organization" is a smart move. Just bypass the whole is it or isn't it a religion thing entirely. Because, as you and many others have noted, if you're protesting abusive practices, whether or not it's a religion is entirely irrelevant.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Wow, here's another review right below those above:

    [IMG]"Thoroughly engrossing page-turner on the shape-shifting Church of Scientology and its despotic, possibly criminal hierarchy. Rolling Stonez88;contributing editor Reitman based this debut on an award-winning article she wrote for that magazine in 2006 amid a flurry of media interest in the normally press-averse organization as it launched an antic publicity campaign featuring the world’s most famous Scientologist, Tom Cruise. For most of its 50-plus-year history, Scientology not only avoided attention; it viciously attacked anyone who dared come after it with every means, legal and otherwise, at its disposal. Some say it has even managed to get away with murder (or manslaughter), indentured servitude of minors, brainwashing and the stalking of apostates. So how did such a notoriously thin-skinned and anti-social belief system acquire any believers at all? Reitman delves into the pop-psychology, positive-thinking origins of the cult in the early ’50s in the mind of science-fiction hack, truth-bender and would-be commodore of the planet L. Ron Hubbard. A complex, Ponzi-like structure of franchises and a catechism called the Bridge to Total Freedom requiring steep payment from pilgrims at every point along the way resulted in rapid financial growth. As the cult grew in size, its founder took to the sea, creating a society resembling a sci-fi dystopia, designed both to exalt himself and evade tax laws on the land. After Hubbard died an isolated and paranoid hermit, a young man named David Miscavige muscled his way to the top with the blunt aplomb of a Stalinist apparatchik, punctuating his ascendancy with consequent purges of perceived rivals. Reitman somehow manages to maintain an objective stance throughout the book. One of her sources is a charmingly (and surprisingly) independent-minded young second-generation Scientologist named Natalie, whom the author posits as representing an alternative, more recognizably human future of the church—if the top dogs don’t first succeed in blowing it all to bits. A bizarre and complicated history told with masterful control."
    National author tour including New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco
    --Kirkus, STARRED review
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Okay, this is weird, but then again, it's sci. I have an Amazon account and went to check on Inside Scientology book page, curious if there were an pre-interviews. So I strolled down toward the bottom of page. No interviews, but in that area is where Amazon shows your browing history, usually the last 4 or 5 items.

    Well, the last item it showed, Wo! Definitely Not something I had browsed! Damn, I deleted it right away, reflex because of viruses, hacks, etc. I was wondering if anyone else who has an account at Amazon or any of the other online stores above that also display your browsing history, has had similar strange or bizarre something or other?

    I'm not saying yet what the "item" was, but will later. Obvious OSA. If anyone else finds something, maybe screen capture, or don't delete it and report it immediately to online retailer.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Was it a dildo?

    With love,
    John Allender.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I sincerely hope that you're not suggesting OSA logged into your Amazon account, looked at something inappropriate, and then logged out. And why will you not say what the item is now, but you will say later? I'm calling bullshit on this one. Sorry. Go tell your paranoid bullshit to someone else (may I suggest the comments section on Marty Ratbun's blog?).
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  13. Anonymous Member

    because of ongoing investigation of the matter. If anyone's experienced anything unusual, it should be reported to the appropriate retailer.
  14. Interrobanger Member

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  15. LarryBren Member

    Hey Sponge. I checked with Janet and she says that she is not reading her book on audio. That's done by a professional actor, Nancy Cartwright. (LOL just kidding about the Nancy part. But it is done by a professional actor).
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  16. LarryBren Member

    Tip of the day: check Janet's site late next week. It should be updated then.

    By that time it is hoped that info can be listed telling where and when she will be doing book readings, signings, etc..

    As well the site may also be listing when you can listen/watch for her on radio and TV.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Actually, this did happen to me too and it was a result of going to Amazon from this site. Give me an infraction, mods, or fucking ban me but I suspect you all had something to do with it. Here's what Amazon just told me:

    If you are using a public or shared browser, you might conceivably see items that another party had added to the cart when using that browser. Rest assured, your account security has not been compromised in any way.
    We have now implemented an account-specific shopping cart. With this feature's initial implementation, the shopping carts associated with an existing account will be combined upon your return to our site.
    I'm pretty damned sure that there are some serious leaks coming from the mods or powers-that-be on this site so I'm done with this shit.
  18. Sponge Member

    !!!!!!! Nancy Cartwr.......


    Thanks Larry.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    U mad?

    Shared browser = somone else in your house or place of work who is using that same puter on the same user log in the same browser. The someone else went to amazon and so when they browse some dildos, or whatever the fuck you're not telling us it is, then it will subsequently appear in your amazon item browsing history when you next go to amazon on that puter because they can't differentiate who's sat at the keyboard since of course the cookie will be the same. That is what they are saying.
    So, eliminate that first before your tin foil hat implodes. Do you share your computer with someone else, using the same operating system login?
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  20. LarryBren Member

    Hey it could have been true!! Afterall, Nancy Cartwright does have experience reading materials involving scientology:

    PS: You're welcome:)
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  21. Herro Member

    $10 says shitforbrains here saw Scientology books in the list and mistook the recently browsed items list with the "Customers who bought this also bought" or whatever it's called.
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    I checked and it said I recently viewed: Doc Johnson Realistic 9 Inch Black Dildo.........

    So I understand why you found this annoying. (seriously)

  24. LarryBren Member

    Here is a little more info about getting Janet's book:

    1) she definitely will not be selling the book on her site:
    BUT stay tuned for info on her readings, signings, TV/radio interviews (including what could be a major radio interview as early as the first week of July) and more starting by late next week;

    2) although you cannot buy the book at her site, it will be available at tons of places including online at all the places I listed earlier in this thread and many more. Also the book will be available at your local Barnes & Noble and many other stores starting the week of July 4 if not before; and

    3) for those people who have found it difficult to buy books about scientology from Amazon as they had a limited stock, it is often because those books were mostly self published with limited runs which is not the case with Janet's book which is being published by one of the world's big publishers. Places like Amazon have large stock of the book and, unless something really unusual happens, one can trust that they can order the book in hardback, audio or kindle and receive it shortly after July 5.
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  25. moarxenu Member

    I think we need to have some 4th of July Janet Reitmann FTW!!! raids.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Me too. (Not the same anon, btw.)

    Leak what? You don't use your nick here on Amazon, do you? Or the same email? IP address? Amazon can see that you came from here if you click the link above. I'm more curious about how Amazon's software put Doc Johnson's merchandise in several (at least 3) anon's "recently viewed" windows. FWIW, I turned that feature off (which clears history) then on again, and couldn't get it to repeat. Curious.
  27. Anonymous Member

    WAT. I'm so confused, but I'm pretty sure that you guys have no idea how the internet works.
  28. Anonymous Member

    OK, 'splain it to me.
  29. LarryBren Member

    OK one last thing about buying Janet's book.

    I preordered my first copy on Amazon some time ago.

    But I am waiting until later this month when the books are in bookstores to get the other copies I plan on buying.

    I am doing this because in order for the book to get on lists like the NY Times best seller list, the book has to be purchased at actual bookstores, not online. And I want to see this book make major best seller lists.

    It would be so totally righteous for the most well researched book on scientology and organized scientology to make the best seller lists and thus the truth get out to an even larger base of readers.

    Anyway that is what I am doing.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    On the chance that this is someones attempt to discourage people from buying this book it failed with me, I ordered an extra copy.
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  31. Interrobanger Member

    You were trolled into wasting money? Seriously?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Spreading the word is not a waste of money unless you decide it is, in which case you wouldn't do it.
  33. AnonyVix Member

    Looking forward to this book. I thinkit's great of Larry to buy copies for the libraries though I hope he checked they would stock them, uinlike the scilons. There is also the probLem of scilon clean up crews simply removing them.

    On religion, the definition of religion is quite wide and it seems getting wider but this point should be moot. Religions should be treated just like all other organisationa and should have to qualify fopr tax exemption where being a religion does not automatically grant it.

    The USA hasinterpreted their own constitution far too liberally. Sure the state should not be able to legislate against a religion but that does not mean religions should be exempt from laws that apply to other organisations, nor should it grant exemption from scrutiny - there should be no need to pussy foot around a religion any more than when a company or individual is investigated; if anything individuals need more protection and religions less. The Founding Fathers and the authors of the constitution never meant for the seperation of state and religion to be taken to the degree it has been.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I was referring to my Amazon account saying the last thing I viewed was: Doc Johnson Realistic 9 Inch Black Dildo.........
  35. LarryBren Member

    I just got an interesting email from Amazon about my preorder of Janet's book:

    Soooooooo, unless Amazon is full of it, it is now T - 4 days to Total Fail (of organized scientology stopping this book after they were shown the cover on here and given eight months to kill it)!!

    It would also mean that Amazon would have to be shipping about now.

    We'll see shortly.

    And now for a little reflection as I think back to Janet starting this over five years ago:

    Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, east of Los Angeles, in the lair of the dwarf, behind razor wire fences, evil incarnate is guzzling its thimble of scotch.

    It hears the silent screams of those around it, cruelly held under its spell.

    It knows the world is soon to read chapters such as:

    Was it only a few short years ago that it could gloat at the murder of an innocent, at the horrible death of a girl under its charge, covering up its crimes, knowing that it has destroyed a family's future as it has done that of countless others?:

    It is angry. But even more so now it is afraid.

    It can no longer stop the truth.

    It wishes it could get up onto its little steppie stool and slap, punch and choke the entire world. But it is too much of a coward to try to do so to anyone who will defend herself/himself.

    It wishes that it could sue the truth tellers into submission but knows all too well that the truth tellers are too strong, their numbers are legion and they will not submit.

    It knows it will not be forgotten.

    It knows it will not be forgiven.

    It knows to expect the worst as truth comes marching its way.

    It begins to embrace the horror of its reckoning.

    Somewhere in Hemet a door slams as an angry dwarf storms out in a drunken haze to slap another victim held prisoner there and who will not defend himself/herself.

    Today is not a good day in the lair of the dwarf.

    June 15 will be a worse day there.

    /end of reflection.

    Thank you Janet. And thank you all who told the truth and who otherwise helped!!
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  36. AnonLover Member

    heh... this pleases me!!
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  37. Zhent Member

    Are you aware of any major Australian chains carrying the book? Or will I just have to use amazon...
  38. LarryBren Member

    Hey Zhent.

    I do not know what Australian chains will be carrying the book. But with such a large publisher I would think it should be sold all around Australia.

    Here are two links to the publisher with respect to the book and its distribution FWIW:

    Likely we will be hearing on here soon enough as the book starts showing up in stores though.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Just for you!
  40. DeathHamster Member

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