US aggression against North Korea

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Theory225, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Theory225 Member

    I am always so angry, when I see news from these western bastards.

    US not exclude a preventive nuclear strike on North Korea, said Robert Einhorn. I just dont understand this mechanism of "preventive nuclear strike". This is not attack against the government, this is attack against the people!

    North Korea said, when they will stop testing nuclear weapons, if United States will stop military training with South Korea.

    This war did not end, but just stop. It will continue and world should be a lot of safer, when US send the army back and will not support the South.
  2. anon8109 Member

    The world will be a lot safer when North Korea overthrows its monarchy, leaves feudalism behind, and rejoins the civilized world.
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  3. The Internet Member

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  4. north korea helps iran democratic regime
    nexty year big ba da boom?

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