US Representative Frank Wolf Urges More Religous Freedom

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnonLover, May 12, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    This does not bode well with my tinfoil of not trusting politicians that use the "R" word... especially since Frank Wolf was one of the congress critters that signed the bawwwwwl letter from capitol hill against the French Milivinudes (sp?) anti-sect ogranization taking a hard stance on scientology.

    Bill Urges Obama to Give Higher Priority to Religious Freedom

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Why didn't rep. Frank Wolf author an act to institute an International Freedom Office instead?
    Why pick out religious freedom? What about freedom from religion, or freedom of speech, or freedom of the press, or freedom for women, or ...
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  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

  4. Herro Member

    Why not freedom of religion?
  5. AnonLover Member

    From James R. Lewis cult apologist website


    Lots more at link. And altho yes - freedom from religous persecution is a good thing, this bill stinks imo. This is something that should be mandated at the UN or some other international organization.

    And i dont like it one bit that Wolf has a history of doing favors for scientology from his seat on the foreign affairs committee. and i sure as hell dont want him having his very own religous-bigot-bawwwwl bill empower him in anyway that could interfere with Aussie's new tax initiatives nore make a move in favor scientology where they DO NOT have religous status in certain countries.

    Nope - dont bode well at all, but thank God Hilary's State Dept aint onboard.
  6. AnonLover Member

    And FFS aint Arlen Spectre rolled over and croaked yet!!!! i thought they voted his flip flopping weasley ass out last year???
  7. Loki's spawn Member

    How much chance does it have of passing?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Because there is a tension between religious freedom and other kinds of personal rights.
    The perfect example is that US diplomats put pressure on France and Germany and probably others to stop investigating the crimes of the Scientolgy enterprise.

    Al;so, there is a thin line between promoting people's right to practice their religion and promoting religion. Especially if US diplomats poke their noses into other countries attempts to balance religious freedom with other rights.
  9. guess why that is frank?! cuz nobody gives a fuck about religion, you inbred redneck!
  10. Herro Member

    Polling data would indicate otherwise...
  11. Yeah? Then why isn't his IRF office not working?
    The common man might care, but the government sure as fuck doesn't.
  12. BLiP Member

    WTF has "international religious freedom" got to do with the U-fucking-S? The state and the church deliberately and specifically separated by the constitution and now some bozo wants the President to stomp about the globe telling the rest of us what is okay an not okay to believe in!!
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  13. Herro Member

    So it doesn't matter what the people think, only what the government thinks? Can I quote you on that in the future?

    Yeah, why would a country with a separation of government and religion constructed as necessary for human liberty want to encourage that around the globe? Oh, and where do you get "telling the rest of us what is okay and not okay to believe in" from "religious freedom"? I mean, they're essentially polar opposites. Sounds like you just hear freedom of religion and freak out in an entirely irrational manner. Try thinking for once, it's nice.
  14. Don't you live in the USA? If you don't, this government is proof of your statement ^^^
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. AnonLover Member

    Scientology shill Frank Wolf left congress in January 2015, but his influence for perverting the separation of church and state is still going strong.

    The 2011 legislation for proposed amendments to the International Religious Freedom Act noted in OP died in the 112th congress with no actions taken:

    Which should have been the end of the story. But it wasn't. A month before he left office, a new piece of legislation with similar goals/intentions (but defined with a much more aggressive power grab for policing religious freedom issues at home and abroad) was introduced by NJ GOP Rep Chris Smith AND named in Wolf's honor. This too died in congress because there was only a few weeks left in that session:

    Then in February 2015, that last bill in Wolf's name was reintroduced yet again and is still alive:

    HR1150 Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act

    On May 16, 2016 this bill (with major changes) passed the House of Reps by voice vote - the GOP's recently favored trick to push things through without accountability of who voted for it. It now moves onto the Senate. The House Bill had 116 co-sponsors supporting it, 97 republicans and 19 democrats, so it's got momentum.

    From a cursory glance over the changes from introduction to passing, it appears the wording for a great deal of Rep Smith's aggressive policing proposals was toned down significantly with lots of bits and pieces completely rewritten. So the good news is the most egregious WTF-are-they-thinking suggestions for not only meddling in how religions are regulated in foreign countries but setting up a route for sanctions/disciplinary actions for any religious activities the right-winger Christians find NOT to their liking, were completely removed from the bill and replaced with dumbed-down generalizations and fairly meaningless hot air.

    That's not too say there isn't still some worrisome language leftover after all the changes. They are basically attempting to extend the effort done to produce the US State Department's Annual Report on Religious Freedom (that mnql1 usually briefs us on re: Scientology mentions) and turning that report into more of a global bitch slapping mechanism with a bit more prestige.

    However, it's NOT all bad - there is a stunning provision added to the passed bill that has been missing since the IRFA was enacted in 1998 that states the US will take issue with any prohibitions or restrictions on NOT being religious. Despite that positive tweak, it is still none of our business WTH other countries do to regulate religions within their own borders.

    I suspect, if passed and signed into law, this bill will not bode well for what is happening in Russia (or anywhere else) to ban Scientology. As long as Scientology is a recognized religion in the US, there will be a government official in the US State Department who's job would be to defend the cult with a bigger ban hammer if some other country tries to deny Scientology the same status abroad.

    Somebody should look into campaign contributions to NJ Rep Chris Smith for scilon influence to determine if he's like Wolf -- a cult suck up -- or just another right winging bible slinging republitard:
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  18. RightOn Member

    Religious freedom and the COS should never be in the same sentence.
    And of course religious freedom is never supposed to include breaking the law.
    But unfortunately we all know that's a real slippery slope and the US Dumberment never connects the dots and or refuses to.
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  19. DeathHamster Member

    Like Putin would give a fuck.

    "Hey Assad, bomb the crap out of your own people and dump more refugees on the West. That will distract them."

    No, bills like that are used to hassle US friends and allies.
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  20. AnonLover Member

  21. AnonLover Member

    No surprise here, Scientology had their lobbyist Greg Mitchell working on this:
    From House Lobbying Disclosures document search for The Mitchell Firm, Inc. on behalf of CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL for 2016 1st Quarter Mitchell received in the range of $20k (rounded to nearest 10k) to do three things for the quarter. The last one is only thing truly relevant to the cult's interest:
    Same mention shows up for for 2015 4th Quarter where Mitchell received in the range of $20k (rounded to nearest 10k) to do six things for the quarter. But again, there is only one issue in the list the cult would have any fks to give:
    Fu..... lots of cult religious faggotry shows up for 2015 3rd Quarter where Mitchell again received in the range of $20k (rounded to nearest 10k) to do six things for the quarter, five of which are relevant to the cult's interest:
    More of the same for 2015 2nd Quarter where Mitchell again received in the range of $20k (rounded to nearest 10k) to do seven things for the quarter, five of which are relevant to the cult's interest:
    ^^^Ohhhhh shit! FkingA, I missed that R-1 visa issue.

    (Continued next post, and I will backtrack when done and look up links to the related bills they have him working on.)
  22. AnonLover Member

    More of the same for 2015 1st Quarter where Mitchell again received in the range of $20k (rounded to nearest 10k) to do four things for the quarter, ALL of which are relevant to the cult's interest:
    ICYMI: Scientology obtained 139 R-1 visas from ^^Ukraine from 2009-2015, spread across 5 organizations, with the lion share (85%) going to Bellair Mission (118). So refugee status sure would cut down some of those visa application costs.

    Similarly, for 2014 4th Quarter Mitchell again received in the range of $20k (rounded to nearest 10k) to do four things for the quarter, two of which are relevant to the cult's interest:
    Stopping here, since ITT were looking at Frank Wolf's Religious Freedom bills and the latest one was introduced Jan 2015. But I will likely be toasting similar bread elsewhere on the boards as I continue to dig thru Mitchell's disclosure forms.
  23. RightOn Member

    AnonLover = teh awesomeness

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