Urgent: Dublin Anons

Discussion in 'Europe' started by InterestedinCrazy, Jan 13, 2014.


    Video 3, 7 min in until 12 min in

    (Video of DM in Dublin)

    Let's try to get this out into the press and show that ratbag DM that Dublin and Ireland do NOT welcome him!

    ETA: NOT in Dublin...sorry...let me clarify
    This leaked video on Tony's site is from the NYE event in Flag. DM discusses how well and influential scieno is in Dublin! You'll be appalled and uses out national monuments, history and poets to flog his shite of a cult!
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  2. there has not been much protesting in Dublin against cult of scincetology now that european hq is in Dublin firehouse and lobby office is merrion square beside the dail somebody tryed to kick in the front door off merrion square only few protest in firehouse one on on middle able street 2017 2018 was one merrion square in count meath where the locals said no lets just say some scincetology got head batter over the years by strangers hopefully anonymous greek irish can get in touch with me was in germany berlin this year other places for protests

    speak to you soon

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