Urgent! Congress moving to kill net neutrality

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by BrainStorm, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. BrainStorm Member

    Direct info from FFTF (fightforthefuture):

    "We’ll keep this brief. Comcast is in attack mode, right now. We need you to fight back.

    Team Cable’s allies in Congress are advancing two bills that would overrule the FCC and kill our dream for real net neutrality [1]. Hearings are happening TODAY, at this very moment.

    Click here to call the committee members, right now and tell them to stop standing in the way of real net neutrality. We need *everyone* to do this.

    This was Comcast’s big play all along: if they lose the FCC, get Congress to do the dirty work. Now it’s happening. There are two fake net neutrality bills in motion that wouldn’t stop cable companies from discriminating against certain sites, but would block the FCC from enforcing real rules.

    Hearings run all day. The House hearings start at 10am, and the Senate at 2pm.

    How awesome would it be if while they’re at these bogus hearings, they get panicked texts from staff about the HUGE number of pro-net neutrality calls? That’s what we’re shooting for. Can you call now?

    Also, since there’s really a lot of calls to make, we’re trying something special. if you call all 10 targets, the 11th call goes to my personal cell phone, where I’ll thank you personally.

    Will you do it? If so, talk to you soon! :)

    Holmes Wilson (and the entire team)
    Fight for the Future

    P.S. If you’re interested, we’re live streaming the hearings at all day. Watch them, and dig in on Twitter.
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  2. baz

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    Seen in the west in his vest and not his best.
    Ding dong you're dead.
  3. baz

    My hat's on my head and my game is playing dead man's ⛎
  4. BrainStorm Member

    For whoever is interested:
    (this is from the FFTF activists:
    "Dear Fight for the Future member,

    Urgent action needed to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership censorship deal! Click here.

    It’s Friday. No one really wants to be working today, but something urgent has come up and we need to ask you to take action. TODAY. We've made so much progress together in the fight for net neutrality, but now there's another threat sneaking up on the Internet.

    Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has long been a champion of Internet freedom causes, but now he’s saying he wants to negotiate with Republicans to make sure that so-called "Fast Track" legislation passes, which would then hastily ram through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, a massive trade deal that we know contains extreme provisions that could lead to widespread Internet censorship.

    The TPP threatens everything we care about, especially our interent freedom, but it can't move forward unless U.S. Congress passes Fast Track. Everything we are hearing says that a new version of Fast Track could be introduced as early as next week.

    Senator Wyden needs to hear from you right now. Click here to tell him to be a hero to the Internet, not a traitor!

    We need to make sure he feels the heat all day today. Let’s remind him who’s side he’s on: the Internet’s!

    Thanks, have a great weekend,
    -Evan from Fight for the Future

    P.S. Senator Wyden is especially sensitive to what he sees on Twitter. Will you retweet this tweet? That would be a big help. Th anks!

    Want more awesome more often?

    * Like us on Facebook
    * Follow us on Twitter

    * Keep us fighting, chip in what you can."
  5. arPnonymous Member
    (no joining thats state censorship let me be perfectly clear and in our case the bill was sort of already passed but stopped)

    if i may add from europes side... I need to know legal sides if theres still someone around who knows laws, they will fail because business runs on inet... but they can damage a lot...

    Also Im thinking of something eyecatching... postal pigeons comes to mind but im afraid theyll shoot me... :/
  6. BrainStorm Member

    Here is more that I just received from FFTF.
    Please support them on the fight for net neutrality:

    With the FCC so close to finally passing real Net Neutrality rules, things are getting ugly in Congress. Last week we told you that Sen. John Thune and Rep. Fred Upton are pushing fake Net Neutrality legislation — dubbed, nefariously enough, "Title X" — at the behest of Comcast and the other big ISPs.
    Will you call your lawmakers to tell them to oppose it? It'll just take a couple of minutes, and will help save the Internet.
    It's easy to see what's going on here: Nearly every last person and organization that's backing this proposal has historically OPPOSED net neutrality, and now they're trying to gut the FCC's authority to implement meaningful rules.
    As the key committees held hearings last week you bombarded the members' offices with tens of thousands of calls -- and that seems to have brushed back potential supporters from signing on.
    But it's not a done deal yet, and we need to shut this thing down before it moves an inch.
    Let's stop this bill before it starts — Please click here to call Congress now.
    While the Thune-Upton bill is disguised as Net Neutrality legislation, it would actually just protect the phone and cable broadband duopoly from oversight. It legalizes a lot of harmful discriminatory practices by preventing the FCC from moving on its own to adopt and enforce rules.
    We need to keep ensuring that this proposed legislation is exposed for what it is: a cynical cable-lobby effort to prevent the FCC keeping the Internet open and nondiscriminatory.
    Will you call your lawmakers to tell them to oppose it? It'll just take a couple of minutes, and will help save the Internet.
    Demand Progress
  7. not to be facetious but why would a an individual care? tumblr_n37ohzuhYW1tqee3oo1_500.gif
    Caleb Chambers
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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Not you, the pigeons, hear theres lots of hungry people there (here too) :p
  9. BrainStorm Member

    ""Dear Fight for the Future member,

    To put it bluntly, it’s time to get serious. If you care about the Internet, click here to join the Internet Countdown.

    The FCC’s proposed net neutrality rules are expected to drop this week. What matters most right now is that we keep up a constant and sustained barrage of online protest between now and the vote calling for the best possible protections for a free and open web.

    The Internet is awesome at defending itself. As always, we’ve built the tools to make it easy for *EVERYONE* to maximize their potential as an Internet defending hero.

    Your voice matters. Click here to join the Internet Countdown for net neutrality.

    Participating is easy. If you have a website, blog, or Tumblr, you can grab a snippet of code to display this awesome countdown timer on your site, and help drive phone calls and emails to lawmakers in DC. If not, you can join with Twitter, and sign up to tweet the countdown, like this, either once a day, once a week, or just once before the vote on Feb 26th, it’s your choice.

    Thousands have already signed up, helping us reach more than 3.4 million people every day already. If even just half the people on our list did this, we’ll be louder than anything Comcast can dish out.

    Will you help us win a historic victory for free speech? Click here and let’s do this.

    The atmosphere here at Fight for the Future is electric right now. We’re on the cusp of a victory that no one thought was possible, and we owe it all to supporters like you.

    With gratitude and hope,
    -Evan at FFTF""
  10. BrainStorm Member

    They sent another email already lol:

    I know Evan emailed you earlier today, but this is urgent. Media reports are coming out about FCC's forthcoming rules, and for the most part they sound really, really good. But, there’s one important detail, a loophole that might still let Comcast mess with services like Netflix. Can you send the FCC an email right now?

    We need you. Click here to tell the FCC: "Don't mess with Netflix"

    (In most email apps–including gmail–this will start a new email to a list of key FCC employees. Then just click send. If it doesn’t work, reply to let us know.)

    Things are moving really fast right now, and we’ll know more soon. But journalists at the Wall Street Journal have been briefed on the FCC’s latest plans, and it looks like the FCC will be giving cable companies like Comcast some ability to charge “interconnection fees.”

    These fees are the reason Comcast forced broken and “buffering” video on millions of its own customers, just to extort money from Netflix.

    We still don’t know the details of the rules yet. Probably even the Wall Street Journal hasn’t seen the exact text. And, if early reports are true, we could be looking at a huge victory for net neutrality. The rules look better than anybody ever thought the y’d be.

    But we wanted to sound the alarm. As we move into the end game, we need the FCC to know we’re watching, and that we’re dead serious about getting net neutrality done right, with no loopholes for the cable companies to exploit. If there’s a big loophole (and it looks like there might be) let’s do everything we can to fix it right now. Are you with us?

    We need you. Click here to tell the FCC: "Don't mess with Netflix"

    Thanks for doing this.

    Holmes Wilson and the Fight for the Future team.


    If the links above don't work for you, here's the text of the email and who to send it to:

    Subject: Don’t mess with Netflix

    Dear FCC,

    I don't want Youtube, Netflix, Vimeo or *any* online video to look like this:

    If you let cable companies charge interconnection fees, Comcast will keep slowing sites down until they cough up more cash.

    Every American Internet user will suffer, and they’ll blame the FCC (and, likely, Obama) for not closing this loophole when they had the chance. I sincerely hope that the Wall Street Journal is wrong, and that your rules will ban these shakedown tactics outright.

    Everyone who watches video online.
  11. foxes Member

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  12. This is a link to Demand Progress and their net neutrality petition. Well worth a vote.
    Thanks foxes.

  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  15. Republicans.Not.
  16. What is net neutrality and how could it affect you? - BBC News

  17. zozo22 Member

    I need to know legal sides if theres still someone around who knows laws, they will fail because business runs on inet... but they can damage a lot... Xender Discord Omegle
  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi and welcome to WEP. We do legal and peaceful things here.
  19. john singh Member

    We still don’t know the details of the rules yet. Probably even the Wall Street Journal hasn’t seen the exact text. And, if early reports are true, we could be looking at a huge victory for net neutrality. The rules look better than anybody ever thought the y’d be. teatvred
  20. candide2020 Member

    your paradise is going to be hell
  21. ogisforbes Member

    The most proactive and efficient process to have the largest favorable effect for a satisfactory outcome with net neutrality would be for Anonymous to come out in support of the current nationwide protesting. The time is ripe for joining and/or supporting a mutually beneficial social movement, the path is already laid. What are the rewards one might ask for stepping up to the plate? What is in it for Anonymous? Well: The Lulz of dismissing an asshole from the White House so roundly that he feels the door hit his ass on the way out: The opportunity to play defense against the FIS sponsored hackers when they make their play against the electronic voting systems: Getting to watch a narcissistic loser meltdown: Increased social status and influence for playing a role that distracts the current administration from further political hacking that is compromising the top level stability needed for the intelligence community to actively responding to ongoing covert infiltration and attacks by foreign backed bad actors and white supremacists that are taking advantage of the social disorder and political climate right under your noses. Or....Anonymous can bunker down with some popcorn and watch the soap opera play out.
  22. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Ogis and welcome back!
  23. ogisforbes Member

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