URGENT: Iran Opposition Under Cyberattack on Twitter

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by FintanDunne, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. FintanDunne Member



    [COLOR="Red"]Persons unknown are destroying the #iranelection tag on Twitter. Currently the real messages coordinating Iranian political opposition to the Regime --are being drowned out by massive volume of tweet spam for a product called Turbo Cash Generator.[/COLOR] ( Turbo Cash Generator - Earn Online Using Twitter )

    Twitter have not responded to block the spam content --which is rendering the #iranelection tag unusable -especially to less experienced users.

    Twitter are failing completely in their corporate responsibility to protect a vital online system of free speech and anti-fascist political organization.

    We need to take action immediately: Austin Heap's new Haystack product is designed to enable Iranians use social networking sites such as Twitter to bypass regime censorship. That product is rendered pointless if the most popular Iranian opposition tag on Twitter is destroyed by cyberattack.

    The sheer volume of tweet spam (up to 70% of tweets -see image) is counterproductive from a e-marketing point of view, so it's possible that Turbo Cash Generator is not the actual entity behind this cyberattack. Another entity may be using the product as cover for the attack.

    Either way we need to act!

    Defensive Moves:

    1) Instruct Twitter users how to filter out the spam.

    I have set up an antispam account on Twitter:

    This will instruct inexperienced users how to filter the spam out. But it requires volunteers to post this tweet on Twitter to get those instructions out:

    [COLOR="Red"]Under cyberattack -Nospam search: "#iranelection -$3,000 -Ufc -hot -turbo" Join the AntiSpam Crew @iranelectnospam Retweet! pls[/COLOR]

    You can join the AntiSpam crew at

    But this is only a short-term fix.

    Offensive Moves:

    This is where /b/ or /i/ and other net-truth guerrillas come in.

    Twitter will likely not bother their ass with this issue unless some noise starts being made. Unless some big waves get stirred up.

    So make Noise! Make waves!

    1) Take this ripoff site Turbo Cash Generator - Earn Online Using Twitter off the net to oblivion!

    This is Job 1. If this ripoff product (with fake reviews spewed on the net too) is actually behind the spam then they deserve it. If not, then let them squeal anyway.

    If we take them down we can generate some media coverage and use that to pressure Twitter.

    2) Trend up the tag #iranelectnospam on Twitter.

    That makes more noise. If 4Chan's or /b/'s or whoever was behind the recent trending of #gorrillapenis on Twitter, then surely this is a more valid raid.

    See: 4chan may be behind attack on Twitter | The Web Services Report - CNET News

    3) We need media on this (see 1 and 2)

    4) Your ideas....??

  2. FintanDunne Member

    Another Spam Message is now hitting the #iranelection tag on Twitter

    Legitimate spam or not, it directs users to

    Let's make life hell for people who interfere with life
    and death issues for the courageous people of Iran.

    We need the word to get out that spamming Twitter #iranelection the kiss of death for your spamsite.
  3. turbocash

    one of the main messages if from turbocashgenerator.

    you can send threatening emails to

    they are hosted at - who was responsive this week to our requests to take down the pictures of iranian protesters that were being hosted by them. you can write and ask them to cut off the ip address to these guys at: and .

    i'll keep looking for irl things to do to this awful company . . . but i don't think there's much cyberwar to be done - it is all in the u.s., and theplanet is a legitimate company.

    the other main spam is from - but they are aware, and apparently trying to stop it already . . .

  4. FintanDunne Member

  5. because put a message on their webpage

    and now they fixed the issue after contacting twitter. they're good guys. and the attack from is over.

    from the a$$ holes at it continues.

    after looking at their site - they sell a software package that lets people spam from a home computer. and most of the spamming accounts look like they are posting to all the trending topics (it isn't just about #iranelection). i think this is a case of collateral damage.

    the best thing is to let twitter know. it could be coming from a huge number of hijacked computers, a little joke from some fellow anon's.

    twitter will eventually get it under control, i suspect.

    in the meantime - rt them to @spam (minus the hashtags - of course). send an email (if you can come up with email for twitter . . .). if you know someone who knows jack dorsey (the founder of twitter), tell them.

    and, certainly, the fucktards at deserve any punishment that someone creative enough can come up with - i'm down for any good ideas.
  6. at least mail bomb the fuck out of

    that's right, at least we can mail bomb the fuck out of

    otherwise, they seem pretty well locked down - there's nothing else to interact with on their site. the ass wipes thought this through . . .
  7. ur doing it wrong

    turbocash has been around for ages so they know what theyre doing

    this is a problem on the twitter developer end, all the trending topics have this cancer in them
  8. FintanDunne Member

    No we're doing it right.

    #iranelection is a vital organizational resource for activists.

    We can't afford that it becomes unusable at a time of peak
    crisis in iran --which could be any day -unpredictable.

    We need to light a fire under Twitter.

    One person in Twitter could kill that spam in 5mins. attention per couple of hours.

    And we have to make an example of someone to send a message
    that spamming #britneyspears doesn't matter, but if you F&^k
    with #iranelection you pay a price.
  9. Twitter crap

    I've switched, at the urging of other tweeters, to #iranrevolution or #iran instead of #iranelection. It helps at least until these spam eejits figure it out.
  10. FintanDunne Member

    Spam is back


    The "Killer Software" spam is back Sunday on Twitter & #iranelection

    But the Twitter short links it is using, such as:

    are no longer valid on's link translation system.

    So no benefit in traffic to the originator.
    Just hassle for us.

    For some time overnight the spam had ceased to target #iranelection

    The originator is still unidentified.

    I have provided with the affiliate code the spam was using:

    In response to a media enquiry by me,
    said it would have the spam stopped, but did not admit if the affiliate
    code was genuine, or if the company itself was responsible for the spam.

    Nevertheless the spam continues today.

    More at:

  11. Ok, serious need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

    If Twitter itself collapses, the revolution will not. It will adapt and continue to use the other means of information-spreading that are manifold on the net.

    In fact, continuing to say that spreading out to other hashtags would be bad is only serving to encourage dependence on a single, central source. The decentralized nature of this movement is it's greatest strength.

    Yes, we do need to deal with the spammers, but if you would pay attention to the fact that all trending topics are getting slammed with spam, you would see this is not an assault on #iranelection, but on Twitter as a whole. That makes it no less serious though. This could be an attempt by those seeing Twitter and similar forms of communication that may evolve in that future as threatening to limit it's effectiveness and drive the non-committed away through shear annoyance.

    Twitter is run by an uber-small staff as it makes... well, honestly, I can't figure out how in god's name they would ever make a profit. And yet they have to support and INSANE usage load. They're unresponsiveness is not due to not caring, but rather to being overwhelmed. If you really want to help, get ahold of them and see if they would accept assistance from computer-savvy volunteers.

    Once again though, CALM THE FUCK DOWN. The "URGENT: blah blah blah attack!!!!! blah blah blah" tweets are just as counterproductive as the turbocash spam when they get to the quantity that they interfere with reading tweets.

    Additionally, even unfiltered, the number of minute-by-minute tweets in #iranelection has yet to reach the number they were in the first days. L2scan

    Diversify: You came here to discuss this, did you not? Do you honestly think anyone in Iran either savvy enough or knowing someone savvy enough to be connecting through haystack or other means that skirts Iranian government controls is not going to be able to figure ways around such issues?

    In all honesty, for myself, I have been searching under the #iran hashtag since day one, as it always seemed less full of crap and stupid people. Even then, it's just scanning, as only about one-in-50 tweets is anything new or different.

    As far as info getting into and out of Iraq, by now the follows and sources are well-established, and no amount of spam is going to effect that.

    The only people this truely effects are those outside Iran wishing to raise external awareness, and I am getting a serious vibe of overestimation on the part of some of those people as to their personal importance. To them I say, this is not about you, it is about Iran.

    To review:
    If Twitter itself collapses, the revolution will not. It will adapt and continue to use the other means of information-spreading that are manifold on the net.

    In fact, continuing to say that spreading out to other hashtags would be bad is only serving to encourage dependence on a single, central source. The decentralized nature of this movement is it's greatest strength.

    We must continue to decentralize, not struggle to stay with your own personal favorite approach.
  12. DNS provider contact info

    This is the contact information for the DNS provider for - Contacting Us emailing/calling them doesn't hurt either.
  13. There maybe a silver lining here...

    OK, I am done with tens of emails to everyone I could find associated with and Signed up their email address for hundreds of differnet promotional products so their mailboxes get slammed with SPAM too :)

    On the positive side, all the spamming by non-related #iranelection fools keeps the hashtag on the top of twitter list. People who are following the people they know and trust for accurate information will continue to get that information - let these bastards keep IranElection on the top of trending topic lists...
  14. Ray Murphy Member

    If the murderous Iranian regime did close down Twitter it would be good in a way because it would show the world how effective it has been and it would drive the madmen nuts - seeing how their repeated attempts to throttle communication were futile.
  15. Ray Murphy Member

    Basiji Hunter, any chance of buying your screen name ?
  16. FintanDunne Member

    Some success

    Thanks to help from Tweeters and AnonymousIran members, the spam level
    in #iranelection is now reduced to a trickle.

    A number of spammers have been contacted directly by
    #iranelection's No-Spam team and have backed off.

    However, it is likely they or other spammers will show up again and so
    we will continue an aggressive response to spamming of #iranelection.

    Latest here:
    Iranelect Nospam (iranelectnospam) on Twitter
    Fintan Dunne News: Iranian Opposition Under Cyberattack on Twitter
  17. keep up the good work

    too bad you have a visible name, otherwise youd really be a part of anonymous lol
  18. Stacy Member

    The killer software and others have been spamming #iranelection for the last couple of hours. Twitter is banning and the bots are making new accounts just as fast as the old ones are banned.
  19. Spamming is back on #iranelection

    'Download and Watch Live TV Shows' is the new one...
  20. FintanDunne Member

    Ok - updated the no-spam search term:

    Latest No-Spam search: #iranelection -movies -$3,000 -ufc -hot -BrĂ¼no -pirates

    Anyone on Twitter -pls tweet the above line regularly so that
    new readers of #iranelection know how to filter out the spam

    Get the latest no-spam search filter &
    Join the Anti-Spam Crew @iranelectnospam:
  21. I can't even get to open so I can sign in!

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