Uploading a YouTube video onto a CD or DVD..

Discussion in 'How To' started by Holl Anon, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Holl Anon Member

    Uploading a YouTube video onto a CD or DVD..

    I need to upload several of my YouTube videos onto a CD or DVD for a civil case I'm involved in.

    I have Windows Vista and have yet to find any definitive instructions how to do this.

    Can someone please advise me if this is possible using Movie Maker on Vista or whether I can do this directly from my YT account? I made the videos so there is no copyright issues.

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide me.
  2. adhocrat Member

    Re: Uploading a YouTube video onto a CD or DVD..

    Not sure what you need.

    If the videos are on your computer, pop a CD or DVD in the drive, drop the videos into the folder and then press Burn baby Burn.

    Or...I didn't understand your question
  3. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Uploading a YouTube video onto a CD or DVD..

    you mean download, right? Or upload from cd/dvd?

    In case of download: Since it's a civil case I guess you don't need awesome quality, which makes things easy: google "download youtube" then put the video files on a cd.

    In case of upload: Get the files from the cd/dvd and put it on your computer, then just upload them. You might need to rip the cd or get some other software other than windows standard if it's a cd/dvd that you bought or is protected somehow.
  4. Stutroup Member

    Re: Uploading a YouTube video onto a CD or DVD..

    Erm .. you MADE the videos, so you still have the files which you uploaded, right? RIGHT?!

    So just burn those to disk.

    In the case that you uploaded the file then deleted it for some illogical reason, then it's a short path to save your ass:
    1.) Google it.
    2.) Save the video
    3.) Burn it to disk.

    And you're done.
  5. Coldsaw Member

    1. Use Firefox Addon "DownloadHelper" to download the Videos.
    2. Download SUPER for converting them.
    3. Burn.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Super = Complete and utter piece of shit. Seriously.

    Much better alternatives are WinFF and Format Factory. The latter is particularly easy to use.
  7. Kilia Member

    Doesn't DownloadHelper have a converter already in it?
    (Just needs to be enabled).
  8. Coldsaw Member

    If you know how to use it´s very good ;)

    Yes but this is not for free.
  9. veravendetter Member

    Log on, Log in, Log out
  10. Kilia Member

    Ahh..I've never used it so wasn't aware that it's a paid service.

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