URGENT: USA Today penetrated by pro-Iran propagandist

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. I do not think so. I understand perfectly what Occam's razor deals with but it is often misused on complex situations like this one. Occam's razor applies only when different hypothesis explain said phenomenon equally satisfactory, the simpler one tends to be true or assumed to be true until new evidence is uncovered.

    You're making the assumption that there is no evidence to implicate CIA. But to the contrary to your belief, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that.

    There is track record in history of CIA doing the same thing in Venezuela.
    There are recent reports of admitted covert ops by U.S. in Iran.
    There is alleged evidence of CIA funding of opposition groups in Iran.
    There are red flags everywhere, including huge bias of US media and statements of US officials.

    In the light of that evidence, the CIA involvement becomes the simpler version. You would need to ignore all of that to conclude that its involvement isn't possible. On the other hand you have just one unreliable testimony of a doctor who strangely testified it was Basiji as I understand it ... how does he know that?

    You have to consider the case of Neda in context. Who would benefit most by her death? Certainly not pro-government forces. And in the light of the above evidence and strange circumstances of her death ... the CIA involvement becomes the most probable explanation.

    Yes, that's what I'm getting at ... if you want the most educated opinion you have to be actively looking for the evidence. Not waiting for it to suddenly fall into your lap. To use the analogy of flat Earth, you would have to listen to people claiming it's round and perform the experiments they suggest or consider the data they've arrived at instead of claiming ignorance and "Occam's razor".

    There is nothing bad on being wrong. When you discover you've been wrong It should be celebrated ... it means you just learnt something new ;)

  2. MClean = CIA backyard

    WTF CIA hasnt got enough people checking this, Mclean is the county in wich CIA HQ is located. Ask people to not follow the link, smells like trying to ID posters. Within the US.
  3. touche, CIA is located in langley.

    use tor or something? jesus, its not that hard.
  4. conspiracy theorist is a conspiracy theorist. not a single thing you said is "evidence."
  5. Speaking of the CIA, has anyone considered reporting this girl to the CIA? She's basically next door, so if she actually is a pro-Iran operative (as the OP seems to be hinting at), then she can be investigated easily.

    20 dollars says if she's pro-Iran, her family/parents/relatives are as well. but I'm not sure how that'd play out if she actually is a spy.
  6. Its Mclean check the map

    Nope its not, that what most people think. it is in Mclean.
    Check out there wiki page or there own website

    or check it your self with the county line
    38.951796,-77.146586 - Google Maps

    Tor is US NAVY labs software = NSA at least untill 2004.
    Why TOR isnt secure (Wich doenst mean unsafe for iranians)

    read this,

    Rogue Nodes Turn Tor Anonymizer Into Eavesdropper's Paradise

    the only Country that wanted the info was IRAN!
  7. who gives a fuck if she's pro irangov, she's in america, the land of free speech. hands off man, do no harm.
  8. lines gauche


    and IF she is really Pro Iran gov. , CIA has her name on file. Dont worry about it.

    Oh and uuhh CIA cant do sh*t about it, you should contact be FBI.
    But she can have any and all opinions in the US,
    Land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE.

    So let her be free..... and you should be brave!

  9. *sigh* Langley is a subset of McLean. Shows how much you know.
  10. Newbunkle Member

    I wonder if she's googled and found this thread. It would make some nice ammunition for her - "colleagues want to silence me".
  11. echo-IRAN Member

    TOR wasn't developed by the US Navy. TOR says the navy use it so they may have played with it in their labs, or contributed. Anyway, TOR is open source, can't hide big secrets.

    That guy isn't doing technical research. He's doing perhaps tabloid research and is an attention whore. It's 101 that TOR provides anonymity but not encryption of your own stuff. You know you can read unencrypted juicy private emails if you tap into it as an exit node, or tap into any part of the internet for that matter. It turns out to be useful because the stupidity of some people is surprising.
  12. This is the editor's job.

    Deciding which articles are up to journalistic standard for publication is the job of the editor.

    An engineer once said, sometimes it is better to stand back and let it explode than try to fix it.

    Go write some great articles your editor would be happy to publish.
  13. Hesperornis Member

    What kind of half baked moonbattery is this? You are using hindsight to judge the actual facts. FACT: Neither the protestors who were there, NOR the Iranian government knew that Neda would become such a symbol. To them, she was just another protestor.

    So the correct question should be: Who would benefit most from shooting protestors? The most likely answer there is the Iranian government. Unfortunately for them, people have video cameras and it snowballed from there.

    Go and learn some critical thinking before making yourself look so foolish in future.

  14. This post would seem to be real. I have been asked by Reyhaneh Fathieh and it would seem will soon be asked by USA Today to remove this post.

    I of course, will not be removing this post. I would also hope that Reyhaneh actually writes a good article about the obviously stolen election and the atrocities this regime has committed.

    The best way to make something like this disappear is to write a factual account of events.
  15. Oooh, so now they asked to effectively censor this thread. Lawl. Did they even read it? Every post?
  16. exactly, as long as she writes a honest non opinionated article i do not see how this thread or anything said about her would effect her in a negative manner. most posters took up for her in my opinion and protected her right to her opinion..

    save the opinions for the editorial section and report the facts in the politics section and the rest of the paper.
  17. I agree totally Richard

    It will indeed, paticularly when the critics come out to challenger her in a free democracy.

    If she is anywhere as off the rails, as the 100 year regime, she is toast.

  18. and much respect to you for not deleting the thread..
  19. CurtMonash Member

    In the 1950s, McCarthyism started from the premise that the media shouldn't contain supporters of obviously bad regimes, and quickly went on to do a great deal of harm.

    The only thing different about this situation is the urgency of the situation in Iran. That, as has been pointed out many times already in this thread, is not enough reason to endorse censorship.

    Anyhow, the curse of "even-handed" reporting -- as in "Some say Neda was killed by Basiji, others say it was a false-flag plot" -- is very, very hard to avert.
  20. Gregg, thank you for this. This was exactly the move I was expecting, so I'm highly indebted to you for leaving this thread as is.

    I hope, for everyone's sake, she writes an article with the facts instead of sneaking shaky speculation into her piece.
  21. echo-IRAN Member

    So it's not a prank after all, which could have been. There should be no discussion because you cannot protest what someone may be going to write. And there's no reason in American soil to stop someone publishing their opinion. We all know it.

    But I'm surprised that the writer and USA Today are trying to delete this thread. There's no ground too, unless it's a prank. So I'm a bit suspicious.
  22. CurtMonash Member

    Few things are more upsetting to a journalist than to be accused of writing from bias.

    It's natural to ask for such accusations to be taken down, even if your grounds are flimsy. *I* even did once, when I felt somebody had crossed the line into libel, and I'm as anti-censorship as it gets. (And then I shrugged when he refused, and moved on.)
  23. The 53 coup was small and no one was killed. Because insiders were pulling the strings. The CIA wishes they could foment millions of Iranians to protest, but they cannot. Instead they can fund Jundallah which isn't as effective as the protests.

    Theory number 1: Basiji, who have recently been seen on video firing indiscriminately on protesters, killed Neda. Evidence is recent video footage.

    Theory number 2: A CIA agent infiltrated Iran, smuggled in a gun, posed as an Iranian, and shot Neda then fled the scene. Evidence is '53 coup, which happened over 50 years ago... where no one was killed. And meddling... via Jundallah, thousands of miles away in Balochistan. And according to the government it was ordered by a BBC reporter:

    �Neda Was Killed By BBC Reporter� - World - Javno

    It's up to the reader to determine which theory is more complicated.

    That belief requires an assumption that the government is intelligently thinking these things through. Do you think government forces intelligently plot these things? Were they intelligently thinking when shooting at protesters while running away? Of course not.

    I completely agree here.
  24. She can write what she wants, if it is bullshit it will hurt her career, there is no good reason to prevent publication of an article like this, you can't censor someone just because you disagree with them. That's what the Iranian government is doing right now.
  25. not that this means anything, but I did some googling and found this:
    Washington Week . Student Voices | PBS

    this is very subjective and wouldn't mean anything at all if this thread didn't exist but this might still point at a hidden viewset.
  26. White House Response to the Iranian Neda investigation

    USA Today is now moot.
    Some ironic thanks to Fox for putting this question out this morning at the press briefing:

    Wednesday July 1, 2009
    Washington, D.C.
    The White House

    Major GARRETT, Fox News:
    Quickly, the Iranian Police has conducted an investigation into Neda's death and concluded it was staged. I don't know if you had a chance to look at that, if you have any reaction to that.

    Robert GIBBS, White House Press Secretary:
    I, I, um, uh, I think that is, uh, um, g-g-the ongoing, uh, uh, campaign of misinformation, uh, about what's going on. I think the notion that, uh, the death of an innocent women would be staged is, uh, I, -- even with them it's shocking that that would be what would come out.
  27. I gonna start of by saying I am totally of the opinion that the f*#@! basij killed Neda. However, I just wanted to provide some information that might be supporting of this Theory 2. I'm curious about the response...

    There was a coup d'etat in Turkey in 1980, which according to a widely held theory was orchestrated by CIA. One significant event leading up to this coup was the 1st of May protests in Taksim square which led to what is known as the Taksim Square Massacre. Now the triggering event of the massacre was shots being fired upon protestors. There is some resprectable academic evidence out there that suggests this was the work of CIA. I know wikipedia ain't the best source of info but for a quick referance, i found the relevant article.

    Taksim Square massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Just to randomly quote from it:

    "According to an article in the leftist pro-Kurdish Kurtuluş magazine,[14] MIT deputy chief Hiram Abas was present on the May Day massacre. (Swiss historian Daniele Ganser says that Abas was a CIA agent;[15] the CIA's station chief in Istanbul, Duane Clarridge, spoke glowingly of him.[16]) The Hotel International, from which the shots were fired, belonged to ITT Corporation, which had already been involved in financing the September 11, 1973 coup against Salvador Allende in Chile and was on good terms with the CIA. Hiram Abas had been trained in the US in covert action operations and as an MIT agent first gained notoriety in Beirut, where he co-operated with the Mossad from 1968 to 1971 and carried out attacks, "targeting left-wing youths in the Palestinian camps and receiving bounty for the results he achieved in actions".[14]"
  28. Randy's two basket cases.

    Blahblahblahblahblahblahblah. /i/police && Basiji have been shown committing unspeakable acts of violence upon its own children.

    When Kennedy was assassinated, people said, hey that was a CIA plot, etc. The mission of the CIA is to protect the US military, period. Everything else is rogue or radical, that is, communism or terrorism. If some agent targets a US military asset, then your theory has grounds to stand upon. When you talk about political back-and-forth-this-and-that, and you say it was CIA, do you realize you are labeling yourself as completely insane? Please regain control of your cognitive thought processes.
    Come back to this site when you resume taking your meds.

    It also makes you subject to further mindfxxx; therefor:

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