US attack on nuke facilities?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Geraldanthro, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Geraldanthro Member

    This is an anthropological question,
    I am looking for variables.

    Please tell me what you think.
    Iranians what do you think.

    The regime right now is interested in two things.
    One is how fast can they kill the protesters
    with out invoking mass anger and a revolt.

    And developing a nuclear bomb.
    HEAR what abberjonny says.

    Part of their paradigm is the 13 Imam.

    Where a huge disaster bring on the
    missing MODIE.

    But it has to be a really huge disaster.

    Iran and a nuke.

    Who d'd thought?

    Protesters and USA have the same enemy, the Regime.
    seems like there should be something mutual

    Would, could a strike at Iran's nuke sites,
    work to the advantage of the protesters?

    Would they view it as aid or attack?

    Would it re-unite them or bring down the

    What do the Iranians think?


  2. the problem with a nuke program is that you need intelligent, educated people to run it and right now they are too busy butchering them in the streets with unintelligent, uneducated goon squads.
  3. But North Korea is starving itself. It got them.
  4. tt23 Member

    Nukes are easy for a state entity - any morghtard can replicate 60 years old technology. Even starving & isolated North Korea did it. All the respective tech stuff is texbook now, and for $50 at Amazon anyone can buy a book with detailed blueprints of a tested device. Nuff said.

    ps: note that this has nothing to do with nuclear energy, North Korea has as much nuclear powerplants as the US had in 1940s, which is exactly none. The reactors and fuels are different and incompatible, and the weapons ones are much simpler, smaller, and easier to hide.
  5. The only hard parts to making a little boy type fission bomb are enriching the uranium. And milling the core. And I bet milling the core isn't really a problem today. Uranium is very dense and hard, and piles of filings tend to self heat and light on fire. That is it.

    South fucking Africa made 7 in the 80's ... and India's "peaceful nuclear" program produced bombs also.

    South Africa and weapons of mass destruction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. tt23 Member

    I spoke about blueprints for an implosion device (unlike Little boy), with fuel much easier to get. Likely in the discussed ship with gifts from N Korea, perhaps with some other stuff that Kim had acquired already.

    It seems to me that nuclear weapon scientists in Iran are not working with too much enthusiasm ...

    BTW India didnt use any civilian nuclear power plants for their W fuel, they used a small old specialized reactor, as everyone else, coz it is simple logic. The point is that the needed 60 years old technologies are old.
  7. Implosion devices are very very very very very hard to build, the explosives are a nightmare to get right, even India fucked up the first time. The math is insane, and those plans don't tell you even 2% of what you would need to know to get it right.

    Little boy types are just a gun shooting one piece of uranium into a another piece, with a little pellet of americium and beryllium to get the neutrons going. You really could do most of the work in a shop that would fit into a garage.

    and Plutonium can not be refined, in has to be made in a special nuclear reactor. But you can refine weapons grade Uranium the same way you refine reactor grade Uranium.
  8. Wrong. Clinton supplied North Korea with nuclear technology, and a modern light-water nuclear reactor which was paid by South Korea and Japan. Hilarious.

    Pyongyang wins generous nuclear deal from US - World, News - The Independent
  9. tt23 Member

    Wrong. How many nuclear power plants does North Korea have? 0
    Are the reactors used to produce weapon fuel, power reactors? No
    Are they small special purpose reactors? yes
    What happened to light water reactors (virtually non-weaponizable, hence the deal) you refer to? They were not built.

    North Korea and weapons of mass destruction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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