URGENT: Iran Opposition Under Cyberattack on Twitter

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by FintanDunne, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. FintanDunne Member



    [SIZE="3"]URGENT: Iran Opposition Under Cyberattack on Twitter[/SIZE]

    [COLOR="Red"]Persons unknown are destroying the #iranelection tag on Twitter. Currently the real messages coordinating Iranian political opposition to the Regime --are being drowned out by massive volume of tweet spam for a product called Turbo Cash Generator.[/COLOR] ( )

    Twitter have not responded to block the spam content --which is rendering the #iranelection tag unusable -especially to less experienced users.

    Twitter are failing completely in their corporate responsibility to protect a vital online system of free speech and anti-fascist political organization.

    We need to take action immediately: Austin Heap's new Haystack product is designed to enable Iranians use social networking sites such as Twitter to bypass regime censorship. That product is rendered pointless if the most popular Iranian opposition tag on Twitter is destroyed by cyberattack.

    The sheer volume of tweet spam (up to 70% of tweets -see image) is counterproductive from a e-marketing point of view, so it's possible that Turbo Cash Generator is not the actual entity behind this cyberattack. Another entity may be using the product as cover for the attack.

    Either way we need to act!


    The link above is where an online response will be coordinated.

    Perhaps you have ideas for getting Twitter to take action?
  2. Ok, people need to calm the fuck down on this shit.

    Someone went paranoid-psycho, and now we have people doing some sort of a Twitter Salem Witch Hunt.

    If people dont calm down FAST, they will do more damage than good.

    I've been RT'ing reliable info for quite a while now, and somehow people are adding me to the list being recommended to @spam. Fer sris, wtf people?
  3. Use a different tag? Ever since the first major protest, #iranelection has been spammed with those very same messages. As time progressed and people lost interest the robots began to outnumber the humans.

    Also, Twitter sucks and I hope it's still not the main avenue for coordinating protests and information after all this time.
  4. Twitter has been useless for a while now, it's only good among those who have already established a network when this first started. As far as I'm concerned the spam propagating there can't be helped. Though it would be nice if the Twitter developers cleaned it up.
  5. One thought: #iran is pretty much spam-free.
  6. I'm sure it won't be for long.

    Two kinds of people have generally taken over the former avenues people used to communicate in the beginning: bots and the paranoid mob.

    Stick to the people you've known since the middle of June.
  7. Well, if you search for "#iranelection -Killer" it elliminates those tweets. Just have to call Kahmenei a "murderer" instead of a "killer" in tweets.
  8. i think ive seen turbocash generator link with megaupload for filesharing sites, a "click the turbocash link to proceed to your download" kind of thing, so trying to attack turbocash directly will be a problem

    And yea the lemmings screaming their heads off panicking is hilarious
  9. A spammer has probably latched on because #iranelection is a high-profile topic that will get lots of visibility. At a minimum it keeps the #iranelection high on the list of most Tweeted topics.

    At this point I don't think it's a huge issue, because most are probably following trusted Tweeters not the #iranelection tag. Still, it's probably a good idea to find a way to shut down the spammer. This is true regardless of whether the spammer is a cover intended to flood the topic with crappy information, or whether its simply a business venture exploiting a high visibility event.
  10. Looks like they're using the API and have coded their own script to spam the top 10 topics, don't think its much of an issue.
  11. Its probably the profiteering spammers who inhabit the chans once in a while- possibly with instigation from anti-oppositionists.

    Twitter allows robotic twits, I guess for the ad revenue. Lets see how they clean up the mess, because no matter what tag a group hold on to, its likely to be usurped. IMHO.
  12. The easiest bullshit filter is using a -killer or -software or any number of "minus" keywords during a twitter search, if a - is allowed, like on this twitter search engine: iran election -killer - Twitter Search

    On the bright side, the cancer is gonna bump #iranelection higher on the trends :D
  13. Sammi-J Member

    I've read most of the trending topics today and the spammer has latched on to most of them, not just #iranelection its a series of bots no doubt and its rampant throughout Twitter today.
  14. FintanDunne Member

    Don't dismiss Tweeters who aren't "insiders" so readily.

    We have lots of people on Twitter who are genuinely interested
    in helping keep the plight of the Iranian people up top of the
    internet and political agenda.

    I was on this earlier when 80% of the #iranelection content
    was spam. It pi^^ed off users and made it virtually unusable.
    We can't let the spam get worse and worse. Which it will,
    whether it's 'legitimate' spam or a covert disruption agenda.

    #iranelection is a valuable political outreach
    mechanism to the uncommitted public.

    And we can't afford that it becomes unusable at a time of
    peak crisis in Iran --which could be any day -unpredictable.

  15. get all your twitter followers to get in contact with the twitter dev team should have some effect
  16. Craziness on Twitter

    Instead of tweeting #iranelection, I've been tweeting #iranrevolution instead. That really helps for now at least until these sickos get wise (?Sheesh!) and move on to that thread. Some tweeters are trending #iran also.

    Let's make #iranrevolution a new trending topic!

    Follow oxfordgirl on twitter for really good info.
  17. haha you said legitimate spam. As if the general population would see one kind as more
    evil than the other. This spam may have political motives, but it could be simply some butthurt skiddies trying to exact some discord on the whole twittolution. Heck it could be coming from Mousavi's hacked facebook page. Better yet, Kim Jong Ill's.

  18. Kat-IRAN Member

    Anyone to explain to me?

    I recieved an email today from Twitter which I've copied and pasted:

    Hi, katrina ..........
    Nikki Dolfo (nikkicool06546) is now following your updates on Twitter.

    A little information about Nikki Dolfo:

    1 update
    following 102 people

    You may follow Nikki Dolfo as well by clicking on the "follow" button on their profile.You may also block Nikki Dolfo if you don't want them to follow you.

    The Twitter Team

    There's a pic of the girl which is the same girl seen in the top image of the example in this article. When I opened the email I thought it was very strange since I've never posted in twitter - just read it and haven't been there for a couple of weeks. I didn't understand where the girl got my info from and I didn't click on any of her links.

    My question is - How Is this spam finding me? and what happens if I click the links - seems like it's more likely a virus or something. Can anyone explain this to me - I don't get how twitter works!!
  19. cyberattack

  20. Dro Member

    spam subsided

    It seems that the spam is gone now. Perhaps our complaining actually helped.
  21. Just got this when i refreshed the main page - i use firefox and leave tabs open 24/7

    Forum Temporarally unavaiable: Click Connect to join on IRC
    The Admins know, please don't ask if the site is down, It is.

    got back here thru twitter link
  22. Visionary Member

    I usually get that once a day or so.
  23. modify your search a little and let noobs know

    just modify the search a little to get rid of the spam. Eg use "#iranelection -Killer" as your search string.
  24. I get the "gateway denied" or closed or whatever message a lot,and I've found out that if I change my IP I don't get it again for a while. I figure that some of the links I click in twitter actually go to Iranian government sites that log my IP, and then block it from accessing this site somehow. I use TOR all the time, so fuck them when they try to block me from sites. I don't know how they do it, though. I just know that changing my IP fixes it. And it always happens after I clicked one of the links in twitter that sent me to a site that looked fishy after I got there. Make sure you are using TOR when you surf, or something else that hides your real IP. It's really important.
  25. dumb question about tor and twitter address

    the above comment said to make sure and use TOR. I'm not Iranian or in Iran, so is there any reason I should worry about? (Not sophisticated enough to know how to change my IP address either.)
    Related question, is it still important to have twitter account address listed as in Iran? Or has the government figured out ways to filter through twitter accounts?

    (To person who has weird followers, I have had many random idiots decide to follow me (and I only post couple times a week at most). Only one seemed somewhat suspicious, the rest just wanted to have followers. I just block anyone I don't know.)
  26. Those weird followers are people who want to try and sell you shit. They are harmless, and I block them.

    As for TOR, just download the browser bundle and install it. There is a part of it called the vadalia control panel, and you can click a button there called "change identity" that changes your IP. There is a sticky thread in these forums with a link to the place you can download it.

    If you're not in Iran, you're not in danger if you don't use it, but it makes it easier to access sites the Iranians are trying to block.
  27. FintanDunne Member

    Spam is back


    The "Killer Software" spam is back Sunday on Twitter & #iranelection

    But the Twitter short links it is using, such as:

    are no longer valid on's link translation system.

    So no benefit in traffic to the originator.
    Just hassle for us.

    For some time overnight the spam had ceased to target #iranelection

    The originator is still unidentified.

    I have provided with the affiliate code the spam was using:

    In response to a media enquiry by me,
    said it would have the spam stopped, but did not admit if the affiliate
    code was genuine, or if the company itself was responsible for the spam.

    Nevertheless the spam continues today.

    More at:

  28. FintanDunne Member

    Some success.

    Thanks to help from Tweeters and AnonymousIran members, the spam level
    in #iranelection is now reduced to a trickle.

    A number of spammers have been contacted directly by
    #iranelection's No-Spam team and have backed off.

    However, it is likely they or other spammers will show up again and so
    we will continue an aggressive response to spamming of #iranelection.

    Latest here:
  29. Stacy Member

    Some info for spam on twitter.

    Follow Spam Fighter (twitbroom) on Twitter report to them the spam name WITHOUT the @ sign in front of the spammer's name. They will also send their followers spammer's names.

    Block any spammers (even if they aren't following you, go to their page and click "block" under their name on the right column) because if a lot of people block someone, twitter also looks at that. Say a person has 80 followers but 500 have blocked them, twitter looks at that.

    @twitbroom sends the info about the suspected spammers to someone, not sure who, but twitbroom has gotten people removed pretty quickly. Might want to code your reports to twitbroom #twitbroom.

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