URGENT: is Unregistered

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anon-007, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. KillerCat Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    Come on guise. I need content. Currently I have only a request for one YT vid to be included (already downloaded (mp4+FLV) and backuped) which isn't enough.

    Let's make his worst nightmare :rofl: :anon:

    (Again : it's not exactly my private domain, it's rather property of the entire hive called Anonymous, I'm only paying for it and I'm willing to help/colaborate)
  2. genoramix Member

    Re: URGENT: is Registered

    you rock
  3. freedomlover Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    Let's see, we want to grab the attention of anyone reading it (probably Scientologists), so let's start with some content about Hubbard's death. Also, don't forget about his loving family (and maybe a Wikipedia link). Maybe toss Miscavige's interview into the pile. After talking all about his accomplishments, including how he dropped out of 10th grade to work under Hubbard and ultimately became the cult leader of today, how he inherited the general abusive nature of his family, then his acquisition of this multi-million-dollar enterprise with his personal navy and perhaps his tampering with the "sacred writings" of L. Ron Hubbard (which all sworn members must follow with blind loyalty), and maybe make note that he, despite claims of Scientology being the "authority on medicine", still suffers from asthma, then don't miss the opportunity to document some select facts on the Church of Scientology (c) L. Ron Hubbard All rights reserved including the lawsuits against, and subsequent takeover of the Cult Awareness Network, some of the "church's" alleged "trade secrets", and whatever else you find of particular interest. I think that page would be a good start and should be sufficient to send our little friend into a rampage.

    P.S. I have a few scripting tricks for embedding videos that I may be willing to share. Send me a PM if you want details, or maybe help in general.
  4. TheGeth Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    "Int Base Musical Chairs"

    I definite must. Clambake has some articles on it, if I remember right.
  5. Bulle Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    Baleeted due to cocks and misclicks.
  6. KillerCat Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered


    I'm currently make a facsimile SciFag Inc website, but the anon style.
    If anyone else is faster or better : I would welcome all great designs.
  7. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    The "Scientology Exposed: Hypocrisy" video - it has a section about Miscavige beating his staff up.
  8. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    Make it teh satirez though. Like the "Scientology RULZ" site, but from Davey's perspective.
  9. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    From Davey's perspective might be cool actually!

    "I've been having some problems in the bedroom recently..."
  10. freedomlover Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    I think it would be best if we made it into another critical site, with a focus on David Miscavige. That way anyone actually looking at it can't say it's a "hate group" site like David Miscarriage - Encyclopedia Dramatica, and at the same time, it will thoroughly piss Miscavige off. I have a draft already written out, for whoever is hosting it, complete with embedding scripts. Just insert your page styles. Not having an anonymous hosting location though, I'll need an address to e-mail it to (or some other medium of transmission).

    1 guaranteed pissed off cult leader with shipping included. Price: 10 thetans
  11. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    We could easily have a lot of information critical of Davey, and everything you said in that last post with all the Wikipedia links, but have it in the lulzy format of a David Miscavige UK website and blog, with a few non-serious bits and shoops here and there. We have a lot of SRS BSNS critical sites already, this is a perfect opportunity for some lulz.

    And a site that is funny to read while still having information will get a lot more people to read it than another SRS site, IMO.
  12. eksef Member

  13. freedomlover Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    I can edit images and potentially make some very good realistic-looking ones, but it might take me a while to determine what to use.
  14. KillerCat Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    any content can be send to me via PM. Thanks in advance. Helps alot and saves me a lot of work.
  15. Anon-007 Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered


    having first highlighted that this domain was available, I seem to have forgotten to mention that you can also send email from it.

    Possibilities of lolz are high.

    For example:

    In fact, depending on the number of POP3 mailboxes, everyone could have a email address.

    I bet the Scions would just love receiving emails from that ;-)
  16. Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    I sense that some more David Miscavige videos may be in production.
  17. freedomlover Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    I already gave you some information to start with, and offered to e-mail you a test page, but there still isn't anything of interest on the site.
  18. KillerCat Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    I told you to to PM me....
  19. momISanon Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    Can't wait to see the finished product. Lulzy!!!!! :hooray::twisted:
  20. BobM Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    honestly this is prolly THE DUMBEST thing anons can do. You are pratically cybersquatting and using the name in bad faith. All DM has to do is file a complaint and it is practically his and puts bad PR on anonymous. This is a fuck up and needs to be dropped right now.

    WIPO Domain Name Decision: D2000-1628
    Tom Cruise recovers domain name from Celebrity 100 - Commercial Law Articles and News - Lawdit Reading Room

    Protection of Celebrities Names and Trade Marks under the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy - [2003] MurUEJL 34

    The list of links to these types of cases and rules are endless. I am 100% that DM will spend shitloads of money to prove that we are the labled "hackers on steroids".

    I am not standing up for Co$ at all i just dont any more bad PR for anons. We have already been smashed enough for stuff in the past and are just now over coming that.


    Just to let eveyone know he does not need a trademark on the name to have rights to it. This does not fall in to the fair use at all. Plus the $cilons have this thread to prove the regs were made in bad faith.

    You should have regged which would fall under free speach and not mislead or tarnish any trademarks or copyrights.

    Hence which has gone through many many battles only to prevail with the "Free Speach" argument.

    Plus the would be just as good from an SEO stand point. Has the main keywords and its a .COM not a shitty or .eu.

    Sorry guys drop the fuckers and reg, its available.
  21. Silent Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    He is not a celibrity. He is not a trademark. Chill the fuck out, if they try and shut this down, it will grow in tenfolds and possibly hit media circulation. We can only win and LOL doing this.
  22. BobM Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    Trust me on this one. I have been in the domain name game for a long time and have been hit with these types of things in the past. The people deciding these cases have no remorese for people that are not the actual people/company with that name.

    Look at the dispute. The guy that owns it claims his name to it and has been fighting Nisian for 11 YEARS!

    This will eventually come of bad PR and people outside the domain/computer world will only lable us as "Hackers". Plus DM and his croneys will spin it way different that the way we know it is.


    "DO IT, FAGGOT!"
  23. caekman Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    -1 for misuse of meme. It's not like you're trying to convince him to do something for the lulz. Quite the opposite.

    As long as he doesn't put a hate-speech site about Davey, the media won't pay any attention if the cult ever decides to do something about it. If they do, it'll be a mixed bag, but I doubt the media is going to side with scientology in an article
  24. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    almost a month since registration ... will check out to see how site development has been moving over the next day or so ... looking fwd to surprize and lulz
  25. voiceless849 Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    ^^^ THIS ^^^

    Humor is the best way to communicate a really serious message. When you want to know what people are worried about, what they are afraid of, look at their comedians. What do they laugh at? Comedy is how society deals with the dark, scary, the not-well-understood, and the nyet accepted.

    Ergo, USA Comedy channel jokes frequently center around sex (United States dealing with puritanical roots) race (no, we still aren't really over the whole civil war/slavery civil liberties stuff) and war in Iraq. The worse our economic outlook, the more jokes you'll find about money, gas prices, and loan defaults.

    Want to win in the protests against Scientology, or any other source of evil? MAKE IT FUNNY! MAKE IT FUN! Throw a barbecue, bring ice cream and caek, sodas galore. Oh, and bring signs! And for websites, is an epic indicator - it shows us the way to humor, to fun, to lulz, to victory!

    (note to self: be funny)
  26. Silent Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    Yeah, because media attention, being labeled as Hackers, and having a laugh would hurt us SO BAD!

    Or maybe not?

    Also, stop humping memes you don't understand.
  27. timthephoto Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    i did post on the day this thread went up.. seems my post has dissapeared. has been used as a redirector to his ED article since an hour after OP...

    i saw the SP declare Michael typed up in May, i might just host the site myself displaying only the SP declare and a couple of links (so the nice people can see what he's like),

    unless there's a better page? please do say - that domain cost me nearly two dollars for the first year and i'd like to get MAXUIMUM effect from it.
  28. KillerCat Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    I'm back again and will continue now on the site Sorry for the delay guys. (vacation + all my 3 PCs failing/broken at the same time (including 2 broken mainboards...!)
  29. freedomlover Member

    Re: URGENT: is Unregistered

    I'm pretty sure I offered some pages to start with...

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